Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: August 2

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HelluvaEngineer's picture

Gee, where's the much anticipated moron rally?  Looks like all the traders covered yesterday afternoon.  Futures were supposed to gap up, right?

GCT's picture

Didn't Italy announce they would not be able to contribute to the Greek Bailout anymore last night?   This will get real interesting now.

Mike2756's picture

At least the BOJ has room to run the printing press, sort of.

jkruffin's picture

I smell a BIG FAT EURO DUMP coming.....the risk trade is unwinding....fast!

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Right.  This wasn't supposed to happen (yet).  This time I really believe the wheels are falling off, and I think the right people are positioned to profit from it (again).

Sudden Debt's picture

The euro already fell from 1,453 to 1,4168 in 1 week. That dumps is already happening :)

Reggie's articles about the European bank Armegedon seem te becomming true.

All banks are at a 12 month low at best.


disabledvet's picture

It feels like a lot of people r just standing around waiting for events to unfold. This is the very definition of headline risk. Clearly this aint Kansas anymore

Sudden Debt's picture

 A two day assault by Syrian government forces on anti-protestors in the city of Hama was widely condemned in the West and prompted European powers to re-launch a dormant UN resolution condemning Damascus for its crackdown.


when the going gets though, the weaklings get going...

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