Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: August 8

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And the livin' ain't easy
Sharks are jumpin'
And the bullion is high

Your daddy's swiss
And your mamma's japanese
So hush little baby
Don't you cry

One of these mornings
SnP going to rise up singing
Then you'll spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky

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 tension faced by Italy, Spain does not reflect fundamentals


Fundamentals seem to have become like vampires - you can't see them in any mirror.

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How the mighty have fallen:

Every day more and more small businesses in Maine are taking pre 64 silver, silver ingots, and rounds as payment. I give a 2.5% discount for silver. So they can print all the stuff they want, no one can stop them, but many smart little guys are starting to turn that paper garbage into hard goods immediately.

Starting to hear this trend (Utah anyone?) spreading across the 57 states the Campaigner-In-Chief has traveled to (should have been a dead give away at the moron's lack of IQ), only one state left for Obummer to visit?!?

The State of Despair!



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I thought Trichet indicated that he will not be buying bonds from Italy and Spain on behalf of ECB?

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And this is relevant what Trichet says, exactly because...........

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"German government spokesman said he is not aware of any signals that the Italian/Spanish bonds bought by the ECB will be transferred to the EFSF at a later date,"




To my knowledge, He was adamant and it look certain, this wasnt going to happen under his leadership, unles Italy implemented the austerity program he demanded, I've just google it and it looks Italy played ball.

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Laugh or cry of the Day: W Buffett stated this past week that S&P made a mistake and HE Grades US DEPT as AAAA........die already you scum sucking sociopath.

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the fedgub bin veddy veddy good to unka warren.

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Paper is trash; physical metals reign supreme. The gold and silver juniors should catch a bid somewhere in here but it is now all about fear because greed left the station last week. 

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Voladae oh oh gondadae oh oh oh oh Nel blue de pinto de blue

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Timmy owes Buffett a blow job after his comment about US still AAA no matter what. Yeah, were in great shape Warren.

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