Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: July 27

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WIth that DG number maybe we can finally get some volume going?  

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in unrelated news:

NAT0 declares victory; offers the moQ a penthouse & a pension

Summary of the American and International Press on the Libyan Revolution - Morgan Strong
27/07/2011 09:21:00 NATO seeks urgent exit strategy in Libya

(UPI) - NATO is seeking an urgent exit strategy from Libya that will end the fighting and decide the future of embattled leader Muammar Al Qathafi, even if that means letting him stay in the country though out of power, it emerged Tuesday after British and French foreign ministers met in London.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague and French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé said NATO and even members of the opposition Transitional National Council wouldn't oppose Al Qathafi staying in Libya as long as he gave up power.

this is my favorite part, tho: 

Hague and Juppé received support for the proposal from former British Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind, who said it would be important to avoid a "blood bath in Tripoli" - seen as a likely outcome if a final military push to the Libyan capital triggered close combat.

Hague said: "What happens to Al Qathafi is ultimately a question for the Libyans ... What is absolutely clear, as Alain (Juppé) has said, is that whatever happens, Al Qathafi must leave power. He must never again be able to threaten the lives of Libyan civilians nor to destabilize Libya once he has left power."  (emphases mine) 

of course, the NATO "alliance" and the muslim bros could win.  all they hafta do is finish surrounding tripoli, lat seige, and then go in and fight for it.  apparently, NATO & the m.b. have not convinced the good people of tripoli to turn against mo in quite the required numbers.  he's been there for 41 years.  and "the colonel" has defended the city pretty well, considering something of the order of 5,000 airstrikes within the city.  against military targets.  some collateral dead guys, but hey, whatchagonnadoo?  can ya make an omelette w/out breaking a few eggs?  huh?  can ya? 

but, it's ramadan aug 1-30, and this is it!  so that's it for moQ.  he either accepts this, or else.  or else what?  or else NAT0 + m.b. are gonna fukin cry so there!

but wait! 
"Obviously him leaving Libya itself would be the best way of showing the Libyan people that they no longer have to live in fear of Al Qathafi," Hague said.

"But as I have said all along, this is ultimately a question for Libyans to determine."

Juppé said the allies were in "perfect cooperation" in Libya and "must continue to exert strong pressure on the Libyan regime with the same methods."
"If we did not intervene four months ago it would have been a massacre in Benghazi and I think we may be proud to have taken this courageous decision," Juppé said.
Diplomacy is being driven by lack of results from the military campaign as it drains NATO resources amid constant Libyan opposition pleas for more military aid, food and medical supplies.
NATO decision-makers are treading cautiously to forestall an escalation that could pit them against a moral dilemma or - worse - require large-scale military commitments on ground.
(end paste)

NAT0 = courageous = 0 casualties.  lord know we've tried to kill the s.o.b.  we give up!
m.b. = constant whining, not enuf killing/dying/victory for NAT0, so, NAT0 will just let you folks settle it from here, like we always said, ok? 

but wait!
ICC: Al Qathafi staying in Libya means arrest

(UPI) - The International Criminal Court threw water on British and French diplomats' hints that Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi could cede power and remain in Libya.

same shit, diff day.  here, there, everywhere.  try to end a war and the ICC tosses a water balloon!  can you imagine how totally totalled libya must be?  5 months of help from uncle sugar & friends complements of NAT0 & the UN. 
i'd like to say :  what a country!  but that wouldn't be appropriate, at this point. 
and people want to try to figure out & straighten out the finances and where the money goes? 
because all we have left, apparently, is a huge short position in IOU'z, and a ton of freaking invoices!
way to go, team!  Yay!

but wait!
here's what we got for out money, here:  (Washington Post) - The part of Libya under Muammar Al Qathafi’s control is wracked by shortages in fuel, food and cash despite a veneer of normalcy, according to a U.N. fact-finding mission.

In a statement issued late Monday, the United Nations said its weeklong mission to the country had identified lack of fuel, rising food prices, a strained medical system, and a cash crunch as some of the problems besetting Al Qathafi’s government.

no shit.  sounds like home!  let's see that again:  lack of fuel, rising food prices, a strained medical system, and a cash crunch as some of the problems
this is the NWO + Nanny.  with awesome fuking fire-power.  and printing presses.
coming soon to to a theatre near everybody!

[and thanks 2 morgan strong for making this so eZ for me!]

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should we be surprised if oil soars come Monday? Clearly the muni's in 'bama are being more than just "stressed." How does lowering Federal spending without the due diligence of a revenue plan prevent that? Of course we must have growth in our economy. But don't we also have to pay our debts as well? How can we have one without the other? And of course we just had a tax cut this past December of which i was not a supporter but i took note no one else anywhere seemed opposed. In short "the debt bomb" to reign in Federal "largesse" strikes as a very dangerous weapon to employ indeed.

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