Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: November 3

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He will resign

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I know the news.

The world is a giant shit sandwich.

So the markets will go up by 600 points.

I'm looking for a down at 30,000 points.  And 17 percent unemployment.

Fuck it all in the ass.  At least we still have porno.


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"assessing the cost of a Greek default"?

costs = end of BS financial engineering = good

ergo, G20 should assess the benefits of a Greek default

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The DX, EURUSD, AUDUSD, and the SPX are all setting up for big moves.  Significant USD strength and equity weakness ahead.  http://bit.ly/uCdxU7

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That shirt ad on the left is pissing me off, advertise lingerie on ZH and I'd feel more bullish ...

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I never see any ads here (unless you count Simon Black's pseudo-articles).

Try the firefox browser. Install add-ons 'noscript' and 'adblock'.  On 'noscript', allow only zerohedge.com (you might need one or two others to watch videos and to enter comments).