Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: November 8

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wang (not verified) Nov 8, 2011 9:05 AM

Bloomberg - Futures strengthen as Italian Bank Intesa beats

how sick is that

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“European bank deleveraging could trigger sharp swings in global liquidity”

They don’t understand that there has to be a deleveraging.

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"European equities traded higher for a vast majority of the session, led by financials, after Societe Generale reported a decline in their exposure to PIIGS nations"

Got it...good news.

But who bought it?  The debt still exists just on someone elses balance sheet.  And what sort of a loss did they take to liquidate?

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I see the futures recieved their normal 3am reach around.

At this point, they just aren't going to stop with the intervention and manipulation.  They can't and won't.  How many straight days now?  weeks?  months?

Just over and over and over.

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Another massive hopium deposit has been found, new all time highs for stocks before the end of the year. $125 oil for Christmas.

Have a hap hap happy New Year evreryone. Make sure to load up on vaseline as you take it up the ass. By march 2012 the economy is over once a single cart of groceries hits $1000. I've already seen $9 a pound 80/20 hamburger. Next year we'll hit $15 a pound.

Oh you'll still hear all about starving children in Asia and Africa that need our food, while middle class American children starve to death.

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Nobody uses vaseline, guy. You need to be looking for Astroglide.