Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: October 4

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Stocks had to drop, nothing special here,  and it was expected by many that after QE2 stocks will tank. Zerohedge was one of the first to note it. Now they are doing it, e.g. compare to the chart I made in February 6th 2011:


What follows is relatively slow, but accelerated tanking till approx DJIA 7000 in March 2012. After that, a bump up, either in expecations of USD devaluation ( not to be materialized though), or just a normal reaction to oversell- post oversell ( inverse peak crach ) rebound. Than down again, and so on during 2012-2013 ( here is longer prediction chart, made in April 2011):

This one says DJIA will reach even 6000 briefly in early 2013.


I have even longer prediction up to 2014 which I have not published yet- it does not look much better, in general, still below 8000.

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