Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: September 16

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It, is not this day.

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This weeks episode is on the additional 1.2 trillion that Bloomberg uncovered late last month and has been unreported by the rest of the presstitutes.


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euro just took a sudden hit

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EURUSD has dropped back through some short term support levels.  Analysis here http://bit.ly/pzLENP

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ZeroHedge was mentioned on CNBC this morning in regards to

SS=ponzi scheme, while Interviewing Donald Trump over the phone.

It should show up later under CNBC/Video, latest there so far

7:18AM and that interview was at about 7:40AM.

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USDCAD building a base to move higher. Analysis here http://bit.ly/ouOCvx
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Good times: The chief risk officer at the now $2bil. lighter UBS is the ex-CRO of Lehman Bros.


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True, although she left Lehman in 2002 and joined UBS only this year. In between, she was at State Street and did a lot to help keep their heads above water in 2008-2009.

IMHO it makes a nice headline, but there's not much substance to it. It doesn't seem reasonable to believe that (a) you can revamp UBS's risk practices in under a year, or (b) having worked at a bank that blew up 6 years after you left makes you complicit.

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Yeah, I know.  An utterly shameless attemt at mischievous gossip on my part.