Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: September 20

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Fuck the markets in the ass.

I'm skunked on Jinro Soju.

Who gives a flying fuck?


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An AUDUSD retracement developed, but the trend remains clearly to the downside. http://bit.ly/r4BplR The AUDUSD has been quite weak relative to other USD pairs.
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Well..Well...Well...I´ll be damned...he I sit...watching all this unfold around me....but nothing happens...Italy downgraded..stocks up...Greece really broke now...I bet they hated paying out that cash..that hard earned...oh thats right ..they did not earn it...cash.....and someone bought Spains bonds..and Greece´s bonds...and gold and silver flat....JFU....I have to drink a lot more...

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Not Fair - I can't Type as quick as you 15 tyler look alike lunatics.. But yes ,,,,,,, we all in the same Titanic ..... Bitches


P.S I just read your shite .. Germany is NOT a Happy Place.. Cue the dog that  goes Ruh Ruh

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Time for SP to downgrade America to A-.

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Time to bring in my 6 year old for advice on how to trade into this market.

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EURUSD looks like resistance may hold to turn the pair lower soon.  http://bit.ly/nfiUQT