Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: September 29

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"Greek PM will travel to Paris on Friday..."

To ensure safe exit from the country as Greece defaults.

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Is Versailles still open? Give 'em ye olde "u got one of thes where you come little man?" moments? Of course Poopy-doo could respond "not yet...but with what you've paid so far we think we will in just a few years!"

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The banks will never be denied what they want. Oh, there will be whining, but the end result is not open to debate.

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"Greek PM will travel to Paris on Friday"......hes got some splainin to do.....Lucy.......I can just hear it..."hey boys...we have a little shortfall....just another 100 billion or so...sorry...we kind of missed our projections....but you will cover it ...right?????"

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New jobless claims for Sept 23 wound up printing at 391k.

There's no way that can include all the school district layoffs I've been reading about, right? Do those numbers get included once teachers are actually on the street at the end of the year?

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Doomsters are hiding this morning After Unemployment Claims drop to

391k and 2-nd Quarter GDP ticks up to 1.6%.. Depression my A$$.

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I think we are just waiting till the revision and the real number prints at well over 400k.  Reality sucks don't it

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Time for German to overthrow those cocksuckers and hang them.

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And once again the politicians (German) sell out their constituencies in the name of big gov.  In order to preserve the euro and ecu the German taxpayers will go the way of the Irish and the Greeks.  So much for sovereignty, national pride and centuries of history. 

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Then there's China:

This Is The Type Of Story That Makes People Freak Out About China's Underground Banking System

By Gus Lubin


Cities WITH No CARS!!!!!!!!!!! OR People!!!!!!!!