Dallas Fed Plunges Most In Over 7 Years To 10 Month Low; With Biggest Miss In 14 Months

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With expectations for a muddle-through slight positive print, the headline Dallas Fed index just printed at -13.2 (exp. 1.9). This is its lowest level since September of last year and the biggest miss of expectations since May of last year. The headline index is teetering on the edge of its worst levels since 2009 as the month to month change in the general business activity index dropped a massive 19pts - its largest drop since April 2005. Specifically it appears the outlook for capital expenditures was among the largest sub-index to have its hope crushed - and this strongly suggests (and confirms) a sub-50 ISM print.

The Dallas Fed general activty index plunged its most in over seven years...


to last summer's levels...


which goes to confirm the sub-50 ISM print that appears to be looming large... (h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)


Charts: Bloomberg