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David Rosenberg On The Depression, The ECB, MF Global As A Canary In The Coalmine... All With A Surprise Ending

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Consuelo Mack has just released a long overdue interview with David Rosenberg, in which the former Merrill strategist is allowed to speak for 27 whole minutes without commercial interruptions of manic depressive momentum chasers cutting off his every sentence, demanding he tell them what stocks he is buying right this second! In addition to the traditional now discussion of America's depression (see attached extended walkthru by Rosie), probably the more interesting part in the interview starts at minute 11 when the conversation shifts to MF Global which to Rosie is a canary in the coalmine, and is merely the 2011 version of Bear Stearns as there is "never just one cockroach." Then the Q&A shifts to Europe, the ECB's next steps and the future of the Eurozone and Germany in particular. Mack concludes with some thoughts on what bond rates indicate about the future of the word, how the 7% output gap as a % of GDP will drive deflation (although in a vacuum: there is little accounting for the Fed's and global central bank kneejerk reaction), and how the corporation is now more powerful than the sovereign, courtesy of more pristine corporate balance sheets than those of actual countries, all of which are on the verge. Will the IBM Stellar Sphere, the Microsoft Galaxy, Planet Starbucks take over when Europe and the US finally tumble? Oh, and like a good M. Night Shyamalan movie, there is a surprising twist ending.


And the associated pdf for those who wish to learn more.

Rosenberg 100611 - Not Your Fathers Cycle


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Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:32 | 1871570 lewy14
lewy14's picture

Surprise, !3!+<h3z.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:35 | 1871644 trav7777
trav7777's picture

Rosenberg is delusional...thinks a political change can fix it.  Or that we'll just muddle through then growth will reappear.

Economists are clueless.  they can only think inside their fishbowl and with hindsight.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:45 | 1871660 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Everyone is delusional. Including you. 

No one, NO ONE in the MSM can call the spade for what it is.

A GIANT LIE. Built on spurious foundations.

Designed to fail. Big time. And all controlled by a bunch of men in black, favouring buggery.

Quite the world. All these rosy glasses crowd needs to zip it. Or tell it like it is.


Caveat Emptor

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:52 | 1871673 Vic Vinegar
Vic Vinegar's picture

Nah dude Trav ain't delusional.  

You just seem to want to blog about how you have the world figured out when it's anything but how you perceive it to be.  But keep up with your nonsense.  We all know you will.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:14 | 1871684 gangland
gangland's picture

bingo! dude has never posted w/o linking to his lame gibberish egotistical narcissistic web page.  trav is delusional tho. "smart" as such things go, but mos def de-fuking-lusional.


and don't try to junk me, 'cause you cain't bichezzz!

identify bichezzz!

talking to you internals

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 02:55 | 1871773 data_monkey
data_monkey's picture

I only junked you 'cause you said I cain't.

Seems to work just fine.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:12 | 1872014 living on the edge
living on the edge's picture

Too bad you can't junk rosie. He is one of them. He puts his own little twist out there saying we are in a depression but then compares the current situation to 1980. Claims to be a bear but we will have a bright future. Insanity. So here rosie is some constructive criticism:

Fuck your bonds

Fuck your economic gibberish

Fuck giving more power to the European Central bank

Fuck QE in Europe

Fuck your love affair with the US monetary system (It is built on fraud)

Fuck your imaginary Fairy Tale ending.


Rosie, with all due respect, you are the canary in the coal mine.


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:15 | 1872021 oddjob
oddjob's picture

Spot on. Rosenberg is the system. I'd like to add Willy Webb is a fat arrogant piece of shit that thinks the world owes him endless pizzas with triple cheese.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:13 | 1872095 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

besides he is an economist. what should we expect?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 13:07 | 1872172 redguard
redguard's picture

It's a sinking ship. Learn to swim

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:34 | 1871735 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Well Vic, the illusion is being stripped away, bit by bit. So many many of them shocking, why do you think it will stop at this point? 

Not that I am any authority, but who are you to say where the rabbit hole ends? So the FED is illegal, but the foundign fathers were saints? 

Ever heard of the Unnam Sanctam (yes it's spelt that way), Vatican trust? Don't like the fact that you are just a number? UCC exists or doesn't it? Does DC have it's own govt. and special laws? 

Your citizen-ship is precisely that. Vassal on a vessel at the pleasure of the captain. 

It helps to dig for the truth your-self. You and gangland below.


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 03:18 | 1871790 Hook Line and S...
Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Resisting the pontiff is one thing.

Resisting the advances of a cardinal who is 'happy to see you' is quite another.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 05:38 | 1871854 zhandax
zhandax's picture

Read between the lines; they both agree it required the Civil War to allow the federal reserve system (aka fiat printing) to work in the US.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 07:31 | 1871890 spankfish
spankfish's picture

Henry Clay's American Plan.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 08:52 | 1871919 LawsofPhysics
LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, and it will take another civil war to replace the Federal Reserve.  Life is what you make it.  Nature and the laws of physics make no promises regarding anyone's survival or quality of life, to think any man-made institution can can fullfill such promises is exponentially stupid.

The more things change, the more they stay the same and even the best laid systems work so long as the rule of law is applied to all who labor under that system.  The financial paper-pushing fucknuts will be their own undoing as the faith in paper continues to erode faster and faster and compensation will return to people who are actually worth a shit.

Infinite growth in a world with finite resources is impossible, something that no eCONomist ever wants to talk about.  So get off the couch and get out there and compete, you really don't have any other choice (get busy living or get busy dying because on a long enough timeline...)

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 09:33 | 1871945 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Another civil war? Who would fight who?
I don't hate anybody, i only hate policies that conflict with those which i find to be right. But i wouldn't club anybody on the head for it.

But sadly i must concur that when you look at what police forces are willing to do "because it's their job" that I'm probably wrong in my thinking that there won't be any civil wars in the future.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 10:17 | 1871976 LawsofPhysics
LawsofPhysics's picture

When your survival is on line, you might be surprised at what you would or wouldn't do.  Some will survive others won't  that is essentially the only choice one must ever make.

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 01:25 | 1873159 Ahmeexnal
Ahmeexnal's picture

in any war, it's always sheeple vs. sheeple doing the fighting and the dying.
the power elite sit by and watch while eating popcorn.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 10:22 | 1871981 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

But SD, before you could have a civil war, some one would have to put Belgium together as a country;)

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 10:41 | 1871991 i-dog
i-dog's picture

It won't be a civil war (north against south, or catholic against protestant, or black against white, or....) ... it will be a revolution - the people against the ruling predators!

Of course, there will be isolated pockets of looting by the have-nots of their neighbouring have-a-littles but, overall, it will be the banksters, politicians and major fraudsters that will decorate the lamp posts. It's the only way we will achieve a system reset to a new paradigm.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:37 | 1872052 daxtonbrown
daxtonbrown's picture

Here's a whole book on what a modern civil war will look like. And no, it won't look like CWI, but it will be over slavery - debt bondage. The wars already started, that's what OWS and the Tea Party and the unions are all about.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 15:47 | 1872352 DeadFred
DeadFred's picture

"banksters, politicians and major fraudsters that will decorate the lamp posts"



Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:03 | 1872010 Pumpkin
Pumpkin's picture

The people against the bankters! 

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 16:07 | 1872370 Tater Salad
Tater Salad's picture

"People against the banksters!"...really?

So if the speed limit is 120 on the highway, you drive that fast and eventually you crash and kill somebody.  Who's fault is it?  Is it your fault for driving the speed limit or the state's fault for setting the guidelines?  I think you know the answer.

Case in point; the gooberment set the guidelines, the banks played within those guidelines and now we're all f'd because of it.  I will say though, I know bankers (retail/commercial guys etc) and I find it strange that all of these people are being labled as evil, corrupt, and worthy of being destroyed.  That is what you call a mass generalization, and is as predjudice as me saying Obama is a dip shit because he's a black. 

So, I blame three parties when all is said and done.  Sure, there were plenty of "Mazillo" types out there that committed fraud and guys that gave loans to people that didn't know what they were signing up for.  I blame Barney Franks, the liberal sodemist that orchestrated the community reinvestment act which masterminded alt-a, sub prime, NINJA and "no doc" loans and lastly, I blame YOU if you took out a loan you couldn't afford to pay.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 19:51 | 1872686 Pegasus Muse
Pegasus Muse's picture

"... the gooberment set the guidelines, the banks played within those guidelines ..."

But the gooberment is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Banksters, who wrote the laws their toady politicians passed, wrote the rules their regulators adopted, and played fast and loose on a financial playing field with no referees.  They are evil and corrupt. Hang the banksters.  Hang the politicians and the regulators and MSM Muppets who promote their BS and hide the truth from the public.  

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 22:00 | 1872860 Seer
Seer's picture

"So if the speed limit is 120 on the highway, you drive that fast and eventually you crash and kill somebody.  Who's fault is it?"

The banks were given this speed limit and they did it.  You're arguing that liberal queers CAUSED these poor innocent bankers to put a gun to their heads and write loans to people who couldn't afford them.  OK, one could, pardon the pun, go either way on this.  BUT... but then the banks repackaged what they KNEW was shit (they knew they were driving recklessly) and RESOLD it as AAA-rated!  And on THIS point your argument completely is toasted; unless, that is, you can trace this all back to laws that stated that banks MUST engage in lying and cheating, but I'm not thinking that this will be the case (no more than the Executive Branch admitting that it is aware of illegal covert operations).

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 23:16 | 1872966 FrankDrakman
FrankDrakman's picture

Wow, what a string of invalid and ridiculous arguments.

First, your speed limit argument - if you're driving the speed limit AT ANY F***ING speed, and you crash and kill someone - which you could do at 30 mph, let alone 120 - how is that NECESSARILY the government's fault? Maybe you were drunk or on Oxy, or maybe you had to swerve because the idiot with the cereal box driver's license in front of you cut you off, forcing you to veer into another lane and lose control, or.. or.. - there are dozens of reasons why the crash might be your fault, or some other driver's fault. Note that people regularly drive 120 mph on the Autobahns in Germany with lower crash and fatality rates than on US highways. This argument is junk.

Second argument: the banks played within those guidelines. Which guidelines are those? Please show me the guideline that says "You can take untold numbers of worthless mortgages, sold to people with no income, assets, or documentation, and repackage those as AAA bonds to KNOWINGLY be fobbed off on unsuspecting pension funds". Please show me the guideline that says "You can take on unlimited off-balance sheet risk through the use of derivatives such as credit swaps, AND NOT TO HAVE TO WORRY BECAUSE WE WILL BAIL YOU OUT IF THEY GO WRONG". This argument is junk.

Third argument: you find it strange that "all these [bankers] are being labelled as evil, corrupt and worthy of being destroyed". That's because you're an idiot who doesn't realize that "bankers", for most people in this context, does not mean the guy down the street at the Second First Bank of Albuquerque, it means the a**holes at JPM, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Citi, and of course, the squid. Those are the turds who screwed up everything, not local bankers. As I've said here repeatedly, in a just world, those banks would be the "bank" in "bankrupt", Dimon, Blankfein, et al would be out of jobs and being sued, and in a truly just world, facing federal lawsuits, and getting set to join Bernie in the pen. This argument is junk.

Wanna try posting again when the peyote wears off?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 23:24 | 1872979 FrankDrakman
FrankDrakman's picture

Wow, what a string of invalid and ridiculous arguments.

First, your speed limit argument - if you're driving the speed limit AT ANY F***ING speed, and you crash and kill someone - which you could do at 30 mph, let alone 120 - how is that NECESSARILY the government's fault? Maybe you were drunk or on Oxy, or maybe you had to swerve because the idiot with the cereal box driver's license in front of you cut you off, forcing you to veer into another lane and lose control, or.. or.. - there are dozens of reasons why the crash might be your fault, or some other driver's fault. Note that people regularly drive 120 mph on the Autobahns in Germany with lower crash and fatality rates than on US highways. This argument is junk.

Second argument: the banks played within those guidelines. Which guidelines are those? Please show me the guideline that says "You can take untold numbers of worthless mortgages, sold to people with no income, assets, or documentation, and repackage those as AAA bonds to KNOWINGLY be fobbed off on unsuspecting pension funds". Please show me the guideline that says "You can take on unlimited off-balance sheet risk through the use of derivatives such as credit swaps, AND NOT TO HAVE TO WORRY BECAUSE WE WILL BAIL YOU OUT IF THEY GO WRONG". This argument is junk.

Third argument: you find it strange that "all these [bankers] are being labelled as evil, corrupt and worthy of being destroyed". That's because you're an idiot who doesn't realize that "bankers", for most people in this context, does not mean the guy down the street at the Second First Bank of Albuquerque, it means the a**holes at JPM, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Citi, and of course, the squid. Those are the turds who screwed up everything, not local bankers. As I've said here repeatedly, in a just world, those banks would be the "bank" in "bankrupt", Dimon, Blankfein, et al would be out of jobs and being sued, and in a truly just world, facing federal lawsuits, and getting set to join Bernie in the pen. This argument is junk.

Wanna try posting again when the peyote wears off?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 19:51 | 1872689 Fred C Dobbs
Fred C Dobbs's picture

The banksters have the government and the government has the power.  A lot of power.     

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:04 | 1872088 Hansel
Hansel's picture

So confidence in paper is eroding, but go out there and 'compete,' which I'm guessing means to sell one's life for paper?  Does not compute.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:14 | 1872098 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

they can eat the wafer but can't drink from the cup............

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:30 | 1872105 Bartanist
Bartanist's picture

OrI - the question is "why is the illusion being allowed to be stripped away?"

We should most likely have no delusions that "we the people" are winning or that they are losing unless you believe that the old guard that were carryovers from the last age were destroyed in the battles seen over Nuremberg and Basel and that all that remains are their minions and decendents of their minions.

Basel and Switzerland, odd place, no?!? Home of the BIS, with its ziggurat motif buildings, is always excluded from every war, the more quiet center of banking than the City of London or Wall Street. Swiss guards, guard the pope...

I have my (admittedly weak and unsupportable) theory on why the illusion is being allowed to be stripped away. It has to do with the cyclical 4 ages: Golden Age, Age of Reason, Age of Giants and Age of Chaos. My theory is that the order is classically stated incorrectly and that the actual order starts with the Age of Giants and ends with the Age of Reason... and that also loosely relates to the Vedantic four stages of a man's life... the giants (old pantheon of gods) representing our parents.

As it has been widely told, we are nearing the end of the Age of Chaos ... soon to be followed by a new Golden Age.

Round like a circle in a spiral ... blah, blah, blah.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 13:54 | 1872227 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

No Blah blah there Bartanist. Of course the cycles are true. And they repeat/rhyme regardless of how we feel about them.

And yes, there is a new age of reason dawning, because it is always darkets before the dawn.

And yes, I think Switzerland IS templar nation. Seems obvious, red cross, secret banking cabal, guarding the pope too... something strange about Switzerland for sure.

I for one am glad to see the edifice of illusion crumble. 


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 16:08 | 1872371 Bob
Bob's picture

OT, ORI, but I just came across what strikes me as some extremely hot info.  I hope you won't mind my inserting it here, my friend. 

Big Stuff for Americans who attend to the troubling growth of our Police State:

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 19:54 | 1872692 Fred C Dobbs
Fred C Dobbs's picture

ORI you might like Alex Jones at  

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 21:50 | 1872851 i-dog
i-dog's picture

Alex Jones ... The American Voice of The Vatican!!

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 03:59 | 1873308 buyingsterling
buyingsterling's picture

Brilliant sarcasm. Jones is more man than everyone who comments on this site. Junk away, we all know it's true.

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 10:25 | 1873515 i-dog
i-dog's picture

No sarcasm at all ... solid fact. I was also a supporter of Alex until I found out who is backing him and who he is covering for. It's easy to be a brave loudmouth when you know who's got your back.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 22:07 | 1872871 Seer
Seer's picture

" Of course the cycles are true. And they repeat/rhyme regardless of how we feel about them."

No!  There's NO guarantee that stuff will cycle.  Many things that are lining up today have NEVER happened before.  We've never had the globe totally populated (7 billion people), and we've never had it so well exploited.  I hold no illusions that humans do what nature does, and that's that they consume and move on.  Problem is that there's no more "move on to" places, there's no new worlds and peoples to conquer in order to replenish resources: well, OK, that's what wars are for, but my point is that there's no peaceful way forward.

Have said all this I WILL add that the earth does have cycles left in it, and the next glacial period WILL cycle again.  I'm betting that when this happens our silly little human cycles, like recessions and booms etc, won't be occurring anymore (or such that anyone will remember them).

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 14:54 | 1872297 Hobbleknee
Hobbleknee's picture

But did you put the pellet with the poison in the vessel with the pestle?

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 11:47 | 1873596 nihilist
nihilist's picture

He's a pontificator extraordinaire.  Seems to like to sanctimoniously poke holes at people's opinions then proceeds to provide shameless promotion of his inconsequential blog.  Sad part is I clicked on it once, so i was probably one of the 10 hits he has on his blog.  That's when I realzed that this all seeing oracle spews out nothing but fantastical B.S.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 10:50 | 1871999 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture

Oh regional Indian

Some of us broke our teeth on shit like the Illuminatus Trilogy and None Dare call it Conspiracy and Holy Blood Holy Grail nad the ties the mob and Masons had with the Catholic church ending in Calvi's strange death.

People forget the OLD WAYS and SYMBOLS still exist and are in use.

Why do you think Osama was killed on MAYDAY? ( Alright he was already dead for a couple of years and it was all just a SYMBOLIC shadowplay on so many levels).

There must be some way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
There's too much confusion here
I can't get no relief
Businessmen they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None of them know along the line
What any of this is worth

No reason to get excited
The thief, he kindly spoke
There are many here among us
Who think that life is but a joke
But you and I, we've been through that
And that is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
Because the hour is getting late

All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While horsemen came and went
Barefoot servants too

All I got is a red guitar
Three chords
And the truth

All I got is a red guitar
The rest is up to you

There's no reason to get excited
The thief, he kindly spoke
There are some among us here
Say that life is just a joke
You and I, we've been through that
And that is not our fate (at least today)
So let us not talk falsely now
Because the hour is getting late

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:42 | 1872053 Bartanist
Bartanist's picture

There are problem for those who have decided that they are in charge and they admit it. (Quote the Zbig) It is easier to kill a million people than to control them.

Things like Unam Sanctam and the corporate state are well known by those who look for them, but all of those things simply boil down to who has the bigger stick and/or who has the most ignorant servants to do their bidding.

I CAN DECLARE THAT I AM THE GOD ANNOINTED SUPREME EMPEROR OF THE WORLD FOR LIFE (and all of my heirs, blah, blah, blah)... too. But to do so would be meaningless without the power to back it up (Recall that Philip IV would have none of Boniface's B/S), if I was so inclined. So what happens when multiple self-appointed supreme emperors of the world exist and they all create their petty admiralty laws that make every other power illegal, what then? There is conflict because power is always jealous and fearful... as well as vain. (personally, I am more at peace when free of jealousy, fear and vanity)

Most people strive to be free because that makes them at peace with themselves. However there are many perceived avenues to this freedom and since we also have tribal/social instincts, IMO, most people find their freedom through rationalization of their current relationships. We in the US tend to substitute a better class of slavery for freedom because of the comforts it affords ... and yet one wonders if the politicians, media types and bankers secretly hate themselves (if they ever had the brains and the will to reflect)!?!

What constitutes ownership? Is the slave master really the owner of the slaves? What really is the difference between being a legal tenant on the land that I live and owning it? I get the use of my body and my land and the "so called" owner simply has a bigger army (more power) which he uses to steal from me. He owns nothing except the perceived power and that power that is ceded to him by others. Every consequence of his ownership is simply theft at the point of a gun.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 15:05 | 1872310 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

"Americans have the right to send anonymous love letters." Senator Susan Collins. That is an ACTUAL freedom. The answer to the statement "it's easier to kill a million than control them" is "no, it's not" and only goes to show how ignorant Zbigniew Brezinski is. With the modern media hundreds of millions can be controlled with ease. The question therefore is "can human beings exist under such control."

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 17:19 | 1872479 Marco
Marco's picture

What constitutes freedom? What is really the difference between being born to parents who own no land in a country without upwards mobility (ie. feudalism, which is what the US is rapidly heading towards ... which would only be accelerated by reducing the size of government at this point) and slavery? There can be no true freedom in an overpopulated world ... lebensraum can only be gained by denying others the same thing, tyranny of power ... not freedom.


In a world of limited resources we can't deal in freedom, only equitability.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 22:10 | 1872873 Seer
Seer's picture

"We in the US tend to substitute a better class of slavery for freedom because of the comforts it affords"

We in the US tend to substitute a better class of slavery for freedom because of the PERCEIVED comforts it affords

Fixed! (remember: cognitive dissonance lurks everywhere!)

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:16 | 1872099 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

do you think hendrix was murdered?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:43 | 1872128 WestVillageIdiot
WestVillageIdiot's picture

Sorry, Drifter, but you just won the prize for stupidest question ever.  Along the Watchtower was written by Bob Dylan, not Jimi Hendrix. 

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 14:42 | 1872278 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture


well i will let the vigilent citizen break it down for you real easy.  vc works in the biz. he won't say where or what. but he knows a lot of things that go on the biz . all i can say is there is some weird stuff going on in show business..........


i recently posted something on operation chaos that was a cia infiltration operation going on in the 1960's etc, where they infiltrated the "peace " and "anti war" movement.  they were the ones that started pushing drugs on the performers etc............

and i believe such things continue on till today . 


if you remember recently 


randy quaid said someone was trying to kill him. when someone who is not acquainted with satanic hollywood etc would at first blush think that quaid is off his nutt...........but perhaps not.......




then again recently 

dave chappelle was talking about how people in hollywood were wanting him to do strange and weird stuff and he refused to do it.....


i for one always thought that hendrix died as they said he did. i never really gave it much thought , but not , not so sure anymore. 

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 16:27 | 1872388 Bob
Bob's picture

HPD, you're just the vigilant guy I was looking for.  Seriously.  Glad I didn't have to read hrough the full thread for ya . . . though it appears I am missing out on alot of truly brilliant discussion today.  I gotta duck in and out, I'm home sick as fuck with the flu, but what do you think of this:

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 17:12 | 1872468 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

well bob, all i can say is , why does it always seem that during the reading of articles like the one you mentioned, one can never seem to find names like smith and jones?  do all roads lead to rome? nope, not any more. that ship sailed a long time ago..........

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 08:39 | 1873452 Bob
Bob's picture

I realized in retrospect that angle would impress you, HPD, but the problem I see is that ANYBODY could pull this off.  WTF?


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 17:00 | 1872441 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture

High Plains Drifter

Well Sammy Davis Jr was a disciple of Anton Sandor Levay.  Steve McQueen was involved in Magikal practices, some kind of high priest.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 17:29 | 1872492 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

anton lavey started the church of satan


he was a protege of one  lt. colonel  michael oquinno who was at one time located at the presidio in san franscisco...


satanism is very much  alive and well.  notice he talks about the main location for it in the military, the sac  base in omaha, nebraska..........this is where they flew bush on 911...........hmmm.........and then we read in the book , by decamp, .......the franklin coverup , they used to to go boy's town and harvest boys for their activities etc..........where is boy's town?  omaha?  makes me wonder what the true and real purpose was all along for boy's town.....and who was mentioned in that book(among others)?  why the oracle of omaha, warren buffet.........and where does he live?  omaha?  hmmm.  i just really don't think most people really understand the garbage that is going on in our government. then we wonder why they do the things they do. garbage in and garbage out.  you put evil men in high places and buddy, they are going to do evil things...........nature of the beast........perhaps the founding fathers would turn over in their of course ben franklin not withstanding.  he was into some weird shit too, but he , somehow (it seemed)  was able to control it in a way that was not deleterious to the public..........oh well..........

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 23:09 | 1872950 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

sneakin' in between your post HPD & Bob's to reply to you both - Bob, I just killed a massive chest congestion that left me gasping for breath - it took "dosing" every two hours for a day, then overnight - I could breathe again when I woke up - still working on it, but it's going away, day 4 now - try it, the whole thing can be done for a few fiat clown bux:

and the original poster:

hope you feel better.

@ HPD:

I worked with musicians /bands for many years in London, until I just couldn't stomach it any longer - the execs would wine & dine & flatter the newly signed bands (often young & easily manipulated), all the while explaining to their managers why the band needed to drop certain members ("key man clause"), or change line-ups, or tour support specific bands, various forms of manipulative behaviours designed to create dissonance between the manager & band  (undermine trust, classic abusive actions - "the record company LOVES us, why are you saying they want changes??" etc.  Most A&R (at the time at least) were failed musicians, lots of passive aggressive behaviours. . .

but the drugs thing is spot on - all major labels had shadow budgets and funneled drugs to their "team players" and they loved to get the bands hooked on the "party lifestyle" - for the life of me, could not understand why at the time, in retrospect it's more obvious - major labels just trawl for bands, put a bit of investment in some, more in others, but overall it's their big earners that pay the overhead, and smaller, newer bands are used like playtoys, and there are some sick, sick men in those offices, let me tell you.  I worked mostly with independent, smaller labels & bands, but my final band was courted heavily by the majors - after they were signed, I tried to stick with them for about a year, then bailed - it was soul destroying to see how destructive an industry it was. they lasted a couple of years more, but heavily into the drugs, and rotating band members - eventually, shelved.

it was years before I could even listen to music with enjoyment. . . thankfully, I'm reconciled, and music is my main love, again.


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:19 | 1872103 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Zigackly Gully! :-)


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 21:07 | 1872774 Crumbles
Crumbles's picture

By your pardon, Sir Ohio, but the Lyric is:

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.

PLEASE do not misquote Bob the Bard of Hibbing!

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:30 | 1871729 MarcusLCrassus
MarcusLCrassus's picture

Like the old saying goes, financial prognostication falls somewhere between voodoo and astrology in terms of accuracy. 



Sat, 11/12/2011 - 21:17 | 1872793 Crumbles
Crumbles's picture

Not so much ... The positions of the planets IS utterly predictable.

Then there is Voodoo, as in Economics; the most dismal of the pseudo "sciences".

Had a thought - Is Voodoo practiced in Kenya?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 23:25 | 1872984 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

any idea who "said" that "old saying"?

cause you might want to check your sources before believing just any old lines. . .

(astrology is only as good as the astrologer, and they come in a multitude of flavours - the deeper the awareness of philosophy / world behaviours / cyclical behaviours, the better the astrologer. . . many wealthy traders use the advice of planetary pattern watchers, just sayin' - here's one that springs to mind:

make up your own mind. . .

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 06:25 | 1871866 Popo
Popo's picture

I don't think it's fair to say that Rosie is delusional. But I think he incorrectly assigns probabilities to the political changes required..

For example -- he says that an increased role of the ECB would save Europe, (although at a smaller scale of Union), That's actually completely true -- but the question is: is it likely to play out that way? I think not. Rosie is an economist and not a very good political scientist, IMHO.

And he also seems to diiscount the fallout from booting the Club Med countries out of the Eurozone. This is a particularly weird point of the interview IMHO, as just prior to this point, Rosie acknowledges that MF Global is likely deeply connected to other (as yet unknown) institutions, that will likely also blow up soon. And yet, somehow Europe is supposed to kick Spain and Italy to the curb and magically not see MF Global repeated at a 100x scale? Please. NFW.

As for his surprise ending: Where does the credit expansion come from? He makes a comparison to 1980 -- being the end point of a 15 year deleveraging phase, and the beginning of a new political regime in the USA. Ok, fine. But the 1980's marked the beginning of the great American credit expansion. So how does that happen again? Needless to say Consuelo doesn't nitpick the bullish calls...

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 08:52 | 1871921 g speed
g speed's picture

TU----- good critique

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 09:23 | 1871939 oogs66
oogs66's picture

ECB may help quiet the current problem but god knows what it unleashes down the road

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 03:14 | 1871784 Richard Chesler
Richard Chesler's picture

this interview guaranteed for another 400 points in the Dow.

Long live fraud and corruption!

Change you can bunga bunga.


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:27 | 1872022 The Big Ching-aso
The Big Ching-aso's picture



Everybody lookin' for Guru

Some say it's even you too

But when push come to shove

And it's your money or Grub

You got no one to blame

When shit hit blade

Than dude staring back  

When mirror fade to black

That's you and me

Not Rosie, ya hear?


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 15:27 | 1872335 Scout Itout
Scout Itout's picture

Reminded me of this...

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 13:04 | 1872167 hampsterwheel
hampsterwheel's picture

"When someone is talking about a political solution to todays problems, I know I am not listening to a serious person" George Carlin...

All these talking heads are thinking so statically - they can only see what they have been trained to see. They live in the matrix - which is why to see outside the martix requires a totally altered worldview.

If you are not familiar with this guys work - you should be - he spells it all out. Its the red pill

Sun, 11/13/2011 - 02:06 | 1873210 Ponzi Unit
Ponzi Unit's picture

Hamsterwheel, thank you!

This is powerful stuff. I have sent it on to many people, two of whom funnily enough happen to include a retired Harvard economist and an oldtimer in the CFR. Interested to get their reaction...

The Matrix, indeed. Switching to the Star Wars context, I once identified the US as the Jehdi-led rebels. Now, sadly, the Empire.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 17:18 | 1872482 covert
Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:37 | 1871573 zorba THE GREEK
zorba THE GREEK's picture

David sure doesn't draw the rosy picture for the economy

like Jim O'Neill. One of them is either wrong or lying.

My guess is Jim Lies.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:00 | 1871602 Unprepared
Unprepared's picture

Relax and listen to an ABBA song. It'll all come to focus.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:29 | 1871728 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

wrong ABBA video.


I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay
Ain't it sad
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
That's too bad
In my dreams I have a plan
If I got me a wealthy man
I wouldn't have to work at all, I'd fool around and have a ball...

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world

Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man's world

All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It's a rich man's world

A man like that is hard to find but I can't get him off my mind
Ain't it sad
And if he happens to be free I bet he wouldn't fancy me
That's too bad
So I must leave, I'll have to go
To Las Vegas or Monaco
And win a fortune in a game, my life will never be the same...



It's a rich man's world

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:46 | 1872065 Imminent Crucible
Imminent Crucible's picture

I've followed Rosie for years, and what a disappointment this interview is. He's optimistic because there's going to be "political change" beginning in November 2012? What change? Replacing Obama with Romney? Perry? Atlanta Fedster Herman Cain?

The only political event that might usher in real change would be the election of Ron Paul, and that isn't going to happen. The mass of American people don't want a president that will make them live within their means, and the two-headed monster that is the Republicrat Party will make sure that Ron Paul is perceived as an economically illiterate fringe lunatic who will take the country over a cliff.

There will be no "policy initiative" coming out of D.C. that will uproot the bankster oligarchy and return control of the nation to the citizens. You might as well expect the Fed to de-charter itself and go home.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 15:11 | 1872316 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

Ron is a great man, and he has put up with no end of abuse, but it is both too early and too late for a Libertarian president. 

As Virginia Postrel so wonderfully said, "We are in that awkward period, too late for reasoned discussion, and too soon to shoot the bastards."

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:34 | 1871574 phungus_mungus
phungus_mungus's picture

I think I just shorted my shorts... 

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:49 | 1871587 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

That's preferable to sharting your shorts.


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 06:56 | 1871880 CPL
CPL's picture

You've basically learned how to create a CDO then.  Underwriting a derivative with margin on margin then providing a vehicle to hedge.




Sat, 11/12/2011 - 07:11 | 1871886 Hephasteus
Hephasteus's picture

Watch it talk like that will get an high powered ISDA lawyer in here telling you that you are stupid and don't understand.

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:36 | 1871575 X.inf.capt
X.inf.capt's picture

game over


Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:40 | 1871576 Bansters-in-my-...
Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Gold is the canary in the Fiat Ponzi Scheme.

Golds watchin ya Banksters.

FIAT stands for Fuck'em Inthe Ass Timmy

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 09:37 | 1871948 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Silver is the actual canay. When that one blows over 300, that will be the signal that every comoner is trying to save what's left of the finances.
Gold is for the kings, silver for the gentleman, copper is for the poor.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 10:50 | 1871998 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

Who you callin' a gentleman, home slice;)

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:14 | 1872019 centerline
centerline's picture

And a more manipulated market from what I learned.  When TPTB lose control of silver, it is game over.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:19 | 1872028 oddjob
oddjob's picture

Silver plays 2 roles, the lever now and the hammer later.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:02 | 1872087 fourchan
fourchan's picture

well said.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:20 | 1872104 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

when the pope dies , someone goes and hits him in the head 3 times with a silver hammer to make sure he is dead.......

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 23:34 | 1872995 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

"bang bang Maxwell's silver hammer" eh?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 10:03 | 1871967 LibertyIn2010
LibertyIn2010's picture

FIAT stands for Fuck'em Inthe Ass Timmy

or...Financially It's A Trick

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:41 | 1871579 phungus_mungus
phungus_mungus's picture


Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:42 | 1871580 fritzenheimer
fritzenheimer's picture

i wonder how many of you guys who think its funny the world economy is dying actually has more skin in the game than a $5,000i investment in some gold fund. Not talking about ZH, who has a great site. Just talking about the ankle biter commentators.

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:57 | 1871597 dolph9
dolph9's picture

What's funny is bankers and politicians printing money to cover their asses.

Besides, if you can't laugh at life, and everything in it, might as well be dead.

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:59 | 1871599 phungus_mungus
phungus_mungus's picture

I've got more foreskin in this game that you! 

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 14:09 | 1872238 CrazyCooter
CrazyCooter's picture

Totally off topic ... but ....

Why do lawyers wear neckties?

It holds down their foreskin.



Sat, 11/12/2011 - 15:45 | 1872351 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

Cool Moniker.

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:59 | 1871600 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

dont see why it matters how much money anyone has invested makes a difference, as they should think its funny the world economy is dying because its a ponzi run by liars, thieves and frauds.......

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:21 | 1871626 Unprepared
Unprepared's picture

WTF? How much skin? fuck Gold (no offense)? I've got my career future, an unpayable tax burden and a currency that will be inflated to oblivion paying for other people's mistakes. Worse case, I got my own survival, safety, freedom ... on the balance. I've got ACTUAL skin in this fucking game, and my skin is rather thin.

Give yourself a year or two (assuming they can hold it together that long) and you too will be maniacally laughing and yapping. But it surely ain't funny, it's sobering, very sobering, and regardless of how much skin you have.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:03 | 1871692 Breaker
Breaker's picture


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 02:17 | 1871754 lemonobrien
lemonobrien's picture

you'll make it.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 02:36 | 1871762 cossack55
cossack55's picture

It most certainly is surely funny, at least for those with a well defined sense of gallows humor born in various crucibles.  Survivors know this and can't stop grinning.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 14:12 | 1872240 CrazyCooter
CrazyCooter's picture

I am in the boat with you brother. Trust me. I have been trying to hunker down for a couple years now, doing the best I can to make it through to the other side.

On that note, I feel I am more fortunate than the older and the younger. I am more or less in my professional prime. If I was ten to fifteen years younger, I would be a college grad with student loans trying to get my first job. If I was twenty to twenty five years older, I would be sitting on a pile of paper I earned over my whole life realizing its all about to burn to the ground.

Glass half empty, glass half full, or glass twice as large as it should be; just differnt ways to look at it.



Sat, 11/12/2011 - 14:29 | 1872262 DosZap
DosZap's picture



I would be sitting on a pile of paper I earned over my whole life realizing its all about to burn to the ground.


Not if you turn it into tangibles assets.(but 95% will be fooked).Because they are are hoping if they IGNORE it it will go away.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:22 | 1871629 Akrunner907
Akrunner907's picture


Blow me!!!  I've got money in the game.  I am making money, on the fear, poor decisions of others.  Go back and watch American Idol you troll!

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:26 | 1871635 Hohum
Hohum's picture

The answer is at least 9.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 03:21 | 1871792 TheMerryPrankster
TheMerryPrankster's picture

Correct answer is always 44.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 07:36 | 1871891 spankfish
spankfish's picture

Standard answers are 2 and no.  Works everytime.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:30 | 1872044 HAL 9000
HAL 9000's picture

One by four by nine.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:34 | 1871643 tahoebumsmith
tahoebumsmith's picture

FUCK YOU ASSHOLE...I have three kids that will have to grow up in this debt induced nightmare. You are a douche bag that obviously only thinks about himself... What the fuck do you honestly think is going to happen when the whole fractional reserve banking system backed by credit default swaps, covered by derivitives and all their other PONZI bets fall apart? We are on a one way track to disaster, It will end in war. China, Russia, Venezula, Iran, Brazil  and other top oil producing nations will leave the pertro-dollar. The cards are stacked against us, all we have now is an alliance with Sarkozy, Merkel and all the other has beens on the globe. In other words we are fricken done, fini, cooked, toast, roasted or any other way you want to look at it....If there was ever a time to buy a gun, the time is now....

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:37 | 1871651 trav7777
trav7777's picture

uh...china is an oil consumer, so is Iran.  Venezuela has zilch production growth except in heavy oils only refinable in Louisiana.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 14:25 | 1872258 CrazyCooter
CrazyCooter's picture

A lot of junks for a more or less factual statement (I would pick at the heavy oil refining capacity).

I do not think this is a rosy outcome for anyone. China, Russia, and everyone else that is "non-western" are just as invested in the system as the western countries. Russia would implode without commodity exports. Many countries in the world must trade something so they have food imports to feed their people and/or keep their people busy to avoid political unrest.

When the music stops, its going to be very, very ugly. Food importing nations will have very serious problems to contend with ...



Sat, 11/12/2011 - 15:37 | 1872342 SamAdams1234
SamAdams1234's picture

I think that is called a Ring Aroound the rosie:


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:41 | 1871657 merizobeach
merizobeach's picture

What's the daily readership of this website?  Tens of thousands?  I suppose there will be thousands in most demographics.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:46 | 1871664 Blano
Blano's picture

Some of us are a little late to the party, so excuuuuuussssseeeee us!!

At least we're trying to play catch up now, thanks in part to sites like this.

Oh, and I think saying we find it funny is a bit of a stretch.  It's kinda sad, but it's reality, and the hand we've been dealt.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:50 | 1871669 slewie the pi-rat
slewie the pi-rat's picture

 <=== fritzenheimer is a troll

 <=== fritzenheimer is a cunt

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:24 | 1871723 Schmuck Raker
Schmuck Raker's picture

Damn, Slew, I hate trick questions.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 03:14 | 1871785 Hook Line and S...
Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

false dilemma

a troll with a cunt

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:12 | 1871706 OCTOPVS
OCTOPVS's picture

Respectable comment....what i want to know is who started with a margin account and recognized that it was their time...changed their lifestyle...did not accept the fact that the they would always be a victim of bankers and "corporate thugs". and made a shit ton of money in the past few years....numbers talk "bull"shit walks. i thank you zerohedge, without you i would have been an analyst at a boutique IB in chicago yet i had the balls and the foresight to trade my own account, and kick offers away. i was an occupy protestor for halloween because putting the guy fawkes mask on forced me to convince people that i was not part of the 99%....this site above all is to educate...i personally find that i have an edge but staying up to date here...a rumor surfaces due to some catalyst and zerohedge has historically been honest about their misjudgements, but, i feel, this site is solely about observation...a respect for being totally connected, always trading and attempting to grasp the wave of the world...i know for a fact there are guys that read this everyday that are worth 9 figures but remain quiet...this is our day ... and you can choose to accept that this is a playpen for speculation or cower in the corner waiting forever for mom.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 03:19 | 1871791 TheMerryPrankster
TheMerryPrankster's picture

my entire country and its fiat currency is at stake. If the dollar goes, it doesn't matter how big a shitpot pile of money I got cause all it'll be good for is fire starter.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 07:00 | 1871883 CPL
CPL's picture

When it comes to investments and business, all ankle biting is allowed pollyanna, occassionally going for the face is allowed.


What got your underwear in a knot?  Stuck in a trade and hate where monday will go?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 08:41 | 1871915 jcaz
jcaz's picture

The fact that you don't know the answer says more about your bitterness with your $2K IRA than anything else....

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 08:56 | 1871925 g speed
g speed's picture

Don't worry--there will be plenty of pain to go around-- and the small gold guys will feel it just as much as everyone else

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 10:14 | 1871974 topcallingtroll
topcallingtroll's picture


Ankle biters, trolls, and rich boys will always need a doctor.

I might be working for chickens someday, or ganja, or blowjobs from cute chics which is the one universal currency that has withstood the test of time. I may not be a one percenter, but if I keep my health I can survive anything, even annoying guys complaining about ankle biters.

There was a point to this but I cant remember what it was.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 12:17 | 1872100 centerline
centerline's picture

Your health is your wealth.  Even single plan for the shitstorm that is coming needs to have this slogan tattooed on it.


Fri, 11/11/2011 - 23:54 | 1871591 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture


assitant coach said that in 2002, he walked into locker room to put away some shoes and he thought he heard a slapping sound and then he looked in shower and saw naked buggee and bugger doing the wild thing. sandusky was pitching and the boy was catching............oh my.......everybody is getting lawyered up too..........if it was me, i would get the best lawyer i could and that would mean anyone i wanted for this case i am sure and they may have fucked me when i was young but now that i am older, what goes around comes around.............and for sandusky. he won't last two days in the joint.............

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:05 | 1871605 Vic Vinegar
Vic Vinegar's picture

if it was me, i would get the best lawyer i could and that would mean anyone i wanted for this case i am sure and they may have fucked me when i was young but now that i am older, what goes around comes around

But it's not you.  So why don't you take a timeout from hating on religious groups and putting yourself into hypothetical situations in the Penn State locker room and become a long-term bull like Rosie?

Shit, another day passed in which Oh Regional Indian wrote some stupid numerology-related garbage and yet the world did not end.  I suspect next week will bring the same.  

Just kick back and have some fun on 11/11/11.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:31 | 1871731 Sam Clemons
Sam Clemons's picture

No post is worse than his post claiming physical exercise is bad for you.  Classic.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:57 | 1871746 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Well, hmmmmm..... it is! Very very bad, the way it is done anyways. Think, the same MSM that sells you all these other lies, are telling you the trugh about exercise?

Running? Yoga? Ploe Dancing? Kick boxing? Spinning? Good for you? THINK !!! 

Target heart rate and VO2Max are the biggest lies. Makes you die younger.


My take on Exercise

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 02:41 | 1871766 cossack55
cossack55's picture

So, are you long Lululemon?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 02:54 | 1871771 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Nope, long the slower way. Life has been made too much of a "struggle". Always at "war".

Step back, lie back, feel yourself on the ground, fully...sit up, know where/how you sit, then stand, feel how you stand, then move, understand your movements, then run....

Slowly though. It's all been sped up, to everyone's detriment. 


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 07:47 | 1871894 Hephasteus
Hephasteus's picture

Don't sweat it ORI. The guys who run the alchemy pot are simply mixing shit they shouldn't be mixing. This full moon new moon cycle will be massive as it will cause a bit of a stir in the rebellers and they'll be at each others throat but when it get's turned back onto the "government" they'll have a full on psychotic break.

So relax. Buy stolen goods as long as they are stolen from rich people or corporate mega stores. And just remember it's not actually a planet dying of nuclear waste by shitfucks who don't care. It's something deep and meaningful and spiritual. Involving portals and all manner of incomprehensible bullshit. It's not just a nuclear dna fucking. Oh and the people will walk slowly because they are disconnected from the earth. Not because they are poisoned to high hell. LOL

Hate to goad you but honestly if you are too receptive then you are going to be lead down a bullcrap pathway. You better put up a warriors fight. Remember everything you experience is a matter of choice. You just need to know who is choosing cause your higher self is full of shit. I'm still waiting to house many spirits they just seem to be out of non dumbfuck ones. Of course everything is sped up. It's the only thing stopping due dilligence right now. Just remember the rules. The people who run the planet are mean evil brutal thieves and liars. The people coming in from the universal conciousness are even meaner eviler and bigger liars.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 14:03 | 1872232 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

:-) Yep, so when is the face mask off plaza dance Heph?

I hear you anyways, interesting times ahead indeed.


Sun, 11/13/2011 - 17:25 | 1874122 Hephasteus
Hephasteus's picture

It's happening right now.


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 03:45 | 1871804 RobertMugabe
RobertMugabe's picture

ORI deserves to be donkey-punched for all the shit that he spews around here. Your blog is full of pointless drivel, numerology that never correlates to anything, pseudo-pop-psychology-psychobabel. Fuck off with your astrology-mayanprophecy-nwo-illuminati bullshit

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:12 | 1872018 Sam Clemons
Sam Clemons's picture

I am all about alternative thinking, but exercise is one thing I won't give up the ghost on yet.  Yes, there are other ways to achieve these things, but a few documented benefits are the way it lowers cortisol levels (stress) in the long term, the way it lowers the body temperature (improves thermogenetics to improve body fat) in the long term, the way it improves insulin sensitivity (blood glucose is responsibile for a myriad of health issues) in the long term.  All of those things are documented as being killers.  I have a bad back from having to sit all the time for "modern life."  Yes, that is another problem all together, but guess what makes it better?  Working out my abs and core!  Too much of anything is bad for you which I'm guessing is what you did and I have also done.


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 14:15 | 1872246 Socratic Dog
Socratic Dog's picture

A couple of small details you missed as to the benefits of exercise: it makes one feel good; and it helps in getting young pussy.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 16:23 | 1872384 Sam Clemons
Sam Clemons's picture

And if life is just a ride, aren't those some of the best benefits that one can get from the ride?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:03 | 1871606 trav7777
trav7777's picture

that is disgusting...why didn't he kill him on the spot?  You murder a pedophile in the act with a young boy, you have a free pass.  Not a cop in the land would even arrest you

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:16 | 1871619 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

be patient trav.  good things come to those who know the prisoner's code on this.........

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:38 | 1871655 trav7777
trav7777's picture

fuck their code.  Anybody with a conscience would have murdered him with whatever blunt instrument was handy.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:05 | 1871697 i-dog
i-dog's picture

Trav for Attorney-General 2012!!

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 15:19 | 1872329 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

Yeah, what the hell is up with that?  Who is this assistant coach, who can see something like that and walk away????  I can't think of one man that i know that would not help that poor boy.  That is soooo fucking cold, i can't believe it. 

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:21 | 1872029 centerline
centerline's picture

Yeah.  But if I walked in on that I would have beat him within an inch of his life.  I have a 10 year old son.  This sort of story resonates with me something fierce.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 14:17 | 1872250 Socratic Dog
Socratic Dog's picture

I love the way so many americans look to prisoners as their ultimate justice system.  What the fuck?

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 10:44 | 1871994 LongBallsShortBrains
LongBallsShortBrains's picture

You seem to forget how LOYAL these cops are to Penn State.

They would probably kill you for fucking with PSU football, making them look bad. These cops are just as twisted. They don't give a fuck about little boys as much as their football team.
Hell, they even protect the same banking cartel that will devour their pensions.

How long between the first assault and the first arrest?

State College police priorities:
Penn state first
Anybody making Penn State look bad
Rape and plunder next
People with the killer weed marijuana
Speeders and people with out of date registration
Protect and serve.... If there is enough time.....

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 16:01 | 1872362 mkkby
mkkby's picture

Wrong Trav.  The cops will force the kid to recant and you'll be "discovered" to have had some grudge.

You wait patiently for 6 months, telling no one.  During that time, you find a quiet place to dig a hole...

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:14 | 1871615 DavidPierre
DavidPierre's picture

You want to know how deep the child sex swapping underworld goes, where prestigious and wealthy middle-aged gray hair men in suits, and our “officials” and “public servants” rape young kids? To learn just about the tip of the iceberg, you can:

Look up The Franklin Coverup documentary on youtube.

Look up the Dutroux Affair in Europe

Look up Midnight Callboys at the White House of Reagan/Bush Sr.

Look up “Animal House in Afghanistan” on the MotherJones website

Look up American Diplomats in Pedophile Scandal by Lawrence Blackstone

Look up “The Dancing Boys of Afganistan” on the Guardian website, or google the Rape of Afgan boys

Look up Barney Frank’s live-in male prostitute.

Google video or youtube: Actor Corey Feldman Says Pedophilia No. 1 Problem for Child Stars, Contributed to Demise of Corey Haim

Look up the Isle of Wight pedophile ring, or Scotland pedophile ring.

Look up Covenant House in New York and their old pedophile scandal.

Look up George Green Ted Kennedy ; Green tells a story of how Kennedy told him he wanted to sleep with Green’s young daughter. Gree: “So, I sat down with Ted Kennedy, and Ted was right next to me. And he said, “George, you’re going to love this job. We’re going to send you out to all the state Democratic functions. You’re really good with money, and you raise money for the National Democratic Party.” And he said, “Then you’re going to meet some real foxy ladies.”

Well, they all think that way, frankly. It isn’t just Ted, they all do. So I… and just coincidentally, my daughter walks in. Now, my daughter is a very attractive young lady.

Ted goes, “Wow, I have to go to bed with that.”

And I said, “No, Ted. That’s my daughter and she’s fourteen.”
His response back to me: “I don’t care.”

Look up Jerry Epstein, billionaire pedophile and his relationship with Bill Clinton (recently covered in a British newspaper with interviews with his young girls, maybe it was the Guardian paper?)

Watch the videos of Kay Griggs on youtube where she talks about her NATO and Marine officer husband and their homosexual guilds within the upper echelons of the military and how they groom young boys.

Google Rabbi pedophiles. You already know about the Catholics hiding their actions.

Watch the documentary on Liberia Africa on, and hear the local poverty stricken city dwellers mention how the UN officials or soldiers have sex with little boys.

The movie SuckerPunch is art imitating reality.

Then consider that the FBI and InterPol, like their false flags, are the ones promoting child pornography on the net in order to encourage it, then rope in the people who get into it, and likely blackmail those whom they can use for nefarious means. We occasionally hear about giant multinational child porn stings where 50 people are arrested; consider than during these year long stings it’s the FBI posting and disseminating images and videos of the child porn, and tracking it some of it. Likely the very law enforcement officers working on these cases use their positions to be in possession of the child porn. They are the ones promoting it, yet claim to be trying to stop it.

I could go on and on. Begin to connect the dots. The whole subject is a giant open secret that is pervasive everywhere, yet rarely covered in the media.

Now why don’t you copy and paste this information into the thousands of comments sections under thousands of articles talking about these sociopathic coaches and their inane football GAMES, where yuppy fraternity swells are getting all bent out of shape over “their” coach and taking the whole situation as a personal affront.

It reminds me of 9-11 and everyone wanting to fight the terr’ists – in this case the terrorists are those who stand up for the kids.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:20 | 1871625 High Plains Drifter
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oh there is a lot more than we will ever know about all of this.  have you seen that franklin coverup film on youtube?  that situation went all the way up the ladder to the white house. one of those boys that were involved in that, one day, ran into a hospital in new mexico and kept saying someone was trying to kill him. the staff thought he was off his rocker but kept him overnight just to be sure. the next morning they went in his room and he was dead. lose lips sink ships...........

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:43 | 1871658 trav7777
trav7777's picture

a disturbing number of twinks at Bama's church came up dayud too

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 01:12 | 1871703 Element
Element's picture

Nah ... not in the oval office, they draw the line at stuffing cigars into the crotch of young inturns and wanking their jizz all over them ... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sat, 11/12/2011 - 09:43 | 1871952 JesusUp
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Paterno has hired GhwBush' personal criminal defense atty.


Sat, 11/12/2011 - 00:45 | 1871659 trav7777
trav7777's picture

at least Teddy was interested in sexually mature girls, instead of prepubescent boys

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