David Rosenberg On The Difference Between The Buy And Sell Sides, And What He Is Investing In Right Now

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China pension fund to invest $1.6 billion in stocks


ECB. Fed. China. All buying stocks.

Exactly how many times since March 2009 have we heard "Just one more rally, then..."?

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It's fun watching them scramble.  Look how they run, like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.....

No one knows what to do with their fiat?  Not even Rosie.  Short this, buy that, at the end of the day one is still left holding the bag. 

Equity is a ludacris investment.  Either you "diversify" and own everything, or you buy one company.  If you buy the wrong company, you lose your pants.  If you diversify, you mute your return.  This not to mention that the corporations are working directly against the people of the world, to favor the oilgarhs in their quest for world domination as the Kings and Queens they want to always be.

If you buy debt/bonds you have to buy the top of this market, this very artificial market thanks to economists everywhere.  Economics, a scientific study, studying something that is based on one big lie.  The lie is that fiat is money; it is not, it is currency.  Then from there the lies spin out of control by ways of fractional reserve lending, rehypothecation, etc.  The money is spun like the lies they weave, and in the center is one giant spider who is very hungry, and waits patiently for the bug that is oh so close to getting stuck.

The reality is, there is only one way out, and that is by not participating in the system.  One must be prepared to work the land, one must own wealthful investments that are not lent out.  One can make loans, that is fine, but the recourse is exponential, and if a loan stops performing, it is on the owner, not anyone else.

We will soon be dealing with this reality.  Once the Fiat Ponzi's growth decelerates, which it might have today, the spider will catch its meal.  The US peaked at 100% debt/gdp, and since the US was the engine of growth for the last hundred years, the game is over. 

The cause was not just debt issuance in the public and private sector.  It was also a resource peak.  Now that resources cost more money than it is worth to use them, the growth stagnated and has begun falling.  No longer will Americans drive 5 blocks to the store for dinner; they will walk.  No longer will Europeans retire at 55; they will work.

This New World, for all purposes of dates, began today.

Welcome to the New World.

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Hey Hendrix you need to separate out the Keynesian pond scum from the Austrian economist.

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Thankfully our young 20-somethings are still smoking the Hopium and buying stocks. The ponzi will be kept alive a little while longer... albeit i'm sure their demand for equities is not enough to counter the supply that baby boomers will be providing when they sell this stuff off in the years to come.

Ameriprise must be givng out credit cards on college campuses now. Or sponsoring spring break weekends now.

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China and their central planning committee stopped building empty cities and are now buying "local" stocks to put a floor under their market. Clear signs of a last ditch attempt to try and keep CONTROL. That's what this is all about, control. It's a for sure "sell" signal to every foreign investor in China's stock market.


Exactly how many times since March 2009 have we heard "Just one more rally, then..."?


But few stocks have actually improved at all during 2011. That's one year of a pretty much flatlined market unless you were able to pick the winners and avoid the losers.

How is 2012 going to be different in the face of a pronounced depression in the US and a recession (or worse) in Europe? Sure, the CBs are putting a floor under the market (until they can't) but there won't be any gain. Look at Japan.

Might as well take the money and drink and party until the end of days. Investing is going to be a buzz kill.

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Invest? Oh, I don't invest.

In these markets? I don't see any markets - just casinos. And I am not a ramblin' gamblin' man.

I have no 401(k), nothing in equities, bonds, or paper of any fashion. Just cold hard cash is all I deal in.

I've never made a single trade in my life. I merely come to ZH for the comaraderie and free cookies.

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Cash positive is good way to live. When all is settled and done, your cash stays with you and your family. Nobody can tax you or your estate on that.

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I merely come to ZH for the comaraderie and free cookies.

Stay away from the shrimp bisque...

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A price floor can be set above the free-market equilibrium price. In the first graph at right, the dashed green line represents a price floor set below the free-market price. In this case, the floor has no practical effect. The government has mandated a minimum price, but the market already bares a higher price.

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Probably true for the gold market. But as far as the Chinese stock market goes, I guarantee you that market would have the price much much lower if government via CB hadn't stepped in at some point this year. The article also said the Chinese already put 10 billion Yuan into the stock market since August, and now another 10 billion Yuan. If all was rosy and investors lining up to buy stocks the government wouldn't have to engage in this action.

Question is, can they stop the outflows or at least mitigate the downtrend?

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China and their central planning committee stopped building empty cities and are now buying "local" stocks to put a floor under their market. Clear signs of a last ditch attempt to try and keep CONTROL. That's what this is all about, control. It's a for sure "sell" signal to every foreign investor in China's stock market.

Yep.  Been singin this tune for some time now.

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David Rosenberg writes above:

« In my former role as chief economist at Merrill Lynch, I flew all over the world ... »

Wonder if he ran into Simon Black, the Sovereign Man?

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'Wonder if he ran into Simon Black, the Sovereign Man?'

Yep, at a bus stop in Bangkok where Simon's dishes out 50 baht HJs...

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OT but has Zero Hedge addressed the Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit/David Wilcock article? Thoughts? what does it mean for gold?

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Strangest action in the market today.

Dow, Nas, Spy all down

TLT (bonds) - down

The dollar AND the Euro - down

Gold and Silver - down

Even Volatility is down...

Where the hell is the money going???? 

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You might want to start your search by checking the pockets of bank CEOs and legislators.

Just a suggestion.

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I put a couple hundred in my gun safe, today. I'm sorry.

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Cashing out for Christmas, one last binge to close out the year in good form before the floor caves in?

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miners are down.

LTOR did sweet fuck all for gold / silver and miners.

gold is the leading indicator for next year .. deflation

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It's not money disappearing. This is a credit contraction. So, where do broken promises go?...

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I'm sure he's a lovely guy but you don't pay them to sit in cash.   Like colleget tuition, its the same or higher every year regardless of the larger economy...as are wealth management fees, great gig.  Now that its in vogue to be cautious, everyone can look like they are looking out for their customers!!

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Short paper.  Got it.

I'll assume that includes FRNs and other forms of IOUs, equities, ETFs.  What did I miss?

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its strange how many talking heads on cnbc continue to this day talking about whether or not we are going into recession in 2012..........kind of academic.......no?

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Not necessarily, you got the Bernank at the helm and there's no limit to how high he can hover so no, it's not academic...

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I worked for Merrill back in the late 60's and early 70's and have followed them since. They have a rich history of getting rid of anyone that was too open about not being bullish on america as they used to say.

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wonder how he's liking the tech sector today (orcl)...

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Say what you will about the long term, I will not be short anything going into tomorrow's fake unemployment numbers.  It is stunning there was not more fall out from the false years of housing data this morning.  I guess the ECB dumping all that free money into the insolvent banks is cause for celebration.  I am beginning to feel like one of those guys that wanders around with a sign saying "the end of the world is nigh".  I was trying to tell a family member about how some of the money printing and false statistics may cause upheaval in the future and I got a "fuck you you are just a doomer, if your so smart how come you are not rich and on TV"

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then go short the day after or the day after that.

the trend is your friend since June 2011....

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for those of you stuck in TVIX get out now!     the boys at Credit Suisse have got you mesmerized       just saying

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So he's basically long a bunch of equities, short a few, and newtral on PM's, did I miss anything?

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Anyone who "invests" money in anything other than physical or real property is an idiot...

The term investment implies by definition a commitment or determined holding. Average time of an "investment" in the market today is measured in nano-seconds. Anyone committing their funds on a more than couple days time-horizon is looking to get fleeced.

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Enjoyed this post, Good Stuff

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Even Rosie is making things sound "not that bad". Where'd the worry go - VIX down day after day, even if SPX is down 10 points. Even I've been looking for a "normalizing" market to go after illiquid bargain dividends into year end. I don't usually think like that...

Either the trance generators are working overtime or this market is simply not going to do worse than muddle around indefinitely. Or both.


Contrary Indicator

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I hope David Rosenberg reads this, it would do my heart good. Because there are very very few institutional guys, who are honest, act the same as they talk, and don't sell the individual investors down the river.  David Rosenberg is that guy.  There are lots of negative stereotypes about Jews.  Rosenberg is good with money, but he doesn't steal it or con it.  He earns it.



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I think Rosie is absolutely great. His analysis is always insightful and honest, he has never claimed to be a trader or a market timer.

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