David Rosenberg: "It's Time To Start Calling This For What It Is: A Modern Day Depression"

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Rosy, The question isn't about what you call it but what to do about it. Here's a suggestion: BLOW UP THE ZOMBIES aka THE LIVING DEAD aka TBTF aka THE STATUS QUO.

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US treasuries are a SAFE-HAVEN, and you better get used to it. America is in a win-win situation - either the world economy improves and our tax revenues increase, which makes our debt more attractive, or the world economy detteriorates and investors pile into our debt becasue of its hard-earned safe-haven status. And don't forget that China is TOTALLY dependent on our consumption of their exports, so they really have no choice but to keep buying US treasuries. If China stopped buying US treasuries, we can simply threaten to no longer consume their exports.

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Knock yourself out. USt's are all yours. I'll gladly go elsewhere for my safe- haven.

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There is nowhere else to go. You better get your Treasuries while you can cos soon that yield is gonna be sub 0.1%. This will be the biggest wealth transfer in history, and its sad that you don't want to be part of it.

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There is nowhere else to go.


There called Gold and Silver Bitch.

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but but phd economists told me that this is a growth recession

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...and guns & bullets. Plenty of options out there.

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...and any other durable goods that you were going to consume anyway.  If fhe currency inflates (most likely, has been happening plenty) then your money has appreciated by the rate of inflation.  If there's a depression, then the goods you stockpile may not be available at any price, and then what you have is worth even more.

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US Treasuries are a Bulbuous Relic.  Gold and Silver are the only two true safe-havens.

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

But Gold and Silver don't pay interest!


Nah, I'm just fucking with you.

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Nowhere else to go? :)


PM's, land, rare earths,.... plenty to invest in and to make some serious money. unless you trade your paper bonds for other paper crap.

Anything you can't touch is worthless.


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Ultimately you will be proven correct, but I think you're jumping the gun slightly (by years or perhaps only months?).  When Europe falls, Treasuries will catch a bid in a monstrous way.  The closer yields are pushed toward zero though, the more violent the eventual snap-back will be.


End-game: US is past it's peak and will never recover.  We're not quite there just yet, but getting closer all the time.

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Sure, I give it 3 to 5 years before the US realizes it's over. But if Europe goes down first, the US will follow a bit faster.

My money is in PM's. That means I don't care about the short run, protection of wealth so to speak but it's also a investment as our economies have no way out.

But I'd never put my money in bonds because you lock it down and once they go down it will go down pretty fast.


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Agreed, I have a significant % in PMs also.  No argument from me about the ultimate end for this farce.

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3 to 5 years!  By that time the USA will be broken into a series of regional pricipalities.  That's if the Mayan Calendar does'nt hit first.

This Empire is going down in Hyperspeed.

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I want to get me ahold of some Dark Matter. It's completely intangible, but it holds the galaxies together. That's gotta be worth something.

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you're awsome! I'm going to use some of your material at dinner parties...the only problem is I think most people will actually take you seriously and take the advise!

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You, sir, have Stockholm Syndrome. Seek help.

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As Jim Grant said recently, US Treasurys offer "return-free risk."

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No other safe haven?  You're a fucking moron.  Enjoy your flammable safe haven. 

Rule #1: "Safe havens" are not flammable

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MillionDollarButtFart, being an attention whore is so important for you that you relish in embarassment.

Pity the fool.

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I know this is tongue-n-cheek million$, but what's amazing is that there are executives in fancy, well-insulated offices on Wall Street who seriously do think like this.  One might note how Dick Fuld had an elevator direct to his office and could come in in the morning and bypass everyone who worked at Lehman before it blew up.

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"Nowhere else to go?"

What about room 101? The biggest transfer of flesh in your life. 

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TOTALLY = <30%

Rank Country/region Volume % change over 2009 1 United States 283.3 28.3 2 Hong Kong 218.3 31.3 3 Japan 121.1 23.7 4 South Korea 68.8 28.1 5 Germany 68.0 36.3 6 The Netherlands 49.7 35.5 7 India 40.9 38.0 8 United Kingdom 38.8 24.0 9 Singapore 32.3 7.6 10 Italy 31.1 53.8
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Yes, Treasuries are a safe haven...UNTIL the world figures out how to move AWAY from the dollar as its reserve currency.  Do you think China enjoys lending us money that it knows will likely never be fully repayed?  They're biding their time, attempting to build their own middle class consumers.  China is stumbling right now, but I believe they will prevail and the US will fade from this point forward...first slowly, then very very rapidly.

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China does not lend us money it lends us paper ,they know fiat money is meaningless, the only people who think it is worth somthing are the slaves

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

Hello! We're right here and can here you talking!

(The Slaves)

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US Treasuries are only the penultimate stop on the way to total fiat distruction.

ove the tounge and cheeck sarcasin.

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Defcon 1: Totally Fucked

Defcon 2: Completely Fucked

Defcon 3: Super Fucked

Defcon $: Super Dooper Fucked


I was so much happier at Totally Fucked but the Chinese are playing for keeps,  Defcon $$$$$Alpha . They invented the Trojan Horse back when the Greeks were still wiping their ass with their toga's.

When the day comes for that big red button in the oval office to be pushed, the only thing that will happen is the sound of a coke can hitting the bottom of the machine out in the hallway.

There's a holy shit moment for ya.  

Oh, but  you're right they're SO dependent on nike runner sales. Dude, you have been completely Googed.

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we can simply threaten to no longer consume their exports

Well, that seems "simple" enough, ha.

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The American consumer has been leveraging cheap labor abroad for decades. Its a little late to be screaming "foul".

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Boom. Just like that, first world nations around the world fail to support the banana republics of the world. Global depression ahead.

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Turns out the 1st world nations were just banana republics with nice paint jobs.

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You can keep your treasuries. I'll keep my TREASURE.

By the way, what happens when China decides it wants to "liberate" Taiwan? If they are wise, they will sell their US assets first, rather than have them taken over by the US gov. when war is declared.

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Thank you for the largest laugh I've had all day.

China needs us!  Priceless!

UST are a safe haven!  Double Priceless!

At first yes, we may be a "safe haven" but whatcha' goin' do with all that paper promises when China & India (along with Brazil, Venezuela, Korea, Russia, etc) enact their new deals and start buying oil in something other than dollars?

Or do you think they have set up these plans for the hell of it? 

Yeah, that's it.  All those countries are just stupid, don't they realize how "secure" a country is that is so corrupted and broken that most people still think it is in first place?

Again, thanks for the laugh, I really needed it.

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at  million dollarbaby

you sir are full of shit, china has 6.3 billion people world wide (when you subtract the 300 million us) to sell to, the real fight is when (not if) the worlds financial center moves back to asia, as has happened before in history,

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I might feel a little better holding paper IOUs if the people controlling the system weren't idiots.  A bunch of fuckin' lying idiots.

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no way! If you did that Mall properties would get hurt.. I say keep the status quo and one day, sooner or later, everything will get all better.. the bankers know best!  Tow the line bitches.. and don't forget to pay your taxes.


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People bitch and moan and get upset with the Government ,BUT they always pay there taxes , why? They have no balls to stand up to them

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Don't pay your taxes? Go to jail, lose your house. Sorry you don't own anything worth a shit.

Even if half of ALL WE HAVE, was create thru too much debt and leverage and dogs and cats, living together, I still want to try and keep the other half, at least.

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It's really easy for TBTF and TPTB to BS the sheeple..  The last depression was in black and white, so it looked depressing..  This one is in color so it doesn't look depressing.. Therefore it must not be a depression.


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Plus people have nicer cars to sleep in and plastic food stamp cards that look like credit cards, instead of soup lines.

The first rule of management including politics, is managing perceptions. I'm sure the government has thousands of bloggers and blogger bots, that spam anyone who mentions our current malignant state as a depression.

Economic propaganda is king and the king is economic propaganda.

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Calling all lawyers. This is (supposedly) a nation of laws. Our economy is based on fraud. Sue the bastards and claw every ill-gotten penny from TBTF!

Rhode Island Foreclosure Amicus Brief

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when the fed building in washington is surrounded and burning , with many rats inside of it. so we send in rosey to negotiate?

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Oh Christ. Once again here comes the Rosenberg haters in the comment section. It must be because he's a little chubby and not because he has a sharp mind and big balls.