David Tepper Is Balls To The Wall In Cash

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Tyler, how would you say that if it were a Chick...

... Pussy To The Wall In Cash ???


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Up to her tits in trash.

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hahaha....love to be the trash man....

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Pure genius! <3
Cash is trash.

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If he was a cash-rich she then you would say "up to her snatch in scratch"

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that's going to be difficult given flying vehicles are gender neutral...

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Balls to the walls is an aviation term, full throttle. Has no phallic connotations

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hmm... learn somthin every day

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"Balls To The Wall" is actually a reference to the throttle knobs (a pair) in an F-14. The pilot landing on an aircraft carrier was required to slam both "balls to the wall" of the cockpit in front of the throttle levers upon touchdown. This was the only way to guarantee that if they missed the wire they could have sufficient power to take off again and not put the bird in the drink.

Jus' sayin'

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"Balls to the wall"  was an aviation term WAY before the F-14 was even thought of, young feller'

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I wouldn't be surprised if the phrase went all the way back to the governors on steam engines.

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There were times the engineer will have the throttle on the ceiling holding with both hands with feet on the forward cab wall waiting for the wheels to slip under extreme pulling situations. The power of steam is such elementry. You either get it or fail.

The Governors on the old Case Farm tractors were like a pair of balls until they are running at the top. Even the old Dynamos at the steam house for power or steam power had to be kept in balance.


Today it's all computerized. A computer has to tell you if your balls are fucked or not.

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setting up the mother of all crashes.  make black monday look like pink monday.

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“We can’t have a bottom until Europe gets worked out.”

how much over time will the algo's have to put in to keep the market from dropping to 6,000 now that the smart money is parked along with all the other non-compliant types?

on too more upbeat news!

A former vice president for Citigroup pleaded guilty Tuesday to embezzling more than $22 million from the company and funneling the money to his personal bank account.





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And I bet he got a LOT of money as a salary and then wanted to steal even more?

Yes once a bankster always a bankster, greed personified

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LOL...  he probably made enough to keep his nose to the grindstone for ~10 years (I'm being generous) and retire...  fucking idiot. 

I guess one's perspective changes when one simply expects to have everything handed to him...  if you're going to steal, then you'd better be incredibly sophisticated (think mortgage securitization) or incredibly connected (think the people sitting in the room when the last decision was made to push through TARP)...  this dolt appears to be neither.

Whatever, playing golf in the polo prison might be the safest place to be during the coming collapse.  Maybe the sorority boys will make him bob for bananas in the toilet or something...  one can hope.

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U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement, "The defendant violated his employer's trust and stole a stunning amount of money over an extended period of time to finance his personal lifestyle."




Who guards the guardians? Why, their lawyers.

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You're the guy who thinks we should not repay the social security trust fund debt of 2.6 trillion? Do you work for the Cock Brothers?

Syrin's picture

Exactly how do you propose we do that?


Perhaps you fail to grasp that we are bankrupt as a nation?


Why do you support elderly welfare anyway?   You loves your Ponzi schemes don't you, douche bagger?

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maybe if everyone paid thier taxes.. instead of the middle paying everyone elses taxes??

JW n FL's picture

??? me?

are you saying that you think I am in favor of screwing over old people in favor of the bankers?

are you one of those people that just can NOT! Grasp Sarcasm?

here is me in a nut shell..

I wanna see the Lobby Whores, The Lobbists and their owners ALL Swinging from the end of a rope.. or thier heads in a basket.. or whatever makes my fellow Americans Happy!

I am going to collect taxes from everyone.. not just the middle! so I will be able to up Social Security.. so that it keeps up with the REAL cost of living!

thats what I am all about!

and feeding hungry children.

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Tepper is in cash protecction mode.. income protection, wealth protection and or what it really is! Vulture in Waiting Mode! LOL!!

ToNYC's picture


So I'll bet Vultures eat fresher dead meat than your longer dead meat diet? Creative destruction magnets, a thing of beauty.

One 'L' in Appaloosa; or hold the Appall.....

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spam is better than cash imo.

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how does europe get "worked out"?

and why is it that tepper doesnt mention the united states getting "worked out"?



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If the euro thing gets worked out is he buying more PFE?

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E*Trade babies have all pooped their diapers and went home a long time ago, Taylor.

But, you knew that, already....

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he might miss out on the market levitations

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I don't understand why oft-repeated maxim about the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper class. The middle class has no cash -- 50% of Americans can't come up with $2K in a pinch. What exactly is being transferred from them?

centerline's picture

Purchasing power - been shopping for food lately? How about the trend in healthcare costs, fuel, insurance, etc.?

Trimmed Hedge's picture

My personal chef does all the grocery shopping.

And my accountant handles all the bills.


No idea what you're speaking of....

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negative wealth keeps getting more negative (debt).  that's how they elites steal.

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Youre confusing wealth and cash.  The MC's wealth is being siphoned off in numerous ways including house price depreciation, deflation of pension, annuity, and savings principals, and cratering of 401-K values to name a few.  This occurs at the same time ordinary cost of living expenses rise.  The middle class (or what's left of it) is in a vice and it's starting to bind...hard.

El Gato's picture

Cratering of 401Ks is the opposite of what's happening, savings are virtually non-existent, and house price depreciation is a moot point for all those homeowners who will not pay anyway. And who has a pension these days?

I know food prices are going up, but it's somewhat substition to cheaper foods can help offset it.

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So, you're saying that eating dog food instead of steak isn't a transfer of wealth?

centerline's picture

Good point on the distinction between wealth and cash.  Both ends of the candle that burn towards the center under the curreny scheme.  Its what keeps the hamsters on the wheel right up to the last minute.

centerline's picture

Any word yet on whether any EU banks picked up the big red batphone for overnight funds?

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why doesnt this clown just buy a shit load of puts on the banks?

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How's the stuttering bull Barton Biggs doing?

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Just as I said after his appearance - he was selling.  Now there is no way to know what he's really doing.  I would say he might be putting out some shorts based on the fact that "sources" say he's not doing much except buying some already held.  The guy doesn't make money by telling the truth so why would he.

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"Alas, the markets refuse to tank on generic expectations that the second market start to tank, dip buying materializes on vapor volume and expectations that the Fed will once again kick the middle class in the gonads only to make stock chasers whole."

I was wondering why I was so sore when I awakened each morning. Thanks for clarifying TD!