DAX Futures Flash Crash

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Think it's all just a US debt ceiling issue? Think again. The DAX futures just flash crashed. And judging by the broad HFT stop happening all around, this is coming to the US any second. After all, gotta make sure Congress does as they are instructed.

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It's that damn fractal algorithm pushing all indexes below their 200DMA to cause a system wide cascade.  Skynet is self aware.

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Fortunately I assumed something like this would happen. DAX needed a good correction. It should go even lower.

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Ran some stops at 7000. Obvs.

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DAX thats Frankfurt

mind you I can see some smoke in Paris too

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Across the board in Europe.



Big money flow into YEN via the USD too.

Nice spike higher in the Swiss Franc too (not all JPY).

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If this does come to the U.S. (or should I say when), will Silver/Gold all other commodities spike up, or will we see a repeat of 2008?

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Positioning myself for a repeat of 2008.

When there is no liquidity bids will go down across the board. Since its difficult to pick a bottom 
the plan is to scale in at 1450,1350,1250. Will purchase additional physical for core holdings @ 1250 and below.

Downside to 1000 is not unrealistic. New metals holders had a taste of the violent moves PM can make with the silver mini crash. 2008 repeat will shake out many.

Good Luck

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Or upside to 10,000 with Sysytem Implosion.

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That is right.

The guy is also running a risk of a bank holiday where he wont be able to transact, he is also running the risk of a bullion bank holiday. and he is running the risk in physical drying up.

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We're in a different set of circumstances than in 2008.  I'm still actively adding physical.  The underlying value of gold in current dollars is ~$2,700.


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Sell everything faster, Scotty!

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but Captain...I'm selling as fast as I can...and she   can't   take   much    more!

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Warp factor 6 and engines can,t take much more Cap,n.

Very Good Scotty.

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the governments have all their cards on the table and its not enough to fix anything

JohnG's picture

Those are maxed out credit cards.

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Cards with nekkid pictures of Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama on them? Oh boy . . .

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6860 was the low print

was halted at 6941 and crashed just after the reopen

last 6955 who had shorted the reopen is 95 below now , dax future is 25€ a point

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Check out gold with the big $1630 fuck you to all.

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Oh oh...

CAC -2.3%

FTSE -3.87%

IBEX -3.25%

S&P -1.18%

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Every time it crosses 1,630, it is quickly beaten down again.

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1000 stering must protected....for now

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Reminds me of Yosemite Falls.

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Crude Oil also flash crashing.

Instant tax cut for the U.S. Consumer

Los Angeles gas prices have outright plunged the last 3 months.$/G


Quintus's picture

Looking at the big picture, crude is crashing because as every fricking indicator in the world is now amply demonstrating, the economy is falling off a cliff.

I'm sure the cheap gas will be a big comfort to LA consumers as they drive about aimlessly looking for non-existent jobs.

Talk about missing the wood for the trees.

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He is a troll. He doesn't see the forest, nor the trees.

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poor 'tard with his crazy bull call last night. as he circled the track last night with visions of a lulu lemon pair of yoga tights wrapped around his shoulder as if it were the usa flag, to the wild cheers of his star struck followers on zh, he forgot one thing. the market might not react as he deems. alas, the 'tard once again lives up to his claim proudly as the ultimate dumb money indicator.

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Yoga pants in a pile on the floor is a BEAUTIFUL thing.  Yoga chicks can do some *amazing* things.  Good things.  So, more LULU please, means more yoga girls, win-win-win!!

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No, your credit card will reset the charge to the higher amount after the problem is fixed. LMAO.

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your call of dow + 250 last night

might be a touch off the mark...


fork lift long


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The S&P just broke through the 200 day so, I'm sure everything will be fine.

Too many chciken shits around here.

Buy this dip you dumb fucks.

Fiat market prices are on fire, so get it while its hot.

Bernanke gots your back home nuts.

rsnoble's picture

first time thru the 200 is the best indicator btw

Cone of Uncertainty's picture

Don't down vote me fucker, this is a buy of a lifetime.

Wait until Friday when that jobs report is released, you will see how fucking strong the economy is.

Green shoots you ass hats!!!



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Wow, this is exciting!

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So the Teleprompter in Chief should come on and speak soon...no?

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When he damn well feels like it. We're on his clock, he's not on ours.

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I saw DAX futures as they dropped and actually thought my feed was broken...