The Death Cross Is Back

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BeerGoggles's picture

ZH way too bearish = buy signal.
Remember the Hindenburg Omen? Say no more.

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Yes, we also remember the 5% market drop following the Hindenburg Omen and the QE2 just after that.

We will say no more.

BeerGoggles's picture

5% oooh...that would be a normal retrace yeah? Fact is market went up like fuck not long after the Hidenburg omen. As any TA knows, MAs lag and a death cross now is a likely candidate for a huge retrace back up. Also, as it is being reported in the media, it means you should all get long...waaay too many bears in the market.

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The point is without QE2 it wouldn't have went up like a rocket, and without QE3 it won't be going up this time.

UGrev's picture

winner.. and QE3? *crickets* *blink* *blink*

BeerGoggles's picture

Exactly. I'll be sure to bookmark this when we reach double top again and I am up a fuckload.

Market has done nothing but go up for 2 years and this site has done nothing but talk about shorting.

UGrev's picture

were you on vacation for the past few days?

TruthInSunshine's picture

Beergoggles went ultralev long in 1996, ultralev short in 1999, ultralev long in 2003, ultralev short in 2007, ultralev long in 2009, ultra lev short a 10 days ago, and he went ultraleve long again as of 4:59:99 as of yesterday.

Just like RoboTard.

UGrev's picture

Can i go on the winnernet and claim 100% success like that too? or would you just say that I was talking shit.. ? lol..

BeerGoggles's picture

It's not hard. Gold is in a bull market, you just fucking buy and hold and stocks have been going up for 2 years - it's about the easiest trade around double ETFs the lot. Buy every fucking retrace and buy every time ZH comes out with some TA bull.

Rick64's picture

So if you bought and held you are where you were 10 months ago (Dow down 1800 and ES down 200 off their highs). How long before QE3? Will it be enough or effective? It might not be too long before your right back where you started.

malek's picture

LOL - and what made you sell 3 weeks ago? ZH becoming ultra-bullish?

JW n FL's picture

you gotta get long!

Buy B of A!! Hurry man its has already started climbing!

Dont you miss the bottom!

Fuck buy on the way down!! its ok to buy on the way down! buy a lil on the way back up! Pump IT!!

The Market is where the action is! do it!

QE-3 is coming!

Austerity is coming after that!

and fires after that!!

Buy now! make your money and move far away! time is short!

SheepDog-One's picture

QE3 when we have +550 DOW up days? Wheres the dire need for that?

TruthInSunshine's picture

Awesome secular bull market...

....for 14 years now, beergoggles!

 BTFD, bro.




bania's picture

nominal values, schnominal values

Oh regional Indian's picture

All I have to say is I told you all so.


And it's not even started yet. We've seen the celebrity pitch....

Game on from August 15th. 

Au-Gusts...  ;-)





johngaltfla's picture

Put it to music like I did Tyler. It's more fun that way. Besides, most of the major DC's hit the financials months ago....

caerus's picture

death cross - best name ever

OpenEyes's picture

Mish's site just referred to Treasuries as "Certificates of Confiscation"   also a pretty good name.

caerus's picture

"certificates of confiscation" eh?  i like it...i like it a lot...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Mish...haven't read him in years.  He is still cutting and pasting?  Good to hear.

citta vritti's picture

back to the future with that one - such was their name in the fifteen years culminating with 1981, not coincidentally also the years of gold’s previous great run. I’d say, here’s to one term democrats (Obama seeming as ineffective as Carter, with the unemployed his Iranian hostages?), but if I remember correctly, the subsequent decades saw interest in gold collapse (some say it was clubbed) as happier faces (remember Yuppies?) replaced inflation-wracked malaise with 2d or 3rd choice Volcker given the greenlight to inflict short term pain for longer term gain. And it worked, until things started getting really happy in 1987 and then-new chairman Greenspan blinked on the October 1987 20% crash and instituted plunge protection in keeping with Wall Street’s best advice. The rest, as they say, is history, but for now I think we should remember that few thought then (1979-1981) that the political will could be mustered to deal with what seemed like intractable problems, yet they were, for a while at least, until new problems were sown, and old ones continued unaddressed or were made worse. Still wavering, not unlike the Dow/S&P these last 6 trading days, between thinking S&P is right and thinking Buffet is (at least about America, fuck yeah!).

Clamdigger's picture

Christopher Death Cross. That'd be a great metal band name.

caerus's picture

OMG i wish i had thought of that...

wandstrasse's picture

more suggestions for sinister TA phenomena:

Termination Coil

Hades Pattern

Lethal Grid

Doom Doji

Grave Candles

Irish66's picture

You timing is scary because I was just studying hidenburg omen.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I have been thinking about that a lot this week too.  The market keeps getting more strange every year.

caerus's picture

it's like a wrestling move... as in "uh-oh he's setting him up for a wicked death cross"

yipcarl's picture

good last paragraph.  AMEN TO THAT. 

cossack55's picture

August 2th?  Is that like "How do you know the toothbrush was invented in Kentucky?"

TradingJoe's picture

Up?Down Until Really DOWN then "really" UP :))) who cares made several killings this week and turned them all into...yes Physical PMs, price? who cares!

rubearish10's picture

Yeah and if you look at the euro, gbp and aud, you'll see that any uptrend has been quashed or at least within its flag and close to 50dma. So, watch for that big short covering USD rally to drive that death cross or vice versa.

LoneStarHog's picture

Tyler...typo...QE2 not QE3

John McCloy's picture

Anyone else from ZH going to the Ron Paul Meetup GOP debate tonight in Nolita Manhattan let me know.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

If I had "F*ck You" money like most of you do, I would be on the first plane over there now.

Say "hi" to the good doctor for me

vast-dom's picture

would have loved to join you, but not tonight. hope you enjoy!


BTW where in Nolita???

alien-IQ's picture

fuckin /ES flying on fumes for volume. I've been seeing 5 point moves up on less than 5000 contracts in a one minute span. ridiculous.

ZeroPower's picture

Thats exactly it. Book is extremely thin on either side thus allowing big fluctuations either way.

Bobby Lee's picture

Scroll that chart back to before you became enamored with simple-minded TA and tell us how many times that scary "death-cross" worked. It works when it works. It doesn't when it doesn't. That's TA in a nutshell.

alien-IQ's picture

what do you use, if not TA, a Ouija board?

Bobby Lee's picture

If it's published, or worse, widely accepted, it doesn't work. Your only hope of finding something that works is to invent it.

What_Me_Worry's picture

WTF did they find this dead cat!

Strider52's picture

Bernanks dumped Scruffles out the chopper window at 3 this morning.

Stochdoc's picture

Light volume until the last 15 minutes....Oh, wait.

monopoly's picture

john, let us on the West Coast know how you made out and your thoughts on the debate.

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