Debt Bomb, Debt Bomb, You're A Debt Bomb: A Bailout, Oooh, You Turn Me On

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When all you can do is cry and sit on your hands - since no-one is actually trading given today's volumes - here is some Monday Mirth. Comedian Dominic Frisby explains the Debt Bomb in all its 'global financial crisis stripped bare' beauty: "mal-investment, oooh you turn me on."



(h/t frizzers)

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I find this to be more telling that people around the world get it.

Ron Paul Supporters in Poland Greet Mitt Romney

Romney Greeted by Ron Paul Supporters – 03:35 p.m. CET (8:35 a.m. EST) - Mitt and Ann Romney were greeted upon arriving for a meeting with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk by hundreds of people lining the narrow streets here, some of whom held signs for another U.S. presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

The large sign read “Polish Choice – R. Paul” with a photograph of Paul.


Are thoes Gold coin pasties?

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Gold Pasties > Silver Pasties 

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Your arguement is ad hom and nothing else.

Go chase your paper.

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Huh??  Video about money, but no money shot......disappointing.

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You know what really stings?  This video is truer than fiction.

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I still find it creepy that the Congressional Assembly chamber features two Roman "fasces" which flank the flag behing the podium...

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Would someone please tell this guy he's not getting any votes from Poland. If he wants to win (not that it really matters) he needs to camp out in OHIO for the next three months.


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There is a lot of Jews in Fl and NY and a lot of polocks in Mi.

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Hear from poor communist country about what's wrong with America and "capitalism"

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Was there some guy singing in this video?

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the money shot was right at the end, after the clock showed zero...

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This is the GoldMoney guy.

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Frisby's more financial journalist than comedian - so this somewhat out of character, but good on him.  If interested you can follow his writings, largely on gold at

( Not shy on self promotion - h/t Frizzers )

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Must see, really, it directly affects you, and the courageous people who stood up for all of our rights has Won in court. God bless these people. Very well made video too.

Refusing To Put A Normal Child On Psych Drugs Results In Swat Teams and a TANK. This is in America!

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If the child has a SS#, they are NOT your child - they are a ward of the state!

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This really makes bad government employees heads explode, good on you 9th Circuit;

Last week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the ACLU’s lawsuit challenging the U.S. government’s secretive No Fly List should go forward. This decision is a true victory for our clients and all Americans.

More than two years ago, 15 U.S. citizens and permanent residents, including four military veterans, were denied boarding on planes. None of them know why this happened. And no government authority has ever given them an explanation or a fair chance to clear their names.

In June 2010, we filed a lawsuit on their behalf. It challenges both the placement of these Americans on the No Fly List and the government’s failure to afford them a fair redress process after depriving them of their right to travel. We sued the logical government agencies: the FBI and its subagency, the Terrorist Screening Center, which creates and controls the No Fly List. But, in May 2011, the district court in Portland dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction, ruling that we should have sued the Transportation Security Administration, which administers the (woefully deficient) redress process for travelers denied boarding on planes. We appealed to the Ninth Circuit.

At the hearing, I argued that the district court decision was wrong because TSA doesn’t have the power to put people on, or take them off, the No Fly List—that’s the job of the FBI and TSC. (You can listen to the argument here.) I also argued that placing our clients on the No Fly List without providing them any opportunity to confront and rebut the “evidence” against them is unconstitutional.

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Thank You Michael. Information like this is why I read the ZH comments....


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Debt Bomb

REAL BOMB reporting Prince Bandar Assassinated by Syrian Bomb

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Thanks 4horse.  Heard it here first.

/rant on

MSM says Assad is shelling neighborhoods occupied by the CIA-Arab-Legion.

Has the MSM never heard of Falujah?  White phosphorus?  Google Shake and bake.

/rant off

This does get interesting.  It took the Syrians all of one week to strike back!!

What happens when the Saudi opposition gets weaponized?


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How much was he worth that he will no longer be using?

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Not surprising. I live in a suburb of the shithole known as Detroit. With or without the influence of tyrannical Leviathan, DPD is as shellshocked as any battalion in Afghanistan. Statists by circumstance AND by governmental "persuasion/DHS training."

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Interesting that agencies are 'robosigning' required judicial paperwork.

What a crock.


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And in more news of interest, if a bit off topic, an HSBC senior bank manager falls to his death... Leave it to the Brits to note that he wasn't wearing a tie when he fell... bad taste, that.

"Michael Foreman, 48, fell from a fifth-floor balcony in the members’ bar area of the gallery on the South Bank last Tuesday evening.

The banker, who lived in Grays, Essex, with his wife Janet, was reported missing the day before he died.

Police are not treating the incident as suspicious."


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Debt Bomb,

Debt Bomb,

What you gonna do,

What you gonna do when it blows on you?

Hay, someone can make a new music video on this. Zh'ers should help write the rest of the lyrics.

Bernanke don't give me no aid,

The Fed just gets in the way,

Something like that.


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Jump you fuckers!... (I don't give a shit if you're wearing a tie or not)...

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I'd prefer to see them in a tie - a hemp neck tie.

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No tie?!?...what happened?...the better knot was tied to the balcony?

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Guess he was a Sell Out not a Boy Scout or the knot would have held...

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The man probably thought about every wrong decision he ever made in his entire life before he hit the pavement...including being more interested in manicures than getting calluses on his hands from practicing tying a decent knot.

But on the other side of it he probably gets the last laugh, I'm sure theres an ambulance chaser somewhere that will force a new law to require wrap around cages on all balconies now ;-)

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Solidarnosc, bitchez.

Thank you Poland.

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Embedded link for this 'debt bomb' striptease was posted a bit earlier on Karl Denninger's site ... unusual for the religious Roman Catholic (but fond of anal rape and 'butt-pounding prison' references) Denninger

Denninger has long been a frequent ZH borrower ... but ZH has been picking up some of Denninger's links recently


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Put it on MTV for Generation Debt.  

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also know as the D-generation

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Last I knew, since 15 years ago, they don't play music videos on music tv. Maybe they outta hibjack LoJack the feed for the Olympics and play it there.

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Gold coins on top of areolas.  Talk about a winning combination...

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double sided tape or a glue gun?

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You may not be able to eat gold, but you can lick them, I mean it!

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Yup, loved them coins and the curvy brunette, who else replayed the 2:37-2:39 mark??? LOL

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The union jacks make sense given the link to London's deregulated financial centre, but I think the remix should have a couple more beauties with different styles of debt-bomb lingerie.

I suggest a Spanish dancer with Euro signs and a Japanese sweetie with Nippon flags.

Would be quite a show.


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Gold coin pasities. Quite a statment.


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LOL now, FAP later.

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You must be pretty desperate, if you're looking for fapping material on ZH on Monday.