The Definitive Visual Greek Election Tracker

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Ignore the media spin of sampling error as definitive confirmation of this or that (because a 1% difference in exit poll terms is well within a 3% error sampling distribution, where a plurality lead incidentally gives the winner an automatic 50 seats), and follow the results for yourself as they come streaming in. Full visual real-time update below.

In case the above link was Zero Hedged and is out of commission, here is another one, straight from the Greek Interior Ministry:

Finally throwing a monkey wrench in all coalition creation plans is the following:

  • Pasok's Diamantopoulou announces it would not join coalition government with ND if Syriza is not in

Needless to say, Syriza would not join in a coalition whose core premise is everything Syria strives to abolish.

And while all that is happening, the head of the Greek Golden Dawn party has already issued a statement:

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Is it crazy to be sitting at my house in the middle of a summer afternoon to watch the election results for a small European country?  Wait a minute, is it even more silly to think that the whole monetary union is threatened by the same?  It seems to be what they want me to think.  Now I don't know if I am being astute or puddy in their hands...

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there are 300 seats

the plurality winner gets 50

so let's see about the other 250, ok?

if a party gets 30% that would be:  75 seats, just math-wise;  75+50 =125 so that means 26 short of power, where p= 151 votes

at 40% you might take the place over by yer own party + nobody

gPap will have voters cross to nudie from pasok and the vote-counters may also cooperate a bit;  V-man only inspired heavyweights and not enuf young voters qualify

but it ain't over yet, and if it's close it may take a month or more to award those 50 seats;  who knows? 

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Without a majority government it's only a matter of time and Greece will be forced out of the Euro.  It's not going to cause the Euro to collapse though.  Government and banks will do what they have to in order to get what they want.

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In order for capitalists to profit, they need to buy low and sell high. But market prices are fair in Europe so what to do? Create artificial crisis and put mass populations in poverty to get them hungry for work again. Then buy labor cheap and enslave them.


looks like greeks and spaniards are the target. European royalty says, accept this chinese slave labor wage or else!


Europeans first should get rid of their royalty.


before any austerity bull shit on the commons.


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A divided parlement is a bullish parlement!

Greeks are funny people, they want all the good but not the bad. They want to stay in the euro but pay their taxes in drachmas... Or just don't pay them at all but still receive full state benifits plus blindness nenifits...

Ghordius's picture

You should actually explain how small european countries can function with a fragmented parliament and if necessary WITHOUT a government.

fleur de lis's picture

The whole thing is rigged so that nobody really wins and power remains with the borderless Scam Phantoms who don't have the guts to show their ugly mugs but quietly collect the money while everybody else is squabbling about an election outcome and its imaginary power.

Nothing but a ruse, a distraction, and an absolute fraud in every way. Rinse, repeat. 

Dismal Scientist's picture

They don't want you to think at all...

jannewmx's picture

Nope. The results were already in on Friday.

mspgrandi's picture

Whats the feeling for the futures opening? EUR and S&P up?

larry david's picture

eurusd was down about 20 pips from friday now i see it up about 30 pips.  

The Monkey's picture

Unless the results change, we should get a rip into Tuesday's session at the least. This is a remarkable set-up if ND wins.

RoadKill's picture

Yeah and last Sunday I went to bed with futures up 1.5%.  How'd that work out?

Tuffmug's picture

This feels like a "Buy the sizzle, sell the steak!" situation. Markets were too bubbly for my comfort last week in anticipation of decreased uncertainty from election and QE frontrunning so I'm expecting a repeat of last Monday with initial exuberance open followed by massive selling. 

tenpanhandle's picture

Ahhh, just like in America, 1/2 the people voting to get the other 1/2's dough.

MarcusLCrassus's picture

No, America is more like half the people being covinced to vote to give the wealth of the 99.9% to the 0.1%

lolmao500's picture

Time for secession from a few parts of Greece.

resurger's picture

Is this an online Diebold ...if yes then hardluck Syriza

lolmao500's picture

In other news...

French President Francois Hollande's Socialists have won an absolute majority in Sunday's run-off parliamentary election, AFP reported.

Merkel will soon be very very mad.

Benjamin Glutton's picture

speaking of the's a picture of Mittens protesting in favor of the Vietnam War shortly before fleeing to France to hang out with Vietnamese expats.

lolmao500's picture

I know all about Mittens being a draft dodger WHILE being pro-war in Vietnam... the guy is a total piece of shit coward...

agNau's picture

While totally unafraid the other pulls the drone trigger from the cushy Pennsylvania ave. couch. What a choice.
I choose C.)

Uchtdorf's picture

Looks like he's wearing no socks. See, he's brave, risking a blister on his heel like that.

MarcusLCrassus's picture

Time to storm ze Maginot Line again!

Racket's picture

The link doesn't work? Found another link:{"cls":"main","params":{}}

neidermeyer's picture

Who counts the votes in Greece?

resurger's picture

Tell the people to go long Syriza , buy buy buy ...

Sudden Debt's picture

The guy who formally counted the inventory at fort knox...

theTribster's picture

Diebold. It was already determined that ND would win and by how much, the whole thing is a sham. The Greeks are being played and manipulated in order to save the banksters, there are people that still believe the Greeks should take the austerity and pay for the bankers bad bets! Insanity, I hope that somehow Syrizia can somehow pull it off and lead Greece away from the Euro and back into freedom and ultimately growth!

I really do hope that the Greeks do not make the same mistake as the Irish who will pay for bankster bailouts for generations and generations. Eventually the Irish will rise up once they figure out what really happened and is happening, Spain is just the beginning. The scare tactics are oviously effective, let's hope the Greeks understand that's all they are and don't give in to their bllshit lies.

I wish them luck in whatever happens, keeping fingers crossed that they shove it up the Eurocrats assbefore the end of the day and elect Syrizia. The Pasok party are the scum that put Greece where it is but now they've seen the light and are backing Syrizia - this is great if its real!

Ghordius's picture

Are you currently in Greece monitoring the elections and discovering some irregularities, or are you just an asshole?

By the way, the Irish just had a referendum. Do you have any idea about what and how it came out?

Death and Gravity's picture

"Are you currently in Greece monitoring the elections and discovering some irregularities, or are you just an asshole?"

He is one of the conspiracist rumor-mongers, who, from behind his keyboard, thinks that the rest of the world is just as fucked like the US of A.

zuuuueri's picture

Paper ballots in greece and the counting is done in a very distributed and transparent way, each election district is responsible for its own counting, any parties who have candidates in that election send representatives, and overall vote counting is an affair in relatively local hands.

Corrupting an individual polling station's count might not be too difficult for a well organized local effort to compromise all the people involved there, but doing this on any meaningful scale is going to be very difficult and show up in the disparity between exit polls and vote counts immediately. You would be surprised how strong the general feeling in the public is about some things, given the condition of the country. The concept of legitimacy is still very strong in greece. By this i mean the idea that some things are public affairs and must be decided legitimately in a public way. If there was a publicly legitimate blessing (not just a widespread sentiment) about rounding up every politician and putting him in prison, the army would be out there doing it ten minutes later. But at the moment, there is still not a perception through the country that it would be a legitimate move. Perhaps i'm not doing a good job explaining this, but i get the impression that ingreece, compared to other countries i've gotten to know, the importance of the blessing of the public - not the possession of force and not even the letter of the law, since the law itself can fail to get the peoples' blessing - is a stronger factor in greek society than elsewhere in the west i have seen.

As a contrasting example, in the US, there is a great deal of attention paid to the letter of the law, both by those in power and those in protest. People there are indignant about laws being broken and seek to construct technically precise legal justifications for or against some action. In greece this is not sufficient in the society, for a mandate to rule. Nor is breaking some laws automatically going to revoke the mandate. The importance placed on a legitimate process for the giving or revocation of the mandate is very strong in greek society.the concept that it does really come from the people and nowhere else is also still a very strong one in the society.

And so, so far, while it might surprise people further west, where diebold voting for you is rammed down peoples throats wrapped in a sheet of 'technically not illegal' or some such thing, in greece vote counting is pretty free from tampering.

People in greece _are_ across the country very angry that the mechanisms they are familiar with dont seem to be working properly anymore (no shit), but they have a much higher threshold of tolerance before they will abandon the mechanism currently seen as legitimate, than in a lot of other places.

From another point of view, though, all of this is less important these days than who controls the media, let's not forget.


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excellent remarks - thanks.

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That one keeps timing out on me :( Here is another tracker from the Ministry of Interior{%22cls%22:%22main%22,%22params%22:{}}

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Use the "Preview" button right next to teh "Save" button. Then, you have the option to edit your post before saving.



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There are rumours of a 5 point swing for the leftists from those that voted late. so its a dead heat

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And Spain says no thanks to IMF

SPAIN will not immediately implement the International Monetary Fund's latest recommendations, which include cutting government workers' wages further, because they are nonbinding, the prime minister said on Saturday. The IMF is one of three bodies Mariano Rajoy's government turned to assess Spain's banking sector ahead of a 100 billion-euro (US$125 billion) bailout for failing lenders. The latest IMF document, released on Friday, was critical of how the country had missed its deficit reduction target in 2011, despite insisting "until almost the end of the year that the deficit was on track."

lolmao500's picture

And people... there's only about 15-20% of vote results in... so it's not over yet... not by a long shot.

resurger's picture

Am short ND, currently up 12%

lolmao500's picture

In holy crap news...

US enlists Britain's help to stop ship 'carrying Russian attack helicopters' to Syria The US government has enlisted Britain's help in a bid to stop a ship suspected of carrying Russian attack helicopters and missiles to conflict-riven Syria, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Yeah let's do that... Cuban missile crisis numero dos...

Gringo Viejo's picture

This ain't your daddy's Cuban Missle Crisis....Putin ain't playin'.....