Deflecting Attention From The Real Question

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Courtesy of Bill Buckler, author of The Privateer,

On April 26, the US ratings agency S&P cut their rating for Spanish sovereign debt by two notches. S&P justified this downgrade in a three-page press release. As usual, the "concerns" which led to this downgrade have been echoed since the very beginning of the "European" debt crisis more than two years ago. As usual, they are pertinent as they apply to Spain. They are equally pertinent as they apply to the other nations in the world which are up against the utmost limits of credit expansion and therefore of the issuance of yet more reams of paper money. There is no nation in the world which is NOT up against those limits. But like its two equivalents, S&P is a "US based" ratings agency.


The US is now about to enter fully-fledged "election mode". With only two candidates left in the "race" for the Republican nomination - only one according to the mainstream media, but more on that [below] - the "issues" at stake in the upcoming election are now being very carefully tailored for an increasingly unruly domestic US political audience. A less polite way of phrasing this is that the spin is becoming dizzying. The foremost task of preparing for the November vote is to maintain the illusion that any and all economic or financial "hiccups" which might affect the US in the next six months are not home gown. There is one "issue" in which Mr Obama, Mr Bernanke, Mr Geithner and Mr Romney are in total agreement. That "issue" is the source of the economic malaise still affecting the US. The source is NOT the US government, nor the US central bank, nor the US banking system. Above all, it is NOT the debt-based and government guaranteed US Dollar.


The debt morass sucking down the entire world is happening in Europe, not in the US. The lack of jobs and economic opportunity wearing "main street" down is a result of "unfair competition" from Asia, and China in particular. The US establishment MUST point the finger anywhere but at their own seat of power and keep on doing it until the election has safely been put to bed. They are going to have to keep it up for a bit more than six months. The US establishment has never fooled all of the people all of the time -just enough of them to keep their power. The problem is that this keeps getting harder to do.




In early April, Rick Santorum announced that he was "suspending" his bid to become the Republican presidential nominee. In the wake of the five primary votes contested on April 24, Newt Gingrich let it be known that he is seriously contemplating doing likewise. Most US mainstream media are predicting that Mr Gingrich will drop out of the race sometime during the first week of May. If that proves to be the case, there will be only two contenders left - Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Needless to say, both the departing Republicans have endorsed Mitt Romney as their "preferred" candidate. The mainstream media in the US, and most of the rest of the world, have now happily taken it for given and granted that Mr Romney will be going up against Mr Obama in November. At best, they grudgingly admit that he does not yet have the number of delegates required to secure the nomination. But that is just a formality, they say, and will be settled by the end of May when a sufficient number of primaries have been run. In this scenario, Ron Paul will be consigned back to the obscurity from which he never should have emerged. This exhibition of intellectual cowardice continues unabated.

You Don't Actually Take This Stuff Seriously, Do You?!!:

Here are two typical headlines from the US mainstream media in the wake of the five primary votes held on April 24. Officially, Mr Romney won all five contests, thereby further swelling his "delegates" to the late August Republican convention:

"Ron Paul Supporters Need to Sober Up"

"Supporting Ron Paul is Naive: Small Governments are for Small Countries"

And here is a quote from each of the stories behind these headlines:

"...for some completely unapparent reason, Ron Paul and his campaign have refused to acknowledge what should be common and logical sense. Instead, they march onward with their futile and meaningless campaign while continuing to immorally solicit donations from their similarly blinded supporters."


"Young people with little experience in the real world are drawn to Ron Paul's small government championship. ...Yes, size matters in government services as it does in business. Too many customers without enough servers drives folks elsewhere in search of better customer service in the real business world. A large population requires a large government service organization to effectively manage. So, if Ron Paul supporters want a smaller government, they might try going to a smaller country."

The first quote is merely puerile and unappetising nonsense. The second quote is far more brazen. It is an exhibit of an extremely befuddled reporter doing his or her best to rabbit the party line and making rather a hash of it. The equating of business and government is as old as the hills. The implication that one is a "customer" of government is equally hoary. And as for the suggestion of establishment America - love it or leave it - the level of historical ignorance is breathtaking. What turned the US from a wilderness to the most free and prosperous nation in history was the smallest government ever seen.

A Warrior In The Battle Of Ideas:

The level of the political debate which the US establishment wants to preserve is very well illustrated by the quotes given above. Anyone who has any familiarity with Dr Paul's platforms and ideas can hardly be surprised at the concentrated venom being spewed out by the US "mainstream" against him. And yet, he remains unbowed. His goal is to give the American people something they have not had for generations, a CHOICE in November. But to do that he has to get past the Republicans, a HUGE task.

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UP4Liberty's picture

Ron Paul's delegate strategy is legitimate, is winning - and will continue to win as we approach the convention.

The best thing for this country would be for Ron Paul to run against Barack Obama.

This would be a true test of the intellectual strength of the ideology of the individual vs. collectivism.

 Bring it on, MF's...

Captain Benny's picture

The establishment will blame RP for why Obama and/or Romney loses and why the stock market collapsed during the election and why we slipped back into a severe "recession" (really -- depression) before the new president even takes office.  Its called political opportunity and thats the only "change you can believe in"...

No matter what, having Romney and Obama forced to confront the issues Ron Paul refuses to dodge for 30+ years, they'll need to deflect, attack, and distort by any means necessary -- OR -- actually talk about the real issues at hand.  Ron Paul is still quite the force to be reckoned with in a debate.  The prols that wanted/were cheering for Cain, Bachman, Santa-orum, Palin, Mccain, and sleezy Newt are now forced to find a new candidate to rally behind and they all absolutely hate douchbag Romney.  They feel "lost" without someone to relate to and Paul is the only guy left who has nothing wrong with him other than being the guy blacked out by the media and degraded by the establishment as being a "third party" and "not electable"

Ace Ventura's picture

It's not just the media blackout, the GOP faithful (particularly the older folks) see him as a threat to their SS and Medicare benefits, and have bitten hard on the hook that he is 'soft on foreign policy appeaser' and wants to let the evol terrzits wipe us all out.

The delegate strategy is working, but I fully expect the GOP to go to any lengths necessary, including breaking their own rules at the convention if keep a Paul nomination from happening. The number of times they have already done this during the primaries/caucuses in 2012 is comically ridiculous, and the mainline GOP faithful remain mostly silent because a Paul presidency makes them uncomfortable.

I wouldn't even be surprised if the media adopts the 'Baghdad Bob' method of coverage during the RNC convention. "There are very few Paul delegates here. All that noise you hear is cheering for Mitt! All those Paul signs are leftovers from an earlier primary, were someone ordered 10,000 signs instead of 10. Simple typo! Mitt wins!!"



CrashisOptimistic's picture

Ron Paul can do nothing about oil.

This is pointless hype and enthusiasm.

JW n FL's picture



The Real Question?

Like WHO?? Owns the Lobby Whores in Washington DC?

and the FACT! That the same 400 Elites! Own BOTH Team Red and Team Blue?

or how Ron Paul.. isn’t going to Lower Taxes for the Top 400.. Ron Paul wants NO! Taxes for the Top 400! LOL!!

all of these bullshit conversations are just controls for the system.

Hurry waste your time and brain power on 1 million different BULLSHIT!! Conversations! and do ANYHTHING! but look at the Causes! of the Largest!! Issues!

LOOK! -----------------------------> its Snookie! or Bernake!! or whatever bullshit blows up your skirt.




LONG LIVE THE STATUS QUO!! (or at least until the Baby Boomers Die Off! that way the Rest of Us are left to clean up their participation in the LIE! for the last 50 fucking years!)


NATO asks Chicago Red Cross for Evacuation plans for the City! No Power! No Cameras!! And No Peaceful Protesting in America! The Constitutional Right to Assemble was signed away by the Liberal!



Hurry hand over more of your Constitutional Rights! It will help keep the Masses in Line so you can the Spoils of your participation in the LIE during your Golden Years Baby Boomers!! LOL!


More Cow Bell! I mean FEAR!! More! FEARRRRRRRRRR!!!! And sprinkle on Top Off Shoring Manufacturing Jobs Subsidies!! And just a fucking DASH!! Or $100 Trillion Dollars in Secret Federal Reserve Loans to the Masters of the Universe to Jew Filled Wall Street!



Do not mention the 2 Largest Lobbies and how they get the Most Tax Dollar Hand Outs and Federal reserve Hand Outs!

Because they are Both JEWISH! And You will be a NAZI for sharing the Numerical Facts!

Long Live the Zionists!

Death to Palestine! Geneocide is Good when the bi-product is FEAR! For the Sheepeople in the Untied States!! Fantastic Circle! Better than the Slave Trade for the Jews!

Instead of Importing Slaves to Build the Country!

The Jews are Not importing FEAR!! Into the United States to Destroy the Country!!

Our 40 Years is UP! Time for someone else to be top dog!

Thank GOD!! The DHS / NSA / CIA are on the Job protecting Americas Interests!

These same FOOLS! Can NOT make AIPAC Register as a Foreign Entity!  With Proof Positive Money Trails in Hand!

Just like Wall Street HFT's trading at faster than the speed of light! LOL!

all the evidence in the World for the SEC! and they are BLIND! to the Facts!

and becuase CNN / FOX doenst run the FACTS in Heavy Rotation! they are NOT! Real!!

No Corporate Stamp of Approval!

No Heavy Rotation?

Then it is NOT TRUE! as far as the Un-Educated, Poor, Wall Mart Sheepeople are concerned!


America is Beyond Fucked!

The JEWS! Want America Gutted and Destroyed and the Christian Zionists are so Greedy as to go along with the Plan of wage arbitrage!

America deserves it!

Natural Selection! The Stupid will be dispatched as nature intended! Bill Gates / Rockefeller Death Inc will make sure of it! Mother Earth / Agenda 21 for YO! AZZ BITCHEZ!!!

Core Publications
Agenda 21

Links to Agenda 21 Chapters
Canaduh's picture

As an outside of the USA observer, Ron Paul seems to be a 'savior' to people who really should know better.

GeezerGeek's picture

Although I thoroughly support Ron Paul's ideas and platform, I doubt he could be elected even if he won the Republican nomination. The reasons are numerous. My hope is that, like Barry Goldwater in 1964, he will herald the arrival of newer politicians of similar ideology who will, like Ronald Reagan, pick up the banner and carry it to victory sometime in the future. Not many of my boomer contemporaries like or would vote for Paul, but he seems to strike a chord with the youth of today. Some day those youth will become the electoral mainstream, I hope.

gtb's picture

When you say "sometime in the future" I'm guessing you mean sometime after the great re-set.

BooMushroom's picture

Ron Paul could slash the EPA and allow drilling in many parts of the USA, increasing supply, and thus lowering the price of oil.
He could audit the FED and stop inflation, which would make oil a less attractive long position.
He could stop BOMBING all the countries that are producing oil, getting rid of the uncertainty premium in that market.

0bama and Mittens could do these, too. But they won't.

JW n FL's picture



Ron Paul would do as he is told.. just like the liberal Obummer!

or??? ------------------------->

Vince Clortho's picture

and then blame it on another "lone nut".  Scary thought.

Will America believe the LeeHarveyOswald/SirhanSirhan/JamesEarlRay/ Lone Nut Fairy Tale one more time?

UP4Liberty's picture


When have you ever seen Ron Paul "do as he is told"?

Patriot Act - Ron Paul voted against it.

Unbalanced Budget - Ron Paul has NEVER voted for an unbalanced budget - IN THREE DECADES!

While the "Monetary Mandarins" (Thank you Jim Grant for that phrase) like Ben "Helicopter" Bernanke at the Fed F**K this entire thing up - and knuckleheads like Paul "Klepto-crat" Krugman actually advocate HIGHER INFLATION be foisted upon us by the Fed...let me remind you about the following:

Federal Reserve Act - ever heard the phrase "End The Fed" or read a book by the same title?  Guess who wrote it?  RON PAUL.

IRS - Guess who has been the strongest advocate for ABOLSHING the IRS for over 30 YEARS?  Yep - Ron Paul.

BTW - I agree with many of your perspectives and enjoy your rants...I share many of the sentiments you express.

But to say Ron Paul will "do as he is told" flies in the face of his LIFELONG DEDICATION TO THE VIRTUOUS PURSUIT OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY FOR ALL!


JW n FL's picture



I was very clear about those who dont do as they are told!

I pray DAILY! for Ron Paul and / or other to come along and reinstate the Constitution!

I am all for ENDING THE FED! even when I was Stupid! I wanted the FED Dead!

and te Lobby? well that is my personal war cry! I hate the Lobby more than anything else! becuase the Lobby is who pulls the Tampon strings and lets the Blood Money Flow like a Rover into the Pockets of those Whores! in side the belt way!

how many lobbyists per Government Whore?


the FACT that We the Sheepeople! SPLIT 7% between 300 Million of us!

while the Top 400 Split 93% of ALL! Profits!!??!!??!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?? WAHT THE FUCK?



IrritableBowels's picture

Good call on the name change- if Stupid were my name, I'd reconsider as well.

JW n FL's picture



Israeli Minister Admits Ahmadinejad Never Said Israel Should Be "Wiped Off the Map"


P.S. Mr. T is a Pimp!

I Pitty Da Fool Who Ain't Got No Gold And Silver!

Jew Rocks is for Suckerz!


Things that go bump's picture

Obama is no liberal. He is what used to be considered a moderate Republican (in wolf's clothing).  Romney is probably the more liberal of the two (all the better to eat you with, my dear). I just don't see any real difference between the two of them and I am simply buying anything they are selling.  

Harbanger's picture

Obama is no Liberal.  Great Observation!  Now go read up on progressives.

Things that go bump's picture

Nope, sorry, Obama isn't one of those either. I'm not sure what he is besides a sleezy little opportunistic pied piper who got lucky once and attained a station far about his skill set.  You can call yourself a Catholic and even go to church on Sunday, but that doesn't necessarily make you a good Christian, know what I mean?  

Breaker's picture

"Obama is no liberal. He is what used to be considered a moderate Republican (in wolf's clothing)."

LOL. Richard Nixon, Gerry Ford and Nelson Rockerfeller were no great shakes. But Obama is way, way, way far to the left of them. Way far. He's even way to the left of the John Lindsay types.

"Romney is probably the more liberal of the two..."

As to Mittens, I have no idea what he really believes. It would be hard to be more left than Obama and be a national politician in America.

LetThemEatRand's picture

You have it exactly backwards.  The cost of oil would skyrocket under Paul if he implemented any of his foreign policy ideas.  Right now, we don't factor into the price of a barrel of oil the cost of our military  1) keeping the oil flowing from the Middle East, and 2) keeping oil priced in dollars.    The taxpayer (mostly the future taxpayer) bears this burden, so that the oligarchs can maintain the myth that oil is the most bang for the buck in terms of energy source.   Take those two things away, and oil shoots up to God knows where.  I say this as someone who voted for the guy because he wants to dismantle the police state and the military industrial complex.  But my eyes are open about what that means to the status quo of things like the price of oil. 

NewWorldOrange's picture

"The cost of oil would skyrocket under Paul if he implemented any of his foreign policy ideas."

Bass ackwards. The imperialist policies the U.S. practices in the Middle East do not suppress oil prices by "maintaining the flow of oil". They increase prices by heightening risk and by impeding the free market flow of oil. Ron Paul' foreign policies would lessen political risk factors in the Middle East. His domestic fiscal policies would also put the brakes on money printing which would be deflationary in the long run, pushing oil prices down. Lastly, his deregulatory policies would meke it far easier for that domestic pipeline to be built, and lower the oil industry-supported barriers on the opening of of competing fuels like natural gas.

Xaqaria's picture

The US military is the largest petrolium consumer in the country. Cutting military spending and ending foreign occupation would cause oil demand to plummet and prices would drop.

mudduck's picture

Send Geetner down to the minors and bring in Bill Black as the starter.

JW n FL's picture




Just Hang ALL! of those Fuckers for Treason and SAVE! the tax payers the Expense of having to listen to thier bullshit on Court TV??


chipshot's picture

all really quite simple old chaps..



1. there is not oil shortage... domestic energy.

2. wind fails ;solar has potential.

3. have the badest ,fiercest military in the world...ON our shores.. no-one would dare invade or press our interests.

4. collapse the welfare/ govi/regulatory state...use saving for healthcare.

5. no funding for education...colleges compete and show sucess rates of students...or fail.

6. a" hang em high" judiciary...economic/political/corporate/banking crimes should be a very risky[lethal] affair.

7. secure borders... illegals' gravy train is over.

8. hard ass tariffs for cheap shit imports...made in USA means something again.

9. change the meanig of WWW...... to weed,whiskey,women.

......see ? not that hard...........:^)


CH1's picture

The best thing for this country would be for Ron Paul to run against Barack Obama.

I love RP and am thrilled to see him speaking to crowds.

That said, there is NO WAY he becomes Prez - they'll remove him before he gets close. There's also very little chance he'd make it to a national candidacy, except maybe in a hospital.

It ain't gonna be fixed.

Time to walk away from the game and start building a better life... by yourself and with your neighbors.

cooperbry's picture

Very well put.  Great comment.

ISEEIT's picture


I've got three delegates in my family.

This is going to happen.

We will get our asses kicked, but that is fine. We will show.


And it will matter.

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

Just make Ron Paul the fucking president now! And I'm not even a fucking American! Either that or revolution!

GeezerGeek's picture

Great line from a guy who had the lawful leader of South VietNam murdered.

NidStyles's picture

You mean the dictator that was implanted by the French years before and that was known for being brutal and unforgiving to opposition? Give me a fucking break.

Breaker's picture

So it was a good murder. As opposed to an icky murder?

peekcrackers's picture

"His goal is to give the American people something they have not had for generations, a CHOICE in November."

You must be a compleat jackass if you dont Vote RP 2012


Race Car Driver's picture

Still believe that voting fairytale, eh?


StychoKiller's picture

As you know:  If ya cain't solve the problem with the ballot box, the ammo box is next up in the rotation...

toady's picture

Then there are those of us who have given up.

RP is the only one I would consider, but it looks like I won't have that option.

I'm expecting a low turnout.

Temporalist's picture

The turnout for the primaries was your expectations have been exceeded.

Crab Cake's picture

There are no solution under the current paradigm. I will write in RP, but one would be fool to think that either the ballot box or soap box make two shits of a difference at this point.

Race Car Driver's picture

Then, why waste your time being foolish? Stay home. Do something productive... even if just taking a nap.

fuu's picture

Who are you to decide if time spent by someone else is a waste.

robertocarlos's picture

All 3 choices are a waste of time. It's team red or team blue or team about to get blown away. The only hope for America is General Patreaus stages a coup.

Crab Cake's picture

I actually agree with you on the coup. One of the last unknowns is how does the military fit into the domestic picture; as it is the last line of defense before citizen warfare, and or its instigator. This is a deadly tightrope though; the stuff of dictators and dead republics. I wager well see if the oaths to the Constitution are worth anything soon enough. One of my best case scenarios, on a truly terrifying list I might add, for the US is a "benevolent" coup.

LongSoupLine's picture

It's unfortunately going to come down as Paul being a "write-in"

That's what I plan to do in this farse labeled as "democracy".

CH1's picture

That's what I plan to do in this farse labeled as "democracy".

I understand, but when you're done, please consider walking away from it all.

StychoKiller's picture

"Walking away" implies walking towards something else.  WHAT might that be?