Deflecting Attention From The Real Question

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Courtesy of Bill Buckler, author of The Privateer,

On April 26, the US ratings agency S&P cut their rating for Spanish sovereign debt by two notches. S&P justified this downgrade in a three-page press release. As usual, the "concerns" which led to this downgrade have been echoed since the very beginning of the "European" debt crisis more than two years ago. As usual, they are pertinent as they apply to Spain. They are equally pertinent as they apply to the other nations in the world which are up against the utmost limits of credit expansion and therefore of the issuance of yet more reams of paper money. There is no nation in the world which is NOT up against those limits. But like its two equivalents, S&P is a "US based" ratings agency.


The US is now about to enter fully-fledged "election mode". With only two candidates left in the "race" for the Republican nomination - only one according to the mainstream media, but more on that [below] - the "issues" at stake in the upcoming election are now being very carefully tailored for an increasingly unruly domestic US political audience. A less polite way of phrasing this is that the spin is becoming dizzying. The foremost task of preparing for the November vote is to maintain the illusion that any and all economic or financial "hiccups" which might affect the US in the next six months are not home gown. There is one "issue" in which Mr Obama, Mr Bernanke, Mr Geithner and Mr Romney are in total agreement. That "issue" is the source of the economic malaise still affecting the US. The source is NOT the US government, nor the US central bank, nor the US banking system. Above all, it is NOT the debt-based and government guaranteed US Dollar.


The debt morass sucking down the entire world is happening in Europe, not in the US. The lack of jobs and economic opportunity wearing "main street" down is a result of "unfair competition" from Asia, and China in particular. The US establishment MUST point the finger anywhere but at their own seat of power and keep on doing it until the election has safely been put to bed. They are going to have to keep it up for a bit more than six months. The US establishment has never fooled all of the people all of the time -just enough of them to keep their power. The problem is that this keeps getting harder to do.




In early April, Rick Santorum announced that he was "suspending" his bid to become the Republican presidential nominee. In the wake of the five primary votes contested on April 24, Newt Gingrich let it be known that he is seriously contemplating doing likewise. Most US mainstream media are predicting that Mr Gingrich will drop out of the race sometime during the first week of May. If that proves to be the case, there will be only two contenders left - Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Needless to say, both the departing Republicans have endorsed Mitt Romney as their "preferred" candidate. The mainstream media in the US, and most of the rest of the world, have now happily taken it for given and granted that Mr Romney will be going up against Mr Obama in November. At best, they grudgingly admit that he does not yet have the number of delegates required to secure the nomination. But that is just a formality, they say, and will be settled by the end of May when a sufficient number of primaries have been run. In this scenario, Ron Paul will be consigned back to the obscurity from which he never should have emerged. This exhibition of intellectual cowardice continues unabated.

You Don't Actually Take This Stuff Seriously, Do You?!!:

Here are two typical headlines from the US mainstream media in the wake of the five primary votes held on April 24. Officially, Mr Romney won all five contests, thereby further swelling his "delegates" to the late August Republican convention:

"Ron Paul Supporters Need to Sober Up"

"Supporting Ron Paul is Naive: Small Governments are for Small Countries"

And here is a quote from each of the stories behind these headlines:

"...for some completely unapparent reason, Ron Paul and his campaign have refused to acknowledge what should be common and logical sense. Instead, they march onward with their futile and meaningless campaign while continuing to immorally solicit donations from their similarly blinded supporters."


"Young people with little experience in the real world are drawn to Ron Paul's small government championship. ...Yes, size matters in government services as it does in business. Too many customers without enough servers drives folks elsewhere in search of better customer service in the real business world. A large population requires a large government service organization to effectively manage. So, if Ron Paul supporters want a smaller government, they might try going to a smaller country."

The first quote is merely puerile and unappetising nonsense. The second quote is far more brazen. It is an exhibit of an extremely befuddled reporter doing his or her best to rabbit the party line and making rather a hash of it. The equating of business and government is as old as the hills. The implication that one is a "customer" of government is equally hoary. And as for the suggestion of establishment America - love it or leave it - the level of historical ignorance is breathtaking. What turned the US from a wilderness to the most free and prosperous nation in history was the smallest government ever seen.

A Warrior In The Battle Of Ideas:

The level of the political debate which the US establishment wants to preserve is very well illustrated by the quotes given above. Anyone who has any familiarity with Dr Paul's platforms and ideas can hardly be surprised at the concentrated venom being spewed out by the US "mainstream" against him. And yet, he remains unbowed. His goal is to give the American people something they have not had for generations, a CHOICE in November. But to do that he has to get past the Republicans, a HUGE task.

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CH1's picture

That would be building your own world, your way.

No boss, no giver of orders - you give your own orders and take responsibility for your own life.

q99x2's picture

Ok I vote for RP but where are all the retarded people going to work if not in the Government? The TSA or DHS might be in jeorpordy as well.

Ace Ventura's picture

Now that's funny right there, I don't care who ya are!  +1

rodocostarica's picture

Never give up Ron Paul!!!

Motorhead's picture

If it weren't for Ron Paul, I'd write in Pat Paulsen.

sagerxx's picture

Or write in Robert Paulsen.

toady's picture

In death a member of Project Mayhem has a name.

His name is Robert Paulsen.

pops's picture

Maybe this time Harold Stassen can pull it off.



I am Jobe's picture

Amerika has become so fucking inbred that no one knows how to think. Parents and kids alike.

Shows the complete stupidty in the USSA

Ace Ventura's picture

Not inbred. Indoctrinated. In that sense we aren't much different from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, despite creating the best type of self-government ever conceived, it only took 236 years of indoctrination for us to fully destroy it.

tony bonn's picture

a vote for obama or romney is a vote for adolph hitler.

the concentration camps in america grow like weeds. romney was a corrupt dishonest records shredder in massachusetts and will make george bush look like an amateur murderer instead of the professional one that he was (9/11, afghanistan, iraq, etc)....the bush crime syndicate thrives....

CH1's picture

Well, I wouldn't say Hitler, but the game is for suckers... that's for sure.

HurricaneSeason's picture

If Ron Paul got elected, he'd still have to answer to the banks that make any important decision or they would threaten 20% interest rates and martial law and total destruction of the country. If they want a war or new tax, that's what it'll be until it implodes. They can't put import taxes on the 25 cent Chinese labor or make "American" companies bring their foreign profits home to be taxed. If they did that, prices at Walmart would quadruple. All they can do is start more wars to provide employment and great profits for the military industrial complex and let the tax base disappear while the safety net costs explode. Ron Paul could only give the play by play. It's too late to do little tweaks. It's the millions of government tweaks that screwed things up anyway and congress would only vote with Paul to raise their wages and the like.

Vince Clortho's picture

So, therefore, continue to vote for the squid puppets ... ?

Ron Paul cannot single-handedly bring the entire cartel to its knees ...  I think we all understand that.

All great changes begin somewhere, sometimes with a small step, or an individual act of defiance.

Step One for the American people right now is to Wake Up.

Ron Paul is attempting to wake up sleeping Americans to the ugly reality of who is controlling their country.

Demologos's picture

Created by the hedge funds to put another banker's stooge in should either Obama or Romney appear to be unelectable.

HurricaneSeason's picture

I haven't voted in years, but if the right candidate showed up in my district, I would. A candidate like Marion Barry or Sarah Palin. There was a candidate in Sarasota Florida that fought some police officers and was running for the state legislature. The reason he was fighting with them was because he thought they were travelers from outer space. I really wanted to vote for that guy, but he wasn't in my district.

I think Obama should max out the credit card. Build warehouse full of whatever the Chinese will send. Sell bonds backed by the warehouses and derivatives on those bonds. Paul would tighten the belt and make things real tough now, based on the theory that the government could then build a grand utopia 10 or 20 years down the road. I have 99% confidence that they could make things much tougher now and 1% confidence anything could be made better 10 or 20 years down the road.

CH1's picture

I haven't voted in years, but if the right candidate showed up in my district, I would.

I used to say the same, but not anymore. The "government" is a giant beast, comprised of millions of parasites.

Changing a few of the televised faces is almost meaningless.

Cathartes Aura's picture

indeed, voting is the least one can do. . .

meantime, as you are suggesting, dis-engage from the scenery & do something for yourself, family & community.

CaptainObvious's picture

Dude, do you ever read any of the articles the Tylers post?  That credit card has been maxed for at least ten years already.  We just keep opening up new credit cards (bond auctions, trade deficits, new taxes, higher taxes, debt ceiling increases) to keep the can rolling down the road.  Eventually the nation will, like a compulsive gambler who just pissed away his last stake and has no more buddies to borrow from, either go bankrupt or dissolve in an orgy of destruction.  I have a feeling I know which one's going to happen.  Hint:  It won't be the reasonable option Iceland chose.

Amagnonx's picture

What RP could do if elected President is talk to people everyday, and explain all the things they need to know.  It is very hard to ignore the President - and if he wants TV time, he is in a position to get it.


I think more than anything - simply explaining the real situation from position of president, on TV would be well enough - after all, people are conditioned to follow authority figures and believe TV.

smb12321's picture

Please, a little reality!   I worked for the Paul campaign in '08 and was struck by how few Americans view the State as a threat to liberty.  Most thought Ron's views were so "odd" that he was soundbited to death.  I've always said that Ron's worst enemies were his supporters and their rabid "take no prisoner" attitudes.

Ideology is pure but politics is the art of compromise.   It's been that way since the founding of the Republic for obvious reasons - no one wants someone else's view imposed no matter how right they seem.  Any financial advisor will tell you that NOTHING is going to improve until Obama is gone.  That is the goal.

ReeferMac's picture

I whole-heartedly agree. I don't think many sheeple see the state as a threat, either. When you talk about potentials, they simply don't believe it could happen. Cite historical examples, and they brush you off (because they don't remember that part of history class, I guess?)

worbsid's picture

Those same people never thought they would be searched before getting on an airplane either ... but alas if one creates enough fear they will submit willingly.

Temporalist's picture

The founders did not fucking compromise on Liberty, money (gold and silver), taxation, sovereignty, limited and enumerated powers (with checks and balances), engaging in war without approval (foreign affairs), being a republic instead of democracy nor religion.  So there goes that senseless remark.

AurorusBorealus's picture

The number of Americans receiving "entitlement" payments or who soon will be receiving "entitlement" payments nearly guarantees that Ron Paul cannot win any national election.  The simple fact of the matter is that "the people" have the government they voted for and the "the people" will support the status quo until its final hour.  What comes after, only God can know.

defencev's picture

For starters, it is possible to encourage US corporations to bring their overseas profits back to America. It is simple. It should be tax free for them. Of course, it would lead to the strenghtening of US dollar which is not the government game (they try to get rid of dollar-denominated debt by debasing the currency). By the way, a lot of left wing crap about growing wealth gap in US stems from the simple fact that US corporations mostly earn their profits overseas due to difference in labor cost.

   Let me try one more time to sugest the strategy for Ron Paul (the only one which is realistic). Those who saw the most recent exchange between Paul and Bernanke, know that Paul raised the issue of allowing Americans to use Gold and Silver as exchange

media instead of paper money. That would validate the Constitutional right of States to issue Gold and Silver money. The only practical obstacle to that is capital gain tax when Gold or Silver sold or bought.

  Ron Paul should bargain with Romney that elimination of this tax should be precondition for his support of Romney as GOP Presidential nominee.  Introduction of alternative barter system in US based on Gold and Silver as a media of exchange will protect Americans who are willing to participate in it in case (of inevitable) collapse of US currency.

   Just tell me, what is wrong with this Proposal? Those people who plan to do anything except for voting for Romney will definitely help Obama reelection and hence establishing a Marxist regime which will follow immediately after collapse of US dollar and confiscation of precious metals from Americans.

max2205's picture

Obama is counting on continued MSM oppression of truths to eke him by.

The true disappointment of the last 4 years has been the neutering of the press. Too bad for US

sskid's picture

The press has been a collection of lying whores my entire life, this is not a recent development, they have not been neutered they never had any balls to begin with.

WonderDawg's picture

Sounds like maybe your eyes opened four years ago. The press has been a propoganda machine for decades.

bugs_'s picture

Suppose Ron Paul did win the presidency.

What tools would he really have to inflict true change?

Primarily it would be the veto pen and it would be used to precipitate a government shutdown.

Would the electorate support a government shutdown this time when they did not in previous shutdowns?

Ace Ventura's picture

First off, he could recall the entire U.S. military from overseas. This requires no approval from congress or signing of 3,000 page legislative abortions. Right off the bat, untold billions would be saved, and the government would not have to shut down anything. At least not immediately. Then he could get to work phasing out the deeply entrenched tentacles of leviathan in all manner of domestic life. No way he could accomplish this in his two terms, but he could certainly get the ball rolling.

Screwball's picture

I would like to think RP and the veto pen would not have allowed the moral hazard inducing TARP and other bailouts, and these festering piles of insolvency known as the criminal TBTF banks would not be here.

Just a thought.

worbsid's picture

He could get rid of a couple dozen czars. He could get the DOJ working overtime on the fraud in banking and the government.  DOEnergy, DOEducation, and a few others could be trimmed without congress.  Etc. Etc. open your mind and there are thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of ways to improve this bucket we are driving into the wall. 

ebworthen's picture

"Would the electorate support a government shutdown this time when they did not in previous shutdowns?"

Sounds good to me.

CaptainObvious's picture

The first thing he could do is write an executive order rescinding all those heinous executive orders the other jackals instituted.  You don't think that would change anything?  Then read some of the executive orders in existence and tell me otherwise.

BobPaulson's picture

Paul knows his chance of winning the nomination is exactly 0.0 percent, so I hope people are not too delusional out there. What he is trying to do, bravely, honestly and with great determination, is to get his issues into the national discussion; he won't run as an independent because he doesn't want a repeat scenario of Perot in 92. For an independent to have the slightest chance he would have to be rich like Perot but sit squarely in the middle of the political "spectrum" like Paul does on many issues.

So I am saying Paul could win as an independent if he were younger (needs more time to raise more money) and if he could undo the MSM's effort to paint him as ultra-right.

samsara's picture

Your mistake is thinking that Ron Paul's Campaign has one goal of being elected as president. 

He has already fulfilled much of his goals.  Take 40 seconds or so and see the effects of his REAL goal.            Just listen to what he says, and listen to the students at UCLA's response.   THAT is a generation that will not go quietly into that good election.....     Most of all listen to what he says at 4:45ish and what that really means.           Any and ALL people of all ages who have been 'Woken' up by Dr. Paul will NOT,  will NOT support Obama or Romney EVER.   Unlike the Newt(ered) supporters, or the Sanitarium supporters.  They will not be corralled back into the fold.   EVER, They have been awaken to the understanding that both parties are a hoax.   Watch the video,  there is a whole generation that is waking up.  No small part to Dr. Paul.
smb12321's picture

I;ve talked to Ron about this once and he absolutely refused a third party run due to the immense time and effort it would take raising money.  He pointed out that 3rd parties that do well are  privately financed (think Perot) and it would just too difficult to get funding.  It all comes down to money, I guess.

Harbanger's picture

Ron Paul like everyone in the TP is working hard to take back the Republican Party from the Establishment.   It will take a few election cycles, but it will get done.  His son Rand Paul, a TP member, has a great future within the Repubs.  

WAMO556's picture

Go FOAD! I am glad that you aren't leading any men in: Battle, corporations, or any contest that requires having a daring attitude, fortitude and guts. What a toad!!! You DON'T JUST FIGHT the battles that you can win, You fight the battles that need to be fought!

BobPaulson's picture

If you mean figurative battles maybe - but the philosophical graveyard is full of futile wastes of goodwill and good effort. I am more about keeping the powder dry.

If you mean real battles where you send other people's kids to die, I defer to Sun Tzu.

tarpuranus's picture

"What turned the US from a wilderness to the most free and prosperous nation in history was the smallest government ever seen."

Amen!  So what would happen with Zero Gov'mt ?

cossack55's picture

Paradise would break out all over.

smb12321's picture

This should be posted on every web site. 

Harbanger's picture

Maybe then we'd have free markets.  But if you wanted America to fail, this is what you'd do...

HurricaneSeason's picture

You wouldn't be able to flush your toilet and you'd be stacking the garbage high. There already is a 25 square mile mad max zone in Detroit with no fire, police or garbage collection. Houses are cheap.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

You wouldn't need to flush your toilet - composting toilets work quite well - and you wouldn't need to stack your garbage either - many of us are actually clever enough to realize you don't need 10x packaging in plastic whereas paper-wrapping or a re-usable box would work very well. See, that's ignorance and subsidy for you.

Corporations and people have learned to be wasteful in production and wasteful in every part of living expecting government to clean up after them. There was a day when we flat out didn't do that and it was a better day in terms of waste per-person and waste per-product.

Now that we have recycling technology we can use that in addition to sensible approaches to urban sprawl and nature. In other words no one ever need pile garbage again. Ever.

Add to that thermal depolymerization: turning garbage into oil.

Temporalist's picture

I literally almost wrote the exact same thing, then changed it to my sarcastic reply below, only to see that you wrote this at the very moment I was.

Strange days indeed.