Brooklyn Deli Clerk's Face Slashed Open For Refusing To Sell Beer For Food Stamps

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The face of Yemeni deli clerk Mutahar Murshed Ali was slashed nearly in two for committing that most grievous of offenses: refusing to "sell" a Colt 45 to a drunk 20 year-old in exchange for foodstamps (whose usage Zero Hedge readers know, recently reverted back to all time highs). Of course, Ali was perfectly in his right to refuse to exchange booze for EBT: we reported recently that "New York would prohibit welfare recipients from spending their tax-funded benefits on cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, and strip clubs under a bill passed overwhelmingly by the state Senate." That however appears to not have bothered the assailant, who nearly cut off the deli vendor's face off in retaliation for not getting the "entitled" quid-pro-handout.

From NY Daily News:"His face almost fell off,” said witness Abdul Bin Ock, 17. "His cheek ripped. There was so much blood. Every time he looks in the mirror, he has to see the same scar the rest of his life," Ock added. The suspect fled the blood-spattered bodega on Broadway near Gates Ave. — and is being hunted by cops. Ali, a married father from Yemen, was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he received multiple stitches... The slasher "was drunk, falling and stumbling." Prior to the confrontation, Ali said, he saw the man receive cash from an underage girl outside the store. Ali believes the man was planning to buy the beer for the girl — and make money on the deal by using his food stamp card."

In retrospect: cash in exchange for barter in exchange for handout... Not a bad idea for a nationa increasingly reliant on "assured" entitlements for its survival.

As for Ali: did the cut up foreign father and husband file for immediate disability benefits (for which he is ineligible)? "A shaken-up Ali returned to the store hours later."


“It happened so fast,” Ali told The News. “He took the knife out of his pocket and it happened.”


A dramatic video obtained by The News shows Ali sitting in a chair behind the counter before the assailant slyly pulls out his blade. In a flash, he flops onto the counter and cuts open the helpless clerk’s face.


The suspect was described as a black man between the ages of 25 and 30, with short black hair and brown eyes, wearing black jeans and a white T-shirt — and carrying a black backpack.

And the video of the robbery:


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Billy Dee Williams does not approve..

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Like I said in earlier's coming people!

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Ban guns and knives will take their place.

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You think this is bad, you should see what happens when Banksters don't get what they want...oh right that never happens.

Who gives a shit about this article again?

Oh noes! A random poor person committed assault, STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES! They were a minority too! OOOHHH scary!

Seriously what the fuck? Who gives a fuck?

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FaceBOOK shares have been slashed in half from their IPO too...

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I really shouldn't have laughed at that...

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 this is everyday America.


Woman snatched off the street, raped while waiting for a cab in second Brooklyn sex assault within hours Read more: Cops bust 15-year-old gunman accused of opening fire on Brooklyn basketball court, injuring four youngsters Read more: Cops bust thug who mugged 9-year-old in Bronx Read more:




Two men slashed with beer bottle in bloody Times Square subway brawl  Read more: Queens man charged with groping a sleeping  18-year-old on JetBlue flight  Read more: Woman, 24, sexually assaulted in Greenwich Village by stranger who offered to walk her home after a night of drinking  Read more:





Blacks actually work for a living and are dying while fighting for labor rights American learned after Ludlow strike versus Rockefellers...

34 miners on strike at South Africa’s Lonmin platinum mine killed by police  Read more:


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I am sure the one who did this was a black man. In Detroit they used to robbed the arabic bussines owners until these started killing a few niggas. It has nothing to do with the financial collapse, gold or Obama, it is simple and pure crime from the same ones, either in good or bad economies. Poor guy, think about their families, their lifes. And he came back to work the same, wow, my respect to the arabic guy and his courage. 

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i feel for the guy that got slashed......but Obama knows beer is primary for sustinence-----

BEER before BEANS   <<<<picket sign at food stamp debit card printing facility

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How dare this Yemeni-born shop keeper deny the EBT Swiper his nutritious Colt 45 malt liquor, bitchez!

Give the people their new bread & circus (scatch & lose lotto tickets, Kool cigs & malt liquor) or there will be consequences!!

They gonna put y'all back in chain!

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so concequences will be a eternal smile on your face bacause one refused to give the negro their beer and cigar with a EBT Tax money card?, gezz, we are screwed as a society then. Now, I understand why the arabs on Detroit carry massive guns on their stores, you need steel balls to do bussines in Detroit, police not even bother to stop the shootings that ocurr every day.

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Maybe a can of peas should have been offered instead. Surely the young brother would have been down with

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The suspect was described as a black man between the ages of 25 and 30, with short black hair and brown eyes, wearing black jeans and a white T-shirt — and carrying a black backpack.

About a good fifth of of New York City is suspect.  Not to mention every black man between the ages of 25 and 30 with short black hair and brown eyes that lives somewhere within the jurisdiction of the United States.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Just think how mad they will be when Uncle Sugar is unable to refill their EBT cards.  

derek_vineyard's picture

guess the 'how to slash non black cashier' reality series will debit on BET tv very soon

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they will be burning entire cities!!, at the end that's what they like most: chaos, entropy, so the crime can continue without obstacles. Just look Detroit, a city in ashes. Even the last mayor, Kuamme Kilpatrick is in prison now for unlimited numbers of criminal activities.

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democrats give out EBT to these animals and republicans and catholics want to ban abortion....


In Iowa, blacks are 3% of the population but commit 30% of homicide, 8% rape, 50% of robberies



island's picture

In Iowa, males are 49.6% of the population but commit 90% (or more) of the violent crimes you mentioned.

AldousHuxley's picture

young uneducated black males....yes



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according to you 92% of the rapists in iowa are white.


nmewn's picture one.

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I think that most people understand that men, esp. young men, commit most violent crimes. That is why it is shocking when women do so. However, many people are unaware how much more crime is committed by black males than the percentage of population would allow. So your answer to suprising statistics is to respond with a number everybody already new.'s picture

You've missed the point. If vilifying all blacks is reasonable due to statistics which show that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime then in would also be reasonable to vilify all men due to statistics which show that men commit a disproportionate amount of crime.

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That's sexist. Obviously these males are victims of feminist oppression. You can't blame them, they are not responsible for their actions.


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It's raciss to use any statistic that fails to villify whitey.

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Correct on all counts Campagnolo. Over here in the UK we had an epidemic of looting, arson and mob violence last summer, in which my home town's centre was burned to the ground by groups of laughing blacks. The media is still claiming in regular broadcasts that it was political unrest on a par with Greek and Spanish protests. The racial dimensions are vigorously denied. As you may know, we've had no austerity in the UK so far.

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only good blacks are african blacks....they know how bad shit is in africa so at least they work to improve.


blacks in america are the worst....


looting, arson, mob violence is nothing compare to sick shit African  American ghetto blacks would do......


Never live or do business in a hood where 10% more are blacks!


rich blacks all live in white neighborhoods!'s picture

I count black folks amongst my loved ones. You, not so much.

AldousHuxley's picture

in USA, people use the word "love" to say they merely "like" as in Paris hilton saying "I Love that pink sweater on my dog"


let's see if you love them after they slit your face....'s picture

You do realize that you're insulting my family don't you?

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oh he talking about your mama! Kick his ass. you aint gonna take that!


p.s. your family  is not that important to everyone else inthe world. nethier are you. in fact. in all reality. nobody give a shit but you.'s picture

That's a rather sad diatribe in lieu of the reasoned argument which you were incapable of presenting. As the black fellow in this video says, "When you have honesty people will try anything to blot you out."


The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul

NidStyles's picture

The problem is that you misunderstand Ron Paul. Your family is great for you, but guilting us into giving a shit about you or your family is coercion.'s picture

In what way do I misunderstand Ron Paul?

If you agree with Huxley that the only good black people are in Africa and the worst black people in the world are Americans then perhaps you should feel guilty after watching that undeniably good American black man stand up for Dr. Paul. If you find that to be coercive take it up with your conscience.

As for my family I don't expect anything from you or anyone else except that you don't publicly insult them. You might enjoy it when people say hurtful things about the children in your family but where I come from blood takes care of blood.

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@ Blue Vervain

I don't know which particular UK city you live in but there was no standard "profile" for these "rioters". I doubt official statistics on a racial breakdown will ever be released but this is one story, from the Daily Mail, including;

White Millionaires Daughter

White Aspiring Musician

White Aspiring Ballerina

And I forget just how many examples there were of white parents rioting with their white offspring.



TheFuture_MrGittes's picture

The Guardian/LSE 'Reading the Riots' report provides an account. Anecdotally, I work in Manchester city centre and mainly saw young white folk enjoying the chaos/ out to rob stuff.

prodigious_idea's picture

Either you're a planted provocatuer, or you need counseling.  Come to think of it, either way you need counseling.

Nikao7's picture

Imagine their behavior during the coming chaos.

The Big Ching-aso's picture



Too bad he didn't give him the Colt-45 at about 900 feet per second.

AldousHuxley's picture

actually during a real chaos, blacks dont' know what to do.....


see Katrina...just sitting in a sports stadium waiting for someone else to help them while looting walmart.



water level should have risen higher to wipe all of them out.

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Why hold back....?  <sarc>

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Its interesting how you paint the blacks Huxley. Especially when you consider the sheer amount of deaths delivered in this world by white european descendants. A race that in the last 100 years alone has been responsible for so much genocide, and death, its changed the gene pool of the earth forever (and that of the 'blacks'). Let alone what they did to secure the country they call the USA, and the Americas. The toll must run into the billions.

You should examine the real terms of 'civilisation'

Now tell me with a straight face that the European descendants are any better - And I'll show you someone being economical with the truth.

(Had to give that a little edit - due to copy paste format issues.)

pufferfish's picture

While Huxley, posts some poultry news story about someone being stabbed by someone black in the US.

I'll just leave these here:


5 million European Jews


10 million estimated dead blacks,


15 million


Just to wet your whistle. Those pesky blacks eh?

Downvotes without adequate retort? That smacks of cowardice. Shame on you phantom downvoter - Show yourself!

AldousHuxley's picture

Regarding Holocaust.....Jews are making good money making films in it and using guilt to build something they never had in their 2000year history.....Israel.


Regarding Slave trade...How many descendents of African slaves want to go back to Africa?


how many "I am not racist" list in majority black neighborhoods and why not?


just because their grandfathers suffered doesn't mean you go out slit people's faces while on welfare.


yes, truth hurts doesn't it.


Bring the Gold's picture

The truth feels wonderful, your hatred and racism does not. I wish you healing brother, you need it.

pufferfish's picture

Wow, you've got a fair amount of gloss (white wash?) there. No denial however, which, i suppose is a start. Shall I continue:

The kill count is exponentially higher. Europeans are the thugs of the world. When you consider they're not even the most prevelant race on earth - the numbers really start to hit home.


Also, with regards to africa. What wealth have the whites stolen from there? You talk about 'handouts'. Imagine all that gold from montezuma, all those african diamonds, the wealth gandered from unpaid work made by Africans & Chinese?


Imagine the worth in real terms?


Also, an interesting footnote to your 'Black africans' conjecture - about them being 'better'. Have you stopped to consider that they might be the ones who's mothers weren't raped by white slave masters? Sounds like your 'up-ity blacks' are the ones with white lineage. 


Fancy that?


Death and Gravity's picture

Poor trolling, or grasping-at-straw in the attempt to construct a point.

WWII was the doing by and large by a nazist despot.

The Holodomor was perpetrated by a communist despot.

The crusades were in relatiation to agressive theocratic imperialism perpetrated by a mad pedophile.'s picture

I think his point is that if you can judge white folks as individuals even though many of them have been bad then perhaps you can also judge black folks as individuals despite the fact many of them have been bad. What do you think about that?