Despite Third Consecutive Record Low Yield, Today's 7 Year Auction Prices Surprisingly Weak

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Concluding this week's series of very weak Treasury auctions is today's $29 billion auction of 7 year paper which despite pricing at a third consecutive record low yield (as more and more are frontrunning the Fed's implicit desire to buy up every US Treasury above 3 years in circulation) was actually merely the third consecutive auction to price with a tail. With the When Issued trading at 1.063%, the final high yield was 1.075%, sending off the first red light. Then the Bid To Cover dropped to the lowest since October at 2.64, which was not good either. Finally, the Primary Dealers once again were stuck holding more than half of the bag, or a take down of 51.48%, which was the highest since January, leaving just 42% to the Indirects and a very low 6.49% to the Direct bidders - the lowest since February 2011, and one can see why many are scratching their heads at the seeming strength of the secondary US bond market and the increasingly weak primary one.

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People get ready to buy 30Y to dump to the FED right away. FED twists, people anti-twist.

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No thanks.  Homey don't play that game ...

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Bond market collapse move up ahead of schedule with Obamacare.  Get the fuck out of paper.


NIRP coming to America. 

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Followed by banks runs.  Bring it.

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It's whatever they want it to be.  If it looks weak it's just that they didn't bother to make it look strong.

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and one can see why many are scratching their heads at the seeming strength of the secondary US bond market and the increasingly weak primary one.

perhaps it just slipped what is left of whoever wrote this nonsense's mind that china no longer orders thru the primary market...

or that the "7-year auction" is a bit ambiguous re the FEDs twist1 parameters V. twist2 parameters

propwash paying better than facts recently for the zH "bidness & marketing plan" much? 

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CDS on banks explode again


and PiGS rates climbing...

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thanks for posting the link

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The US Treasury's shit don't stink, bitches!

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NIRP is here already. Or it should be NEIRP is here.



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wow ... what could possibly be happening ... that's an enigma inside a conundrum all wrapped up in a burrito ...

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Without new QE there is no new cash coming into the system to buy the new bonds. Hard to see how the Fed can finance the huge deficts without more helicopter money soon.

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Do the direct dealers have a repo agreement with the FED for them to repurchase the bought bonds at auction? What a cluster ---- ... how long can this continue?

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"weak" - simply becuase there is less and less net new cash being created that can be invested in anything. 

that's the problem with fractional reserve banking and fiat "debt = money" etc - 

what you get is:  growth -> growth -> growth -> growth -> growth -> growth -> total collpase.  again and again and again.

we're just now in the second inning of the "total collapse" phase. 

if you're not dependent upon "income," have no debt, and you've already saved a few million $ cash USD - you're going to be fine. 





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The only thing that would ever get me to buy a US Treasury would be a gun to my head ... and yes, I do know that there is a possibility that could happen someday ...

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The gig is up. TPTB know now that the time for picking up pennies in front of the steam roller has ended. No need to guess what asset class will hold up best they are waiting for the crash now and all the treasure will be available at blood in the street prices.