Dexia Tumbles After Moody's Puts It On Downgrade Review Citing "Deteriorating Liquidity And Worsening Funding Conditions"

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So... Belgium CDSs, right?

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Right, with BAC as your counterparty.

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Where can I go long CDS Belgium? ECB?

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next up unicredit

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but but there was a guy from Unicredit on CNBC (Europe) this morning telling us that everything is ok.

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and in the meantime US futures push back up

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ES bears too frightened to continue shorting through 1120 pivot.  1120 should break later in the week, though, given news risk this week, and the floor traders should get their 1070 before weekend.

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 If anyone hasn't seen the Anonymous video "The Bankers are the Problem", might help motivate the sheeple.

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Global ararchy?  Do I get a toaster with that if I open a new account?

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Like he said in the video - "freedom means nobody left to screw"

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Give it 12 more months and even ZINC will become a precious metal at this rate :)


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Sheesh, The Bernank better drag his ass out of bed and man the Big Effin' Gold & Silver Hammer.

The markets appear to be doing what they should be doing.

Can't have that now, can we?

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So a near busto bank is going to get downgraded, markets actually working for a bit.

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" actually working for a bit."

Yeah, that's just crazy! There must be a HUGE Hopium shortage.