Dick Bove Goes For The Post-Lehman Twofer: MF Global Is Fine

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Three years after upgrading Lehman days ahead of its bankruptcy, here is Dick Bove on CNBC last week assuring anyone idiotic enough to listen to him that, you guessed is, MF Gloal is fine and a buyer will promptly materialize. How much longer will the Comcast financial comedy channel tolerate this individual?

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LMFAO.  Richard Bove needs to shut up.


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Are you crazy?? if he shut's up we'll miss out on the most profitable contrarian ideas!

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Is it true that he is running away with Meredith Whitney?

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Sorry, it might have been Abby Joseph Cohen.

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This is a tragedy. Our Federal Reserve has failed the American people by removing MF Global from their primary dealer list. The Fed could EASILY have provided emergency funding to save MFG from bankruptcy. Choosing your own primary dealer is a HUMAN RIGHT, and this bankruptcy represents a serious loss of freedom and liberty.

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@MDB. More misunderstood sarcasm ;-) It just doesn't get understood in the US does it?

Back to the thread, however. You know, the Fed is running out of customers. Even the Chinese no longer want to buy. How can an honest central banker hope to get rid of all this green we are printing? Shit, at this rate we may have to give it away?

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Dick Bove looks like Helmut Bakaitis who played "The Architect" in the Matrix. However, when he opens his mouth and utters something like "the banks are well capitalized" you realize he's not very good at math, thusly spoiling the illusion.

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But he really likes Italian bonds, that shows him for the fount of wisdom that he is. (s/)

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The cnBSc Comedy Channel & Sell-Sider Anal-Cysts marches on to lower lows.



Dick 'Buy Bank of America w/2 Fists' Bove

James 'The Winners of the New World' Cramer

Jim 'Dow 36000' Glassman

Steve LIESman

Bob 'I Couldn't Fill My Dad's Shoes' Pissanti

Abby Joseph 'Destroy Your Portfolio' Cohen

Barton "Fall Asleep & Drool After Soft Food Lunch" Biggs

Llazllo 'Just Square Whatever My Last Uber-Bullish Projections Were' Birinyi




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Bove, Birinyi, Cramer, Joseph-Cohen, Ralph Acampora, and Joe LaVorgna should form their own start-up business news network -- web-based only -- moderated by Dan Dorfman. 


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Very nice work there. I especially appreciate the Ralph Acampora, Joe LaVorgna and Dan Dorfman references, which my list above was seriously flawed without their inclusion.

Also, Ron 'Inane' Insana... does anyone know if he's been bullish or uber-bullish since he failed at his attempt to run a hedge fund (i.e. anything other than bloviate and engage in SWAGing on the teeeveee).

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Dick A Bove.  Dick above.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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Out of a helicopter...with a guy whose beard is as nice as my plumber's being the one shoving it out...

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at this rate we may have to give it away?

Give at away ?  That would be an improvement.  Right now they're paying the PD's to take it !

MF Global isn't the only PD that can't play "hot potato"

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We need to take a serious look at how important these great banks are to our economy. Only then, can we step up to the plate and accept a new World Banc backed currency. First, we need to take advantage of these exceptional interest rates and recapitalize these banks. Once complete, we can then have our leaders discuss the unification of all peoples.

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  REALLY   F E D   U P  OF   B A I L O U T S !!!

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The funny thing about this is that Bove is now on Bloomberg saying that "CEOs can be rogue traders too". CEOs can also be both state govenors and senators who have the authority to put you in jail if you refuse to pay taxes for the bailouts of these revolving door crony capito(a)lists.

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yeah, some days I'm thick as a brick.

You are indeed, the comedic counter point.

On a serious note, what shall we do when the Fed files for Chapter 11 ?

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Well we'd still have RoboTrader as the ultimate fade indicator.

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you mean the ultimate faded indicator. robos famous spot on calls are always after the fact.............

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Agreed.  Everytime he opens his mouth he proves what an assclown he is.  In light of Corzine's Goldman Sachs background and clearly where he learned his tricks...it's nice to reflect on Bove's recent comments on GS...

“Goldman Sachs is the scapegoat of our time,” Mr. Bove said.

Thanks Dick.

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Bove said Goldman Sucks is the "scapegoat" or "escape boat" ?

given Blankfeins $100m Bonus heist from a bankrupt Goldman i presume he meant the latter

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Bove, Birinyi, Biggs... blow, blow, blow, little bitches - 

B-NAMES are little blow-horns for the big blow-horns: Bloomberg, CNBC, MSNBC

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once an idiot, always an idiot

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Isn't Bove short for Bovine.  Dick Bovine.  A bull's dick.  Soft and short and bald.  Sort of like liesman without the beard.

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"Dick Bovine.  A bull's dick."

A delicacy some places...Eat The Rich.

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Aren't you a Banana Split??

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He makes a great clown for halloween

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How interconnected is MF Global?  Is it too interconnected to fail? Is this a Bear Stearns moment, leading to a Lehman moment.


stupid modern finance.  Too many bromance links.



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If MF Global is able to streamline its Long Term Capital Management, it may thrive...in the year 2525

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If it were that connected, it wouldn't have been allowed to fail.


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if it was too interconnected to fail, it would politically imposibble to rescue.  Neither party wants to be seen as bailing out another bank. 


shrugs.  let's see how the cookie crumbles.

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How can anyone really  believe any thing the media puts out.  When MF Global goes down and people lose a lot due to it going under, will CNBC replay this clip?  Those who are asleep will be waking up to what the media does by putting people on to mis lead them.

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Negative nominal interest rates on the three month treasury bill(discount rate) as low as they've ever been:


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Hey come on, he said he wouldn't want to buy the stock.


What afucking waste of bandwidth.

Please turn yourself in to the retard police Dick.

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Bove should be arrested for disinformation... and shot

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Only Occupy Wall Street gets that treatment

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From Greece :


Announcing the measure in a desperate attempt to plug a budget black hole, the finance ministry warned that failure to pay the tax would automatically result in power supplies being disconnected.

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He's just obeying his master's voice. He probably thinks what he says is as stupid as we do.

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If he was pushing DECK or LULU, he would have lots of credibility right now.

Both ignoring the bad news and they keep grinding up.

The U.S. Consumer keeps spending come hell or high water.

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Yea hows your NFLX doing, RearViewTrader?

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He installed the rearview mirror so he can see how his Date Nights are going...

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lol...Deckers Outdoors -.25

Mad cred 

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Perhaps stick to rearview "forecasts"

By RobotTrader 10/30/2011


Yep, any news of paper manipulation or the failure of a firm like MF Global causes everyone to shoot and sell PM's first, ask questions later.


I guarantee you that most retail stocks tomorrow will be unfazed.