Dismal End To Day After In Europe

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As I said on TV yesterday. there is NO WAY that this would work other than a two stall of the Euro death sentnce.



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Damn, just when I was about to go all in on Tilson and Bove's picks!

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I totally agree, and we are seeing it now today and tomorrow also.  This was to inject liquidity into the market and it failed.  If this market was doing so good from what happened yesterday and the result from yesterday.  It should have been up again today, and it wasn't.  All they are doing is stalling for time, for what they don't even know maybe a miracle.

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quick question about the bund....if Gemrany leaves Euro what happens to the bund...rally?

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I think it is pretty fucking normal to have a down day after a 500 points rally, eh?!?! Jesus!!! One can only wonder!

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Agreed.  Fresh money to play with sends markets higher.  People faded the morning rally but I think we'll continue to head higher for a while now.

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I think Brent is sending a message - but no clue as to what it is. Just suprised to see it slide so much today, with the UK foreign office ramping up the anti Iran rhetoric all day long. 

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Everyone in the EZ is having their "Lebowski moment" and getting their money out.  When is Ron Paul going to get and answer from Ben Bernanke on who all the money has gone to in Europe?  

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The EU has little choice but to let some hard defaults occur, while trying to minimize the fallout.

Trying to sustain their enormous debt burdens with the printing press risks recreating Weimar Germany type inflation leading to another World War.

The only solution involves erasing the debts before printing the money. There is not going to be a soft landing. Crash dead ahead!!!!!!

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Oooo these Hopium binge hangovers keep getting more skull splitting every time.

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Half life of the last Hopium dose: 12 hours.

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No, Gensler said nobody is going to jail.

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Nooooo...nobody goes to jail! Well, except for this poor schlub who was administered a near fatal beating by the cops, who MISTAKENLY thought he was a shoplifter at Walmart...

Vid cops almost kill a guy at Walmart today.flv - YouTube

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I didn't watch as I abhor violence.

I'll just assume the victim was another Deaf Senior Citizen.

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If the cops got the wrong dude, he just hit the lottery.  If they got the right dude, he just hit the lottery.

He won't need to shoplift anymore.

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Theyll get back to him on that wrongful beating lawsuit....in about 12 years.

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Boots+faces, get used to it.

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a generous number of 7.62mm holes for anyone that tries.  get used to it.

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Good luck to you, and I don't mean that in a sarcastic way.

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US equities are also underperforming credit quite alot today as well.  Which again makes sense when one looks at equity outperformance yesterday.  We usually see DOJI formations  the day after Fed-liquidity announcementsl, so I would expect the US markets will close UNCH.  With Merkel behind the podium tomorrow, I would expect a gap down overnight.  

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OT :

Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspected Terrorist


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Washington D.C. police say that having a DVD about knowing your right makes you a suspect.


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Will this be the end of Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney as Presidential candidates?

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Of course not, laws are not used against the elite.

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Thanks Tyler, I can feel my knowledge growing.

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im amazed that they allow Merkel to speak she is the only semi sane one in the whole bunch

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Merkel is tired, and comes across as stubborn, awkward and market-unfriendly.  What she wants Draghi to do with his "independence" is the $14trillion question.

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Never trusted that bitch. She always did what she got instructed to do by her international handlers, after some posturing and dragging her limb feet.

Draghi`s supposed "independence" would be to let things run their course and finally kicking Germany out of the EURO.

That would, however prolonged , be Germany`s only choice for good,she wouldn't be allowed to do it on her own. New DM ,
New start , new credit ,new slavery . Slavery is out of fashion, so let's hope the fairy tale will not have the fairy merklie as the heroess.

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In the meantime US equities are back to tech and consumer leadership.  Highest valuations in the equity world, dependent on the most overextended consumers.  But as long as they can print money it's all good.

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Yes, but who can really buy AMZN with a 103 P/E?

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Does anyone know in any detail how the CONTEXT model works and how to trade the spread?

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The markets just represent a rigged casino to me at this point.

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Getting that feeling as well. I'm looking to GTFO. This is complete BS at the moment. Might just be a little tired and depressed as well - cannot believe it, made all the right calls wrt banks etc, but... dog balls. Very different from the dog's bollocks.