Dispersion Between Pre- and Post-"Default" Cash Management Bills Hits 11 bps

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Yesterday we reported of a dramatic dispersion between the just maturing July 28 Bills and the "post default" August 4th version of short-term funding. We also suggested that this is probably a spread that should be promptly collapsed as in the very unlikely event there is a default, the last thing on your counterparty's mind will be trying to collect the several MMs owed to him. Well, the July 28s matured today, and the spread appears to have evaporated. Not so fast. Those who so wish, can still put on the compression trade, although not using plain vanilla bonds, but CMBs instead. In fact, as of today, traders can capitalize on the Treasury's D-Day, with the spread between the August 2 and August 4 CMBs rising from 5 bps to 11 bps in 2 days. Now the reason why this trade, with lots of leverage would be ideal, is that, as mentioned above, if the US does default, Repo desks and Prime Brokers will have much muich bigger problems, and two, as we pointed out, it will imminently become "uncovered" that the Fed has a secret stash of cash, up to the amount of about half a trillion, which may easily carry the Treasury through the new year, in which case the spread will immediately collapse. Of course, we could be wrong, and everyone who plays the compression will blow up in an epic supernova that will make Boaz Weinsten's legendary basis trade annihilation seems like amateur hour.

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politicians will most likely have already hedged accordingly.

they will reap millions while the sheeple starve.

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Why do I get the feeling this is Tyler's bread and butter.

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Any way to play this using ETFs?

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if you want to short 7-10s check out TBX

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Uhh lol, these are used for like 7-10 days.

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uhh..lol..like totally...for sure...

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 Aug. 15, 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of Tricky Dick's removal of gold backing the dollar.  And thanks for sicking China on us, too, while you were at it.  Hell of a guy.

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may he rest in piss

ok may he rest in peas...i guess you enjoy your government stealing your childrens money...gratz

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That just goes to show ya how far back they've been planning this fiasco.

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yeah the fed will have to pump hard to send yields down on a default/not default, yeilds are still going up and USD is sell.  Stocks who knows, maybe flat trade.  but once LIBOR and CDS spreads from EZ start to widen again, which is around about now. For me it's short EZ indexes, short Asia.  August Sh$tstorm is about to hit.  Debt markets are going to BLOWUP

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This whole thing is staged in order to create trading opportunities for the squid.

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WTF is that all about?  Are those guys going to be pledged as collateral like Cristian Ronaldo?  If not, take that bullshit to the ESPN website.

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