Don't Show This Chart To The President

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One can write lengthy essays, op-eds, and client letters explaining both why the labor force participation rate is plunging due to innocuous reasons such as everyone over 40 retiring yesterday full of jouissance and excitement to begin the sunset phase of their lives using copious life savings earning 0.0001% in interest, or, inversely, why this is one great big propaganda ploy by the BLS to make Obama look good a few short months ahead of the pre-election debt ceiling breach, pardon, his re-election date. We prefer cutting to the chase. Here is today's chart of the day from BofA, which begs one simple question: when will the two time series recouple, because recouple they will, and how will America react to the realization it was lied to for 2% worth of unemployment "improvement"? The chart says it all.

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Crap.....turns out NO WE CAN"T.


No problem....we'll just blame it on Valerie. She was always going to be the fall chick in the end anyway.


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Michelle would get walking papers before Val.

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How do these effin idealogues insinuate themselves into the halls of power?  I think it must be a testament to the vanity, venality and stupidity of politicians.  Thus it has always been, it seems.  My god, Karl effin Rove is still on TV acting like he knows something.

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This is a testament to the vanity, stupidity and we dont give a s--t attiitude of the American electorate when selecting their leaders.

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It's been a theme throughout history.  Evil seeks power and then proceeds to abuse said power.

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Politicians are thugs with guns who rip you off.  Why is this so complex?

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Yes, we can. We has won it in 2008.

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since when does Obama give a shit about facts? This is the most ideologically driven political leader since Lenin.

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Amerikan Exceptionalism

The Useful Idiot Barry Soetoro is not a leader, makes no decisions and has no policies...

The bitch simply follows orders and reads what is loaded into the Teleprompter for him...

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I don't think they are innately evil. Just unproductive boobs with no value to add to society, other than their cult of personality...which was created by someone else.

Power just transforms them.

“In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Thomas Jefferson

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@SWRichmond  apparently you have never heard of creating welfare recipients in exchange for votes. A class of people so stupid, they take a few dollars for their vote while their new masters take millions from everyone else with the help of the deliberately ignorant.  Every time a Democrat talks about "sharing the wealth" remember what Pelosi steals through preferential IPOs vs. Pookie in the 'hood getting shot down for his corner.

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Corporate welfare makes the individual welfare you're obsessed with look trivial. The welfare you complain about is designed by your corporate masters so you'll think you have something to complain about.

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You are both correct its just one of you sounds more likely to vote Republican and the other Democrat. Rhis is the tragedy of the situation.......

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Individual welfare, entitlements, and other "insurance" programs comprise the largest part of the budget and the debt. If you mean to say that individual welfare is merely fascism in disguise (regard JPMC and food stamps, Healthcare reform, Medicare, WIC, SCHIP, Pewblk Skews, etc), then you are probably correct. It is designed, not for complaints, but pacification and control.

None of this is about us vs. them, corp vs. individual, or any other hypercategorized divisive classwarfare bullshit. This is about coercion under threat of violence by a corporate monopoly known as the United States vs. volunteerism.

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The Peter Principle

The principle holds that in a hierarchy, members are promoted so long as they work competently. Eventually they are promoted to a position at which they are no longer competent (their "level of incompetence"), and there they remain, being unable to earn further promotions.

Of course O reached the pinnacle.

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IMHO, O's position is more due to White Guilt...

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Yeah, I suppose if he were white, he would've been admitted to an Ivy, and his handlers would've backed him for President...

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For damn sure he has hit his level of total incompetence.

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Don't show him this website either, the news is not good.

But it is survivable.

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Pabulum aside, Intrade's got him at 60+%
He gets reelected, it's the fucking "Republicans" (Shoulda been trade marked for true bearings a la Goldwater, etc.) own fault for abandoning olde principles as exemplified by Ron Paul, in favor of the "Kick and Stick" tm (It to the peasantry.)

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I suspect the GOP doesn't want to win it this time. After all, Obama is very close to being a Republican anyways.

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I think you might be on somewhat of the right track.  I think the Republicans sent out their B or even Q squad on this election.  Any real contenders wouldn't bother considering they're going after an incumbent.  Let's face it, we're so blatantly fat and stupid that we don't vote those guys out.  This is just setting it up so the Republicans can sit it out and say "we told you so" for the next 4 years so they can take the higher percentage shot in 2016.  Meanwhile... well... fuck all of us.  (obvious exception to Ron Paul)

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Dimming the Future!

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"Everybody knows the boat is leaking, everybody knows the dice are loaded"  L. Cohen

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yup loaded dice. This chart is evidence that they are in full on pump and dump mode. By skewing the data and using things like HFT to lift the market using very minimal ammunition they are able to suck in the retards while slow and steady getting loaded on the other side of this pump phase. The question is when do they execute the dump.. I say right now.

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Like Obama cares.  If he did he wouldn't be a free trader.

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Looks lke the official policy of lying started just after 9/11 (2003) and has been exaggerated (exponentially) of late...

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No, it started with Adam and Eve or even before that.

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Good call.  And I thought ancient pre Judaism history and Nagaland of that era was completely lost outside of Goyim history.

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orwellian news management

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Talking about propaganda, thei a.m. as the alarm went off, I turned on CNBS (no volume) simply to see the numbers.  Everything is bad, down, dismal, rancid, forecast.
BUT  No gold quotes.  Like is even normal for them... as the number was up.

Orwell was right

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Cheer Up Knukles!

Orwell was hired by them to write you a road guide and pre condition you for your future...

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Aww come on don't blame obummer. Like old man mccain could have done any better? Did we forget Palin?! I don't blame the gov'ment. They gotta keep the sham going, because really .. what is the alternative. imagine all those welfare recipients without aid. Would not be pretty.


Any president who wins the next election will land in the perfect storm of shit. Where the shit hits the level 5 hurricanes.

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........and that leaves us where again?


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that leaves us all covered in shit.

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Crap....I was really hoping someone was going to sugarcoat it for me.


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I've done the eyewall of three-level 2s. 5s are just windier and we're sure to beat expectations. Bullish.

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Q: "How do you know he's a king?"
A: "He doesn't have shit all over 'im."

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Crap....I was really hoping someone was going to sugarcoat it for me.


Who says he didn't?

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 "Any president who wins the next election will land in the perfect storm of shit. Where the shit hits the level 5 hurricanes"


They could always just say they "inherited" the whole mess, blame it all on Bush & spend the next 4 years playing golf & going on vacations... If I knew the job was that easy, I'd make a run for it myself...

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Still believe the two-party lie francis?  That's a good sheep.

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I think you missed the /sarc tag there...

I'm referring simply to Obama (or any potential candidate)... You have a chance, you have a choice... Obama blew it... If Romney wins, I'm all but certain he'll blow it too... I'd take my chances with Ron Paul (but the office probably means nothing anymore)... Mostly ~ when I take to bashing Obama, I'm actually bashing all the 'sheep' who mindlessly got conned by the pied piper in 2008...


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It would be more correct to note that we got such a lame field of Presidential wannabes because those who had half a brain between their ears didn't want to face the contemporary version of the Kobiyashi Maru, and those few remaining either think they are clever enough to cheat their way through this mess or have no idea what they are up against.

"Strange game, Professor Falken. The only winning move is not to play."

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They could always just say they "inherited" the whole mess...

Write Two Letters*


* When Krushchev left office he handed his successor two letters. He said that if he ever got into a jam that he couldn't find a way out of, he should open the first letter. And then, if he managed to get into another jam that he couldn't get out of, to open the second letter.

At some point later, the guy got into a terrific mess and remembered the letters, so he dug out the first letter and opened it. It said, "Blame everything on me, your predecessor."

Well, this worked out great, and things went along for a while until, inevitably, he got into another situation that there was just no way out of. So, he opened the second letter. It said, "Sit down. Write two letters."  J. Barnard