Dow Has First Non-Triple-Digit Close Since 9/23

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Since 9/23, we have not had a close to close change in the Dow with an absolute magnitude less than 100 points - until today. This is only the 13th day with such a 'small' close to close change in the last 49 days (since 8/2/11). Nothing to see here, move along, as the 20pt up and down swing in the S&P futures over the last few minutes on no news whatsoever makes perfect sense to every talking head on TV.


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Tell me about the rabbits.

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That last hour ramp started a little early; PPT miscalculated. Cialis fifteen minutes before, not two hours before otherwise you risk losing that woody too soon.

Let's all pretend that was "free markets"

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yeah really, what killed the Fed job today. I thought short squeezes ended up big at the end of the day. Was this the not wanting to be long over the weekend game. Shorts don't go long s that can't be it.

Was there a technical level that was hit square on? No sense this market makes.

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"Was this the not wanting to be long over the weekend game."

Crossed my mind, but whether this weekend is going to see a Euronouncement finally or the Anonymous 'threat' or Voodoo black magic...

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The only reason the markets move up or down now is just blood in the water on one side or another...people probably bought into that last half hour 'sure thing' ramp, the algos smelled fresh meat, and took them out. 

Nothing more.

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I think you are right about that - the ramp, as usual, started at exactly 3:15 with a big red spike (I'm following TZA, so I'm backward) on 700K volume after a couple (6 minutes) of low volume red. Stayed pumped (red for me) for 15 minutes.

I think it actually may have been the organic traders saying fuck it, time to bail for the (semi-long) weekend who started selling, and some of the algos jumped in at 25 minutes to close, and it was mostly down (green for me) and big ass volume the last 12 minutes - but maybe it was almost all algos. Who knows if there are any humans left trading out there - I'm in California, I don't know shit, but the weather is good, I'm off the grid, the apples and pears are mostly in, the kids are healthy, the community is doing ok, and I'm gonna go fly. 

Remember, the algos are bigger slaves than we are.

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Who sold and caused the spike, that's the question?

Nor Cal or So Cal?

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Do not mechanically set your stops with a brokerage, the TBTF/hedgie trading desks are targeting those.

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Somone here will tell you to stop contributing to their fiat game and the only way to save your life is with gold and silver because everything is manipulated. The only way to the alpha and the omega is through gold and it will purify your sins.

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Says Bob the Fraud who plays pretend games and claims to be a super-trader.

lol  Why do you even still come here, Bob the Fraud?

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I've discussed this ad-nauseum.

I see my comments on gold brought you out of the wood work. Has the comex blown up yet and silver at $0 with infinite volatility?

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I did a post on that on my blog where I made over 100 comments that spanned over two days. I'm not doing this again, but you can oblige yourself by going back and reading it yourself. Besides it did nothing but increase my readership.

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Naw I don't visit sites run by vindictive people who as far as I know use it to track ip's. Good for you on the increased traffic though.

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Every single blog on tracks visitors. It's a standard feature. It's under the 'stats' section.

And how did ZH block Goldman Sachs' IP address on 04/16/2010 unless they also track IP's?

It's a common practice to monitor where your traffic is coming from geographically. Seeing as you don't visit websites that track IPs I guess you should stop visiting every single website or if you are really paranoid you can always go to and surf with proxies. Seeing as most proxy IPs are transparent you'll probably also want to download onion router @ as well as disable your cookies.

If you have an iphone you'll probably want to get rid of that as well considering the iphone via it's gps actually logs your every movement geograpically and sends it back to apple for analysis.

Oh...almost forgot. Google not only tracks your IP but they also track what websites you visit. They take that information and incorporate it into adsense. This allows them to target match ads with customers. That's why the ads you see on ZH are different than the ads I see on my cpu.

I personally don't give a shit if people know where I'm coming from.

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Well you can get rid of the web site tracking with a firefox addon called betterprivacy. They stash those super cookies as LSO's (Local Shared Objects) which are placed in storage as adobe flash data. I have mine set to wipe all LSO's every 2 minutes. Just for kicks I had BetterPrivacy give a msg everytime one was set and about 70% of the websites I go to set super cookies. Tor works great, but it's slow because you're jumping around through alot of different relays.

edit, Yes TomM, Bob's a dick, well a small one anyway.

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Google also tracks your IP with each search you make. However there is a way to prevent them from tracking where you surf.

#1: Set cookies to ask you every time. Deny all cookies that you don't need to login to a particular web site. Clear cookies and/or disable cookies every time you leave said site.
#2: Install NoScript plugin for FireFox.
#3: Only allow scripts for sites that you need to for that site to function. Never allow google-syndication or google-analytics.

You could take it a step further and ban (1 to the 100th power is a googol) and from your access list and/or hosts file, but then half of the internet won't work because the data farms run the shit.

Of course your ISP knows where you go, and so do the router logs, and big brother is breathing down their neck to make sure you don't know too much, but hey, at least that's something.

Also, iPad will track you the same as iPhone will. RIP Steve Jobs. Without you, who would have stolen mouse technology from Xerox and used it to enslave humanity. Maybe Williams Gates III.

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Not all cookies are the same. A site can set a cookie in Flash and FF doesn't "own" that cookie; it is Flash's cookie and Flash is another app. That is why the term "super cookie" was used. I want to say that there are many places/apps (Acrobat, Flash, etc) where cookies can be set/read independant of the browser. This is big money to online advertisers, so lots of brains have been put to the task of finding places to write data to track users.

I snagged the add on reccomended, I didn't know it was out there.



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Yes, your comments certainly do make ME nauseous.  You have waved your hands about, and tried to distract from the issue at hand, but it doesn't matter, because the fact is you never made those trades, you just play around in a fake account.  You can go back and insert all the photoshopped images you want, but the real ones were recorded.

You have zero credibility.  You are done here.  The only reason for you to stick around is in the hopes that people will forget.  Well, that's too bad, because you have made a large negative impression on too many people to be forgotten, just like every other troll that has spammed the comment section with his tripe, only to disappear in shame (and then to reappear with a new user name a few weeks later, unless he already had a new one prepared).

But yeah, volatility keeps increasing, spot keeps falling, so it looks like tmosley is 100% on that one.

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I'm not arguing over this anymore. The argument is on the blog and over 100 comments you can read it yourself. The viewershi[ continues to increase and I don't solicit it anymore so word of mouth is good enough for me. In your vain attempt to discredit me you look increasingly sophomoric, so get overself. NO reset positons, whatever that SS he had was photo shopped. You can take this one to the forensic photo expert. 

Spot keeps falling? But you said spot and paper disconnected and that the comex was going to blow up and the paper price was going to $0 Has that happened tmosely?

Au_Ag_CuPbCu's picture

Without regard for the details of the argument...that something has not yet happened does not mean that it won't/can't.  Timing isn't all that easy to nail down...just sayin.

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Hurp a durp, u r sopmurik! 

Here's a hint, I'm not the one who proved what you are.  I just saw the proof, and since the one who found it doesn't seem to be around, I'm just reminding everyone.  I don't give a shit about you.  I only care about the truth, and you are the antinthesis of truth.  I'll never let your shit go unchallenged.

I'm sure you don't want to argue it any more, because you have been outed as a fucking liar.

Not only are you a liar, but you are so stupid you can't even tell the difference between the word "will" and the word "have".

You remind me of those jibbering apes who laughed at Peter Schiff on the subject of the housing bubble.

bob_dabolina's picture

The argument has already been had. Everyone saw the argument as I posted it on my blog. If it was bullshit why would people still be visiting it? Why would they be telling others to visit it? Because they saw the argument and know the truth. 

You can challenge whatever the fuck you want to challenge all you do is bitch and whine and say buy silver. That's the only thing you ever do is cry about shit. 

I'm going to enjoy my weekend. It's been a pleasure tmosely as always.

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On that same token, why do people visit snuff sites or watch MSNBC? Your logic is broken and anybody with half a brain can see that. Luckily for you, less than half of the people out there have half a brain.

Silver is the banks' achilles heel. It's common knowledge. The only people you are fooling are people too stupid to get it anyway. Enjoy your lemmings.

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Probably the same reason people slow down as they drive by the scene of an accident.  

Yes, I say buy silver.  And what has performed better than anything else since I have been saying "buy silver"?  Oh yeah, silver!


You, on the other hand, claim to have made two milly from your play account starting point of $100K by fighting the most epic bull run in decades.  Even if you did manage to catch only the downdrafts with your shorts, no-one else could ever replicate it.  As such, anyone taking your dumbshit advice has lost ass-tons of money, while anyone following my advice is even at worst, up some 300+% at best (if they went all in when I first started saying buy silver), and that is with PAPER prices.  Performance has been much better with physical.

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I don't have a dog in this hunt. In fact, this is the first I have heard of this. However, just making an observation ...

I'm not arguing over this anymore.

... yet you continue to post, respond, etc.

ZH is about ideas. I actually like contrary ideas! I want someone to get on ZH and post, in logical/intellectual terms why gold/silver is going in the shitter. I will take this idea in, chew on it, try to understand it, and ultimately accept or reject it. THAT is why I am on ZH; to change how I think about things. If I thought I knew everything, why would I be here?

Folks, there will be a time to sell your physical gold/silver. I am accumulating right now, but I will sure as hell sell a chunk of it in the future. I am training, right now, for my sell moment. I want all the ideas/knowledge/understanding I can get to help me top tick the fuck out of this "trade". So bring something USEFUL to the debate please.

On that note (just a debate tip); do what you say and say what you mean. You clearly have not done this. I am not going to go read your blog to see why you are right/wrong/whatever; you are not presenting an idea here in this forum. As best I can tell, you are bragging. I don't give a fuck if you are well over six foot (like me) and can palm a basketball (like me) and have huge lips (like me) and pretty hazel eyes (like me). None of that shit matters. It is as relevant as all the crap you have posted thus far.

I am getting older. Scrolling is hard work. I mean, I have to look at this shit, read it, think about it, and conclude you are a fucking idiot with a small penis and a mother who ignored you. So please do us all a kind favor and post IDEAS. Post EXPERIENCE. Post WISDOM. But for the love of god spare us the wha-wha-wha bull shit.

Thank you, please drive through.



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For those who care, I went digging through D_Bs history, just to see what the story was. This is what I found...

So, it appears he had a blog where he bragged about how he turned X in to 24X in one year. But some ZHers went through the screen shots and identified "discrepancies" and called him out on it.

I don't trade, I don't know, and I don't care (beyond sharing what I found because my curry had to simmer for 45 minutes). I still didn't get any good idea/information, so this is a pissing contest as far as I am concerned.



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You pretty much hit the nail on the head.  The sum total of his argument against gold and silver is that I think they will go up.  I love it when trolls admit that their entire world revolves around me.  Proves the utter worthlessness of them as individuals, and as a class.

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Why gold/silver is going in the shitter: Debt Deflation. Is that logical/intellectual enough? Don't bother chewing on it, just let it sink, reallllll slow. If you grasp the concept too soon, you might shit your pants, depending on how much of the metal you have already bought. The time to unload was 1900 for gold and 49 for silver. , The inflation threat has clearly given way to the much bigger underlying trend, CREDIT CONTRACTION. Nearly all asset classes drop in value. If you beleive that commodities and the PMs are immune to this effect, your going to have a very cold winter. Hyperinflation resulting from political events is still a slim but possible outcome, but i wound't bet much on it. There is no amount of money that the FED will be able to print to overcome the massive weight of deflation, reason being the velocity of money has dropped like a stone. Keep the metal at your own risk, but hedge accordingly so you don't have a heart attack when your "safe haven" drops like a turd along with equities and everything else.

RobertMugabe's picture

We are not entering a prolonged, mild period of deflation, the kind of enviornment where gold would perform well compared to other asset classes as referenced in the artivle. Rather, we are entering a period of sharp credit contraction. 2008 was just a TASTE of the amount of natrual deflation is in the market. Has anyone ever noticed that the massive "money printing" by the fed only bought us 2 years of partially inflated equity and commotiy prices? The natural deflationary forces that were present in 2008 are already returning as consumers continue to deleverage and save more, many of which are making mortgage payments that now exceed the value of their home. The upcoming credit collapse will make the contraction in the thirties seem like just a little squeeze.

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Does anyone have a response to my argument ? Tyler, have anything to add? Or did you shit your pants as well?

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Sorry, was late getting back to the thread.

I do not purport to know what the future holds. I think anyone who is certain they do is selling something.

I will agree that deflation is the natural force right now. It is what would happen without intervention. However deflation also means the banks implode due to loans going well below par and all but sinking them. Thus the Federal Reserve is commited to inflation. They don't want hyper inflation (10%+), they want inflation (~4%) and they will not allow natural deflationary forces to take hold.

This is my current outlook.

PMs are my hyperinflation hedge. In deflation, I am going to bank, so I am not worried about deflation at all. It is hyperinflation that I need protect myself against.



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Victory for the bulls?

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Games HFT computers play!

Where is Alan Parsons when you need him?!?

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...and this is bullish?

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... not if you believe in charts.

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Black Monday 10/10/11.

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See those red circles on the chart? Perfect set-up.

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... not to forget Black Friday 11/11/11

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Monday is Columbus Day. Aren't the banks, utilities, etc closed on Monday?

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Can't happen on Columbo Day!!!!!!!!!!!!...........Banks are closed, oh darn it.

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Stock markets are open on Monday, and banks around the world are open on Monday.  (It's only Columbus Day in the U.S.).

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looks like a 9.0 electroquake with a few pretty hard aftershocks.

The economy is dead, no its fantastic, oh hell its crap, no boundless oportunities for all, shit on a stick Cramer was wrong, back up the truck Cramer was right. 

Go all in if you dare, you've got a 50% chance to make a killing or lose it all. Better odds than roulette.

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"Shake 'N Bake"

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Did you see that? That just happened.

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LOL@ using stops...

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silence before storm

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Calm seas ahead? Thanks Gawd. I've been dry heaving and my shorts are all soiled.