As Dow Passes 13,000 In Nominal Terms, Here Is The "Real" Picture

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Three charts that perhaps will calm the nominal euphoria as Dow 13000 screams across the screens. Since May 2008, the Dow is unchanged in price and down 50% in 'real' gold terms. The picture is just as disheartening from the start of 2011 and 2012. Next stop Dow 20,000 and Gold 20,000?

From May 2008, The Dow priced in Gold is down 50% while we have nominally recovered unchanged.


From the start of 2011. The Dow is up 11.35% while in real terms it is down 12.4%...

and from the beginning of this year, the Dow is up 4.8% while in gold 'real' terms, it is down 4.25%...

Charts: Bloomberg