DOW(N): 521

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Remember when the Chairsatan announced that the US entered a recession yesterday and nobody noticed, even when Zero Hedge said it would take the market a day for the "sophisticated market players" to figure what just happened. No? We have one word... well, and one number: DOW(N): 521.

And as for Bank of America... the market appears to have great confidence in Moynihan's words... Just great.

Oh yes... gold

Full market U.S. market recap: 4pm (courtesy of Bloomberg All News)

  • S&P 500 down 4.5% to 1119.91
  • Dow down 4.7% to 10707.45
  • Nasdaq down 4.1% to 2380.77
  • S&P Mid 400 down 3.4% to 796.75
  • Russell 2000 down 5.3% to 659.61
  • Front Month Crude up 2.8% to $81.5
  • Front Month Gold up 3% to $1791.4
  • EURUSD down 0.1% to $1.4182
  • 10-yr yld down 17bps to 2.08%

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Cleanclog's picture

Debt saturation!  QE2 gone in a poof!  Except we owe taxes on it in the future!

NewThor's picture

Ben Bernanke is the 3rd anti-Christ.

Ben Bernanke is MABUS.

When does MABUS want the economy to collapse?

Who can fight the beast?

WonderDawg's picture

Please. You give Bernanke WAY too much credit. He merely takes orders from the 3rd anti-Christ.

wisefool's picture

Most theologians say that the antichrist is not a single person. They say it is the misguided intentions of many men aggregated into a seemingly innocuous/negligent form.

I leaned another word today: Gucci Gulch. Thank You university of MSNBC.

TruthInSunshine's picture



Bernankincide:                                        Who's there?

Goldman:                                                Goldman Sachs.

Bernankincide:                                       Goldman Sachs who?

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan:           Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, too.

Bernankincide:                                       What do you want?

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan:           QE3.

Bernankincide:                                      Not now.

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan:          Fine, bitch. Hey Americans, how do ya like your 401(k) now that The Bernank said no more cupcakes, bitchez?



I don't think that was a properly constructed knock-knock joke. But it works for me.

clymer's picture

where's Robot Trader? mumbling in a booze-induced coma?

AdahPrice's picture

It got the point across.  Truly, IRAs and 401Ks were traps which led many a cube-farm worker into the Wall Street swamp, wherein Banker/Trader mosquitoes slowly bled him dry.

It's like when you put a General Partner and some Limited Partners together.  The Limited Partners bring money and leave with experience.  The General Partner brings experience and leaves with money.

IRA and 401K "participants" are Limited Partners.  Banker/Traders are General Partners.

Bobbyrib's picture

My IRA and 401K is all in cash. I suspect that to be the case of many of my fellow posters. We knew this day would come.

mayhem_korner's picture


As indicated in another post, I finished divesting of equities about 3 months ago, but for a few holdings in raw materials and energy.  Everything else is cash, physical commodities, and some short-duration bonds (which I'll drop soon enough).

Been an up week so far!

Diogenes's picture

If youre not into the whole brevity thing.

Midwest Prepper's picture

"Most Theologians?"  Not so much. (I'm not saying anything about the identity of the anti-Christ) Maybe if you count people who don't believe that the Bible is to be taken seriously, you would have a population of such "theologians." But they view the Bible as a "living document" that is subject to every latest whim and fancy of how to interpret the Word to their benefit.

mayhem_korner's picture

Most theologians say that the antichrist is not a single person.

I'd be cautious about such generalities.  My view is that anything that distracts from belief in the risen Christ is an antichrist, of which there are, have been, and will be many.  Many (perhaps most, I do not know) interpret the writings of Daniel, 2 Thessalonians, John's letters, and Revelation to identify a supreme, capital "A" Antichrist who deceives the great masses.

DormRoom's picture

$TSX in the green.  Do you think fund managers are dumping financials, and rotating into mining/gold plays? Decoupling?

my puppy for prez's picture

Do you REALLY need to ask that question?!!!  Proof's in the pudding, baby!

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

come on you slackers lets do -650...USA USA USA!!!!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

There is always tomorrow.

There feels like some unfinished business to the downside. On the other hand the S&P did hold 1120 at the close. Then again it closed at the day's low.

Can you say U G L Y?

Forgiven's picture

The S&P didn't "hold 1120 at the close" Ben & Co held at that level.  The delusional thinking that a market exists is one of the strongest cognitive dissonance of our time. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I do understand what you are saying.

However I didn't say the "fair and orderly" market closed nor did I say the unmanipulated market. Just that the market did hold. Just because the market is manipulated does not mean the manipulation doesn't take advantage of technical levels. In fact, if I were to manipulate the market that is exactly what I would do because that is what algos and people watch during high volatility.

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Market: A system in which individuals own the factors of production and decide individually how to use them; a system with completely decentralised economic decision making.

I guess its difficult to separate gov from big business when the two have blended into a fascist fellatio performance.

Hamsterfist's picture

Government has always existed to be slave for the elities.  Why is this a surprise?  Why does everyone expect pristine markets, when they have never been so?  

pods's picture

U.G.L.Y, You ain't got no alibi, you ugly!


andybev01's picture ugly, yo momma says you ugly!

Almost Solvent's picture

You wack

You twisted

Yo' Girl's a ho

You broke 

Kid ain't yours

And everybody knows

Your old man say you stupid

You be like so

I love my baby mama

I never let her go

A Texan's picture


Of course, I'm not too upset in the short term, as I've got Dec. calls on a triple inverse S&P 500 ETF.  So I'm making fiat.  But the situation in the economy just sucks.  There is so much uncertainty that jobs aren't being filled, projects are being cancelled or postponed, and many people are simply not spending money that they have.  None of that is good - and it is the job of government to provide a stable system in which to conduct business.  I blame mostly Obama for the incredible jump in non-confidence - after all, he's the President, and his childish blame-the-other-guy antics show that he's NOT a leader.  Congress on both sides is certainly to blame for not keeping the budget under control for the last several decades, and also for letting the banksters run wild iwth a guarantee of not failing.  The SEC and the Fed should be disbanded.  Basically, government has failed us - people of both parties, whether elected or appointed.  It is way past time for a big change.  Maybe we could use an American Spring - just to shake up TPTB.  I don't want an actual revolution, but things MUST change or we're going to end up crashing and burning like Rome.

New_Meat's picture

Watch that ultra-ETF decaying effect, pardner.

Dick Fitz's picture

"I don't want an actual revolution, but things MUST change or we're going to end up crashing and burning like Rome."

Texan. I don't think many people on ZH (despite their rhetoric) want to live through a revolution. They are bloody, dangerous, and often lead to outcomes worse than the original problem. Unfortunately, there is ZERO political will (due to the corporate owned and controlled media/government/banking/military nexus) to change the system in constructive ways. Until government is radically scaled back in size, scope and power, with most (if not all) functions devolved back to the local level, these problems will continue until the system snaps.

I'm not looking forward to the inevitable breakdown (or as Mises calls it, the Crack Up Boom) but I AM prepared for it, as much as someone can be.

Founders Keeper's picture

[I don't think many people on ZH (despite their rhetoric) want to live through a revolution.]---Dick Fitz

I agree. 

Peaceful restoration of our nation's founding principles is preferable.

Reexamine TJefferson's oft quoted statement:  "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure." (Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Stephens Smith, dated 11-13-1787.)

IMO, Jefferson was not inciting or condoning bloodshed.  He was resigning to its tragic inevitable reoccurrence.

(The posters on ZH that eagerly await the unlikely--yet possible--Road Warrior scenario are ZHedge's juveniles, the anarchists.  The ones who have no plans or intentions of helping neighbors as suffering prevails.  Like self-centered children.  You know the ones---the ones who within 72 hours of TEOTWAWKI will be full fetal.  They will need a little love when the time comes.) 

Incidentally, I disapprove of leftists even more than I do anarchists.  The anarchists deceive themselves; the leftists deceive others.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

A quote from a coming article of mine.

What we desperately desire is for the thieving and insanity to end and for a return to the mythical land of Norman Rockwell. Can’t say I blame us, though it appears to be time to short unicorns and fairy tales and go long courage and cooperative collusion. Aside from preparing ourselves for the collapse, what are we doing to prepare our nation, state and community for this new beginning? Is it a matter of each of us waiting for everyone else to go first? Yeah, that will work wonders when the unrest goes local.

Bolweevil's picture

I was pipe-reaming the other day with a not too dissimilar thought that this forum is as best as any to propose and draft the new framework for our next government. Perhaps we could develop a forum (what happened to the forum tab?) to submit ideas? I remember a poster who claimed to have won a local election who was supportive of the thoughts expressed here, perhaps there are more? Who amongst us fancies themselves as a leader?

Ancona's picture

Apocalypse on, standard issue doom off.

cossack55's picture

Damn. The local shops are out of 7.62x39 again.  A little .45 left. Oops. Too late.

RobD's picture

Big Reno Gun Show is next weekend. I'm taking a my hand cart and a bunch of FRNs.

LFMayor's picture

I"d love to see that venue some day.  On other side of the river, the smaller, (but still big) Indy gun show is coming up at the state fairgrounds 26, 27, 28.   Highly recommended.   Bring cash, bitches.

cossack55's picture

I went there in Mar 09, right after the Teleprompter was innaugurated.  The line was 3 deep about two football fields long.  Gotta get there early and by then will need handcart to carry FRNs.

LFMayor's picture

I was there Jan of this year and it was the most crowded I've seen yet, nut to but down every aisle, but I admittedly missed the one right after the Mocha Messiah got the job.  There weren't a lot of guys carrying stuff to sell either, just a conga line of purchases headed out the door.  A few years back you could really get some good deals on "carry ins", now it seems everyone is hoarding and stocking up.  They all smell smoke on the wind.

RobD's picture

Hey I was there with ya. Went both Saturday and Sunday, loaded up on ammo Saturday morning before it got too crowded. Sold a .45 glock in the line waiting to get in for my asking price. I'm going Friday afternoon after work this time, hopefully there won't be too many there at 3:00pm.

Prometheus418's picture

Be a good man, and pick up some silver at the coin shop beforehand instead of walking in with those FRNs- the boys at those guns shows will likely give you a discount if you them with real money.  (At least, they do in WI.)

RobD's picture

I do too but only .40 and 10mm right know, will be picking up dies and conversion kit for .223 and .308 for my Dillion soon.

cossack55's picture

Remember last time. The primer market for reloaders is at the bottom of the que.  The big boys (Federal, Remington, Winchester) all have priority on the 12 billion primers (peak production).  May want to start there.

Eagle Keeper's picture

I could use some more large pistol primers. I like my .45ACP

LFMayor's picture

+1 that.   Notice that it's making money for WOLF to ship them all the way over here now, too.  Never saw those before the shortage crunch and the price increase. 

Abiotic Oil's picture

Primers were pure unobtainium for a year after "The One" was elected.  I wasn't expecting it and got caught short.  I have since remedied that problem... forever.

krispkritter's picture

My sister called about a week ago, told me my old man had passed on. I hadn't spoken to him in over 20 years because of a laundry-list of issues when I was in my teens. It seems we didn't have anything to talk about. I was then informed he had 44 guns and a couple of grenades when they searched the house. Maybe we had more to talk about now, than we ever did before. I do remember reloading 5k rounds of .223 in HS, but I guess I missed the significance of preparation. What a difference a few decades makes...

Bolweevil's picture

Sorry to hear of your loss.

Kobe Beef's picture

Funniest market call I've heard in a week. Apocalypse On!

Great call!