DSK Says Greece Is Done

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Funny how all it takes for people to tell the truth is to no longer be part of the status quo. Yesterday, former UK PM and gold trader extraordinaire Gordon Brown said the 2011 financial crisis is worse than that of 2008, and now we have the man who until 5 months ago was head (it just never gets old) of the IMF, saying that Greece is finished.

From Bloomberg:


And in other news...


Which probably means he will run for Prime Minister of Italy. After all, most politicians only talk about putting their youth to work. Only Italian PM's actually do it.

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Hman's picture

STRAUSS-KAHN is looking for another hotel maid...

unky's picture

A man in his position, just needs to make a statement like this and he gets free hookers. Nice.

WonderDawg's picture

Personally, I think the guy was framed.

destiny's picture

Framed just like Madoff !  but in exchange of what ?   French politicians are so full of air that they ve been awaiting his return like the messie...many dont give much consideration on the fact that the man is a sick one, that he's running for the banksters and that his framing was probably in exchange of something... we ll soon find out.   

Waffen's picture

100 percent certainty. 


Quid Pro Quo.   "Hey DSK, you can spend your life in prison getting butt fucked or we can let you go, just dont run for President Capiche?"

WonderDawg's picture

Yep, or something very close to that. Don't be surprised if he has a mysterious fatal accident in the near future.

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French presidential hopeful Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Sunday acknowledged "moral fault" in a sexual encounter with a New York hotel chambermaid, but insisted that he engaged in no "aggression or constraint" that should have resulted in his arrest.



AnAnonymous's picture

Justice seeds disorder. That is why Justice will always be loathed by US citizens who prefer largely the comfort provided by injustice.

Akrunner907's picture

Do you ever wonder that maybe they (ECB, IMF, Euro Banks) were looking for another patsy that would bend to their will?  I am surprised they didn't go for the big enchilada of having him OD on some designer drug. 

Lord Welligton's picture

My God.


Now he's trying to fuck Greece.

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The way greece was acting, You know she wanted it.

boiltherich's picture

Yeah, those slutty Mediterranean beaches, all those nude statues, ouzo seeping from every suntanned pore, no wonder he can't control himself. 

Papasmurf's picture

Is Snookie in Greece?  I thought she went to Itally.  What an itchy situation.

Long-John-Silver's picture

What's up with that little bitch? I don't get it. Perhaps I'm too old or something but I can't stand to even look at her.

destiny's picture

he fucked the world in this useless enslaving IMF! so fucking Greece should'nt be to hard for him !

destiny's picture

he fucked the world in this useless enslaving IMF! so fucking Greece should'nt be to hard for him !

fockewulf190's picture

"Now he's trying to fuck Greece."

Looks like he likes going greek.

Captain Benny's picture

Maybe he realized that you're supposed to use lubricants other than grease when attempting rape... guilty or not, this guy is still a dirtbag.

madgstrader's picture

Funny as.

"Only Italian PM's actually do it"

glad I wasn't drinkin beer when i read that. or else my computer screen wud be stickier than a teenage boys wank mag.

Captain Benny's picture

Tyler, I wish I could buy you a beer...

Island_Dweller's picture

You'd be buying more than one as there is certainly more than one person behind the moniker of Tyler Durden.

bugs_'s picture

what is the difference between complete and finished?

Lord Welligton's picture

You'd need to hire a New York defence lawyer to get that answer.

Captain Benny's picture

I don't have Black's legal dictionary, but I'll take a shot:


Finished - marked by the highest quality : consummate <<< DING DING DING! WE HAVE A WINNER!

Complete - 1a : having all necessary parts, elements, or steps <acomplete diet>

 b : having all four sets of floral organs c of a subject or predicate : including modifiers,complements, or objects 2 : brought to an end : concluded <a complete period of time> 3 : highly proficient <a complete artist> 4 a : fully carried out : thorough <a complete renovation>b : totalabsolute <complete silence>c of a football pass : legally caught


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That's funny, because we all said DSK was done, too. But I think he's got it right this time. Late.... very late. But right. He doesn't want to look irrelevant by being the last to say it out loud right before Greece declares default this week. 




zorba THE GREEK's picture

DSK knew Greece was finished when he was head of IMF. He was pushing for

Greek default because that was in Greece's best interest. Even though DSK

may be somewhat of a pig in his personal lifestyle, he still has some compassion

for the people of Greece and was about to broker a debt restructure deal for

Greece when he was framed. HE was an easy target because of his reputation,

but just because he was a pig doesn't mean he has no taste in women. If DSK

wanted to get laid in NYC, he would have called a high class service as he had

done in the past. 

hardcleareye's picture

The maid should have done to DSK what Lizbeth Sanders in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo did to her "probation officer" Bjurman....


Léonard's picture

Greece is not finished. Greece will recover pretty well once they'll leave the Eurozone and f**** the anglo-american banksters.

knukles's picture

Right... He knew all along but as IMF chief shit shoveler deluxe had to tow the Illuminati party line.  Which he didn't and got put paid.

Now, he has a bug up his ass with the IMF, Illuminati and Ms. LaGrandeLaGuard and this is his way of saying... fuck you very much.

Dick Darlington's picture

Straight from the ambushed politician's playbook. "You bring me down, i'll bring You all down!"

LMAO's picture




DSK Says Greece Is Done

LMAO Says DSK Is Done

nmewn's picture

Knock knock...hellooo?...room service!!!

UGrev's picture

You want bring you towel? 

english serf's picture

I can't stand to look or listen to politicians now. How have we let these people leech off us?

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

I feel the same way about the establishment corporate media.  If they told me the sky was blue I would run outside and doublecheck!

madgstrader's picture

"stickier than a teenage boys wank mag." prhaps I shud av said" Sticker than a New York chambermaids chin" eh?

doomandbloom's picture

talk like this will see more women come out of the woodwork....

Hman's picture

A whole tribe of ugly negro woman ...

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Not true Tyler. Traders both buy and sell. Gordon Brown just sells...

... well, actually, let's give it time, maybe he'll buy back into gold when it's 10,000GBP an ounce.

Market Efficiency Romantic's picture

DSK retaliation! He knows, who played him and he knows their interests, so why not blow them up now? Will probably sit with his billionaire wife in the salon and laugh at Sarkozy arguing on TV why France is safe and does not deserve the sovereign credit downgrade.

UGrev's picture

Slightly OT: The greeks could learn from my 8 year old son.. for that matter.. so can we. 

I asked my son if he wanted to make money and he says "yes". So I ask him how can we make some money.. he shrugs his shoulders and says "I don't know.. but I'm totally not printing though.. ".   I just had to laugh and thought I'd share that gem of wisdom from an 8 year old. 

Doña K's picture

Perhaps you should specify "The Greek government" not the Greek people. They are prosperous with 80% home ownership paid off. It's the pigs in the government and the banksters that are bringing Greece down.

As far as your son's answer: Brilliant. I bet you next year he will ask you if you own gold. 

Judge Holden's picture

You raise an interesting question though - how much is it the responsibility of the people when they put dumbasses or criminals in charge?

Doña K's picture

Idealism and populism + class warfare, devides and conquers. Now even the G-Pap crowd is carrying nooses in the main square. Symbolism/ Yes! but the Greeks will eventualy hang them ala Ceausescu

WonderDawg's picture

You sound as though the politicians came out and said, "I'm a dumbass and a criminal, so vote for me." The voters are guilty of falling for the lies, not intentionally voting for criminals and dumbasses. The voters are guilty of not seeking the truth, but they've been conditioned not to question the party lines, just vote for the best looking or best sounding, most persuasive and convincing criminal. Guilty of voting for the lesser of two evils, but these are the only choices allowed the TPTB.

There is no lesser evil. The candidates selected by TPTB as our choices are equally evil, regardless of party.