The ECB Is Delighted That Three Of Its Sponsored Teams Have Made It To The Euro2012 Semi-Finals

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They may not be doing much of anything else lately (except for now proudly accepting Spiderman towels are collateral of course), but the European Central Bank sure is a fan of football, and the fact that three of the four teams in the Semi-finals come from countries officially funded by the ECB. We do have the feeling that letting Germany slip into the congratulatory tweet below was a mistake that will cost someone their taxpayer funded job.

Ironically, while it has been the world against Merkel in bailoutnomics for the past several months, the key battle for Europe has now shifted to the football stadium as well. 

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Aziz's picture

Art mirroring life; Germany vs PIGS in Euro 2012 finals.

I'm rooting for the German taxpayer.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Hillarious. Germany will win.

veyron's picture

Never underestimate the spaniards!

JPM Hater001's picture

Just checking but that still spells PIGS right?

ArgentoFisico's picture

Mondiali 1970, semifinale : Italia-Germania 4-3


Mondiali 2006, semifinale : Italia-Germania 2-0

sunaJ's picture

Mirroring it, what is being implied is clear:




The ECB is delighted to say tough shit to France, England and Greece

verum quod lies's picture

Technically it's Germany vs. the PISs.


Eireann go Brach's picture

Tyler is definitely not a yank!

Sudden Debt's picture


No wonder we couln't play in the EK... The ECB isn't sponsoring us YET

JeremyWS's picture

Thank you for calling it football as opposed to soccer, it means a lot.

TrainWreck1's picture

How do they decide when a game ends? Does one of the teams or their country run out of money and they have to dash off for another bailout?

knukles's picture

The defensive back collides with the wing right and they both fall down to the turf and pretend to be in complete anguish whilst cursing one anthers mothers further enraging the other defensive back who is the brother of the wing right who forgot to take his meds and begins kicking the downed defensive back in the face drawing a red card.  Meanwhile the visitor's goalie takes off his prosthetic leg and hops about waving it in the air hollering some shit about sending all the Muslims back to Karachistan where the line judge comes from who then sticks his whistle in the goalies eye socket.
At that point, the chain link fence enclosing the British thugs gives way and the skin heads begin terrorizing the small villages just outside the stadium portals causing the host country to call upon the EU's rapid response military battalion to come restore order who in turn have to request transportation from the Yanks via NATO headquarters in Belgium which is closed (the country, not the headquarters) for National Reconciliation Day between the Flemish and Walloons which has failed due to the lack of interpreters.
By this time the August vacation celebration time has arrived and everybody takes the month off except the poor bastards whose accounts are still frozen at the RBS who in turn burn Edinburgh to the ground thereby alleviating the tabloids from consuming further ink debating who won the unfinished EU championship.

Nobody For President's picture

Oh fuck me knucks, you outdid yourself on this one!

francis_sawyer's picture

Never a problem with those injuries... Just like with the banks, all they have to do is apply some magic spray and the player gets right up off the ground...

razorthin's picture

All the stoppage time on the ponzi clock must be why the real game isn't over yet.  Funny thing about stoppage - you never know how much time is left.

Conman's picture

I bet you the twat that tweets for them gets paid more than most privet sector employees, doesnt pay taxes, and will have a sweet pension.

CharlesH's picture

Brot & Spiele - Gewalt und Unterhaltung im antiken Rom 1/3

You need to understand the german language to examin this.


Cathartes Aura's picture

wot a surprise - Central Banking supports the distractions of NationState Sports Teams.

go team spirit!!!  we know whose side yer on!!!

Sudden Debt's picture

To bad the troika can't make it to greece this week...
I guess they have to go to Spain first on monday when they'll demand money by asking for it.

Tsar Pointless's picture

The ECB gives out the bread.

Now, they sponsor the circuses.

My, how you've come full-circle, serfs of Europe.

Catflappo's picture

What a shame the Greeks didn't prevail against the Germans.   Then the tweet would have been thoroughly PIGS-centric!

YesWeKahn's picture

PIGS in that order: Portugal champion, Italy second, etc.

Then everything else is solved. 

RobotTrader's picture

Euro now imploding yet the average joes in Europe could care less, they are totally enamoured with football right now.


Always a distraction, the crisis will come and go and 80% of the people will never even know there was a crisis.

CharlesH's picture


We are living with the internet.

80% is long gone :)

IndicaTive's picture

Now you're not even trying. Are you tired?

I am Jobe's picture

The Affair Between Europe, Mobile Phones Is Ending

in the USSA they want the phones to make love to them.

magpie's picture

That's going to be one reliable index of increasing poverty. Unless the state starts paying for mobile plans wholesale...

jonjon831983's picture

I don't want to demean any victories here, but a thought that has been in my mind is whether or not these are "rigged" games in some way.


Why let them win?  Well, of course a little morale boost.

magpie's picture

It's actually a pretty stupid plan if somebody did attempt it. In the original state, when a country gets thrown out the fans would have to transfer their allegiance to another remaining team, which would have fostered  more a realistic, non 'participation prizes for everyone' type sympathy between nations in Europe.

jonjon831983's picture

hm interesting


Anyways, the thought came when I read about how some shady dealings were going on with FIFA?

Just a quick search:



magpie's picture

They need their own rating agency..oh wait.

miltiadis's picture

ECB tweeted about Football!

what's next? 

TWSceptic's picture

Bernanke twee.. oh wait...

IndicaTive's picture

Fucking Monty Python-Esque.




jcamargo's picture

Not enough to generate a distraction. We need an all-month gladiatorial season to be sure.

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Tylers, I am currently being denied my right to vote up and down. I get much better enjoyment out of my day if I expressed my opinion about individual posts and how they made me feel personaly. I am also too lazy to spend time diagnosing the problem although I am aware it could be my own PC. So IF this is a site issue... I am anxiously awaiting for my voting rights to be restored    :-)

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Lucky, I voted you down just to test and exercise my own rights, no hard feelings:-)



TWSceptic's picture

When I think of the ECB now, I see an image of a group of people drinking beer and eating chips while watching soccer games and tweeting about it. Occasionally getting a phone call about some urgent monetary matter they shake off with a 'sorry we're busy now'.

Yogieu's picture

PIGS = Portugal Italy Germany Spain

Alejandrito's picture

Gary Lineker:"Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win"

Merkel:"Economy is a simple game: 27 members discuss and at the end, the Germans always win"