ECB Deposit Facility Usage Hits New Record

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Not much to say here that has not been said daily for the past 2 weeks: the ECB's Deposit Facility use soared to a new all time high of €453 billion, and increase of €7 billion overnight and higher than, well, ever. The conclusions here are well known - there was no seasonality to the year end spike (because it is now next year), and the LTRO cash is not being used, as pessimistically expected here first. When the next LTRO prices on February 29, expect this number to peak at around €700 billion. And so LTRO by LTRO, the ECB will prefund the entire roughly €2-3 trillion capitalization shortfall in European banks but not before the 3rd 2012 European bank stress test tells us banks only need €0.69 billion in capital (and Dexia is fine despite its bankruptcy).

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Shows the strong support for Mario Draghi!

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LOL you mean Mario Draghi will become EuroBanker of the year?

the banker even banks trust  LOL

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Let's see Graghi save Unicredit - UniCredit, Italy's biggest bank by assets, has had its shares supended after dropping 9.9pc this morning. It revealed it sell new shares at 43pc less than yesterday’s closing price, excluding the value of rights, in a €7.5bn offer to strengthen its capital position.

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MillionDollarBonus will buy this. No doubt. They are "highly ranked professionals" after all. What could go wrong?

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German and Italian Banks

Sellers in Deutsche Bank  till 15 Euros,

Most exposed to Hungarian Default...

Risk on coming


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Inverse profitable carry trade.

If there is this much risk aversion going on, WTF is floating the markets?

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 China's got some huge irregularities in debt...bigger problem is about to emerge

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1 Trillion is the new 30BN, with regard to ECB deposits, so all is well in the land of Ponzi.

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I bet we see the overnight deposit drop by the amount of German Bunds sold today....

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Let's see how the "pea shooter" EFSF manages to raise 3bn in 3yr @ swap+45. Last time it wasn't too hot...

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Repeat with me

F R A N C E    I S     N O T     T R I P L E      A


EFSF needs to raise 35% more funds as neither is AAA.


*Its impossible to save all European Banks

1.Nationalizations coming

2.Super Raising Equity Schemes -RECAP (but with huge discounts)

3-Toxic Assets( Specially in Hybrids, + Real Estate Loans and other collateralized products are over 2.58 Trn Euros).....

ISDA- CREDIT EVENT in greece, Hungary,Italy.....


Sell off coming yeah yeah...

French banks gonna be below 0.1x P to book value

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A record at least for a day.

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Same as it ever was.  When will wall street banks/brokers and other financial paper-pushing fucknuts be held accountable?   Look like some banks may expect to have their feet held to the fire.  Boring world indeed.

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If the ECB is going to preform an LTRO every quarter and print somewhere around 5x10^11 euros each time there will be problems. 

1) The dollar is going to rise. This will force Bernanke to create money and lower the dollar. The Ecb will respond by lowering the EUR. It will be a race in who can slash their currency the most.

2) German inflation. ZIRP + bailouts + LTRO is very inflationary. I refuse to believe that years of this can go by unpunished. I am not necessarily talking about hyper inflation. 20% inflation in Germany could really rock the boat.

On a related note, does anyone know what Germany's inflation was during the last half of 2011. I can't find anything on google.

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"the ECB will prefund the entire roughly €2-3 trillion capitalization shortfall in European banks" - can anyone tell me how the €2-3 trillion figures were generated?  Thx.