ECB Doesn’t Rule Out “PIIGS” Gold as Collateral for Gold Backed Eurobonds, Sends Gold Soaring

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ECB Doesn’t Rule Out “PIIGS” Gold as Collateral for Gold Backed Eurobonds

Gold and the Swiss franc are higher today as risk aversion has returned with global stock markets falling on concerns the US employment figure later today will disappoint and confirm that the US economy continues to weaken.

Gold is trading at USD 1,853.50, EUR 1,300.10 , GBP 1,143.30, CHF 1,446.50 and JPY 142,320 per ounce.

Cross Currency Table

Gold’s London AM fix this morning was USD 1,854.00, EUR 1,301.23, GBP 1,143.81 per ounce. The gold fix was higher than yesterday’s in all currencies - USD 1,815.50, EUR 1,270.73, GBP 1,118.95 per ounce.

Today, the President of the ECB, Jean- Claude Trichet did not rule out a gold backed euro bond in an interview with ‘Il Sole 24 Ore’ published on the ECB’s website.

The comments were a response to former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi who proposed - in Italian national daily business newspaper ‘Il Sole 24 Ore’ last week - the creation of a euro bond backed by member states’ gold reserves.

Prodi was President of the European Commission from 1999 to 2004.

Trichet was asked about “the creation of a fund guaranteed by the gold reserves of countries that would issue bonds to buy back national debt and make new investments.”

Trichet did not answer the question directly but said “at this stage, we have the EFSF bonds, which are bonds with a European signature. The main message of the ECB Governing Council to governments is to implement rapidly, fully, comprehensively the decisions taken by the European heads of state and government on 21 July.”

Reuters reported today in an article entitled ‘Gold sales would not solve Europe’s debt troubles’ that “Europe’s most indebted nations are under heavy pressure from their richer neighbours to sort out their finances, but they are unlikely to mimic the impoverished gentlefolk of old by selling off the family silver — or in their case, gold – to do so.”

Reuters recount how senior German lawmakers and politicians have advocated so called ‘PIIGS’ nations sell their gold to fund “bailouts”.
Reuters says that the “demands ignore the fact that this gold is not the property of the PIIGS' governments to sell.”

"Foreign exchange reserves are held and managed by central banks, not by governments," said Natalie Dempster, director of government affairs at the World Gold Council. "Forex reserves are set aside for specific purposes - defence of currency, payment of external debt obligations and payment of imports."

"In the past you could have had incidences where governments might try to overstimulate their economies by running exceptionally loose monetary policy before an election," she said. "That is a reason why it is critical, in an advanced economy, that central banks are independent”, said Dempster.

With regard to Prodi’s proposal to create a euro bond backed by member states' gold reserves, Reuters said such proposals remain little explored according to analysts.

GFMS' Klapwijk said that "it has slightly surprised me that some of them haven't looked harder at some creative uses of gold in terms of gold-backed bonds, which might be a useful way of trying to lower the cost of borrowing."

"But again, they come up against the fact that the scale of the borrowing required is so large that there are probably other ways of trying to deal with the problem rather than using gold. That would probably be a drop in the bucket."

Separately the Central Bank of Ireland has said that it will not disclose whether the gold reserves of Ireland (a paltry 6 tonnes) have been swapped or loaned out or had any other receivable status recorded against them (see Commentary below).

A senior administrative officer for financial control at the Central Bank of Ireland responded to an inquiry regarding the custody and ownership of Ireland’s gold reserves: “The bank is not, however, in a position to provide further information, nor to outline its investment strategy in relation to the gold holdings.”

G10 Currencies and Gold – 1 Year Performance

Gold’s lack of counter party and debasement risk and its safe haven status is resulting in it being slowly remonetised in the global financial and monetary system.

Gold’s status as a finite monetary reserve makes it ideal collateral today especially with the risk of contagion in the Eurozone and wider global financial system. 

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scratch_and_sniff's picture

Seek and ye shall find!

bankrupt JPM buy silver's picture

CNBC told me gold was a 5000 year old relic and I should sell the bubble top to buy NFLX...?

duo's picture

That was Robot Trader.

If you can sell physical gold 100 times over, then couldn't you say that Ireland has 600 tonnes?

smlbizman's picture

the point that seems to have been missed by most if not all comments this morn is the sentence that ...the piigs do not own there is managed by the central banks...and i would really assume the ole "possession is 9 tenths of the law" will rule the day..and as always, all of you "pedant" grammar nazis, with all due respect, can go fuck yourself now... 

EscapeKey's picture

CNBC told me the DJIA would be trading at 22,000, if HFT machines were banned.

StychoKiller's picture

NFLX is mighty tasty with ketchup, Gold -- not so much! :>D

Sudden Debt's picture

HAHAHAHAHA!! The ECB IS SO WRONG!!!! Gold isn't money! I bet Bernanke is laughing his pants off right now with those fools...


Crisismode's picture



Hey, if you had 8000 tons of gold valued on the books @ $42./oz, wouldn't you be laughing too?

DaBernank's picture

Collateral, bitchez.

unky's picture

This is the way to centralize power. When the ECB and the Fed have it all (leave alone the peanuts physical Gold which retail investors are buying), a new currency such as the SDR partly backed by Gold might be introduced. Who knows what is the plan of the elite...

DefiantSurf's picture


Gold used as a collateral asset, how long before China demands our gold as collateral?



StychoKiller's picture

Pretty, colored pieces of paper are just NOT enough fer some idjuts!  Whocouldaknowed?

DefiantSurf's picture

its all fun and games until somebody opens a vault....and there is nothing there.


Snidley Whipsnae's picture

"its all fun and games until somebody opens a vault....and there is nothing there."

Oh, there will be something in there... Thousands of claims on each bar that used to be there. :)

DefiantSurf's picture

As my friends at Soc Gen would say "Touche"


Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Sort of like when Bush opened the Social Security box and showed people watching on tv that it only contained paper instruments, not FRNs or Ts... Some sort of 'special' bonds... Although I wonder what is so special about another type of paper.

The only thing I appreciated about Bush... When it was 'just another god damned piece of paper'... he called it exactly that.

Sudden Debt's picture

must be the polishing department that has moved them. Please come back in a month, and probably the gold will be back...




Arthor Bearing's picture

The Polish Department took my gold?


Bicycle Repairman's picture

An audit of Ft. Knox may reveal that all the US has is "comedy gold".  Or as the BOE's Gordon Brown put it:  "Take my bullion.....please"

entendance's picture

Italy slackened budget efforts due to ECB -IFO's Sinn
"It was definitely wrong. It's not up to the ECB to buy Italian bonds," he said.


bania's picture

Traditional Solution.

chaartist's picture

Ireland =  leased everything out to asian people who are able to eat their gold too 

StychoKiller's picture

After all, gold is NOT "wolf's heart, dog's lungs!" (i.e., inedible/worthless!)

CClarity's picture

Gold as hedge on debt, not just inflation.

Debt/borrowing trades future consumption for present consumption, therefore in future borrower must consume less than what is produced.  If done rationally it works out.  Debt saturation nearly worldwide has been an exuberance that dramatically darkens the future.  Gold will hold a store of value when fiat disintegrates. 

DefiantSurf's picture


I just buy it because its shiny and pretty...


Sudden Debt's picture

I buy coins for the pictures on it, and if I clean em real good I can see myself.


GoldBricker's picture

I like how heavy they feel for their size.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Gold = Labor and Industry completed in the past, ergo, no counterparty risk

Paper Gold (an oxymoron) = A claim on labor and industry completed in the past, that may or may not be collectable due to counter party risk.

CClarity's picture

Paper Gold = fiat unless you inspect the vault, have a key, and a pound of flesh legal contract.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Excellent, I'll buy that definition!

I would add 'the ONLY key'... :)

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Quick, call Roubini!

Construct's picture

Eating gold is a tradition?

DefiantSurf's picture

"I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for gold I can eat today"

1835jackson's picture

Today will be interesting indeed. How many banks will be told..."you got served"

Sudden Debt's picture

The ECB better call for a priest because I don't think Europe has much time left.

Something between 1 week and 1 month.


WoodMizer's picture

Is the CME price fron yahoo misleading or what?

At Yahoo financial they say gold fell $200 or 12.22%.

WTF is the comex gonna burn today?

WoodMizer's picture

Why is the comex price $250?  I am aware of the real spot price; I was just wondering what's upwith the comex.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

I don't know but you need not start a panic or cause heart attacks on this site by posting that sort of shit...

Thunder_Downunder's picture

No way they would do this unilaterally....

chaartist's picture

maybe the can roll the can one two weeks longer when they try to calm the robots and sheep that they really have any gold left. The same in US. FED representant told congress that there is no gold in FED, they have only certificates and they have them very long time. So German gold is safe..NO Audit for 100 years, nobody can imagine how many trillion dollars were one will ever know.

Construct's picture

That is no problem. Just collect 500 bricks and spray paint them with gold color then have CNBC show the gold on TV. They would not even have to spray paint tungsten which has gone up in price. Just take any cheap shit bricks.

oogs66's picture

on top of it all, did anyone ask the rest of the PIIGS if they want to use their gold as collateral?

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Which vault holds the gold?  Is this some kind of 21st century version of 3 card monte?

mayhem_korner's picture

Just conspiracizing, here, but the CNBC peppering of the "gold standard" talk has me thinking...

What sovereign has the most gold within its borders: including in-vault and confiscate-able?  Are the misfit powers that be racing to some kind of (temporary) gold standard to even out the debt books and, if so, doesn't he who has the most gold hold the bully pulpit?

Just an early morning thought post last night's Wikileaks deep-dive...

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Gold in soverign possession? Much more secret than their nuclear capabilities.


mayhem_korner's picture

Snidley...was thinking more "within the borders" on the thought of "confiscation" being 90% of possession, which we know is 90% of the law. 

I was cleanin' the Remington and fondling some maples when the thought occurred to me that these two assets might be converging...

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

MK... James Turk has spent years trying to unravel gold flows and soverign possession and has yet to come up with numbers that make any sense. So many paper claims distort the numbers and the paper is sometimes reported in same line item as physical. Then there is the soverign paranoia (for good reason) and extreme secrecy and disinformation.

For instance, recently Saudia Arabia announced that they had 'found ' ~348 tons of gold that 'they did not know they had'. Also, China accumulates large quantities of gold over years and then announces that they are transfering 1,000+ tons from their soverign wealth fund to their central bank.

I believe that China is in possession of a lot more gold than stated. Also, Turk estimates that Indian citizens are in possession of ~15 tons of gold, not counting what Indian gov has.

Jim Rickards thinks that the US will confiscate German gold held in the US if push comes to shove... I don't doubt this. Germany has about 6,000 tons in US vaults. US has about 8,000 tons more or less. Say 14,000 tons in US not counting what US citizens, and other institutions hold.

It's all by guess and by golly.

Weapons? When you need one nothing else will do! Also, food, coffee, tea, liquor, ammo, medical supplies, sturdy clothing, sturdy foot wear, fuel, generators, batteries, hey... the list is almost endless. Of course, stuff that one has too much of can be traded for what one needs. Lots to consider.


DefiantSurf's picture


7.1 earthquake on the Aleutian islands, tsunami warning in effect

Long king crab bellies

Short crab boat insurance