ECB Dollar Swaps With New York Fed Jump To Highest Since 2009, Surpass Recent Liquidity Crisis Highs

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Following the LTRO and the recent spate of successful bond auctions (until today's tailing Spanish issues that is) European liquidity was supposed to be fixed, with 3M Libor dropping for weeks in a row, right? So perhaps someone can explain to us why the ECB's FX swaps with the New York Fed (reported by the European central bank 9 days in advance of confirmation by the Fed) just rose to a post-crisis flare up high of $89.3 billion, up from last week's $84.5 billion (the increase a function of new 7 and 84 Day swaps, each getting 10 and 17 participating banks, respectively), more than any other time in 2011, 2011, when the liquidity crisis was rampaging, and in fact the highest since July 2009. So: what is fixed again?

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Benjamin Fulford on American Freedom Radio 1-31-12

Some suspect that this is COINTELPRO.

Ben says that Sicily is on strike. This is the second source that has said this and there has not been a thing about it on the corporate news media.

Ben says the physical economy is being isolating from the financial economy which makes me wonder if this is why the Baltic Dry Index has fallen off a cliff recently.

Ben says the dark cabal may try to hit the eastern coast of the USA with a tsunami by sinking Las Palmas.

Ben talks about the prospect of a new monetary system but I think Ron Paul has the correct idea in that government needs remove all obstacles to gold and silver circulating as currency and the bill he has introduced is called Free Competition & Currency Act, HR 1098 – see

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It's in the MSM, it's just back page news next to the obituaries and buried under fist fulls of other ignored news.

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Fulford does report hearsay that turns out to be wrong sometimes, but it's still interesting to read it.

That site you posted is baloney though, but thanks for playing.

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Fulford? Really? The guy is a fraud. He is about as credible as Lindsey Williams.

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nothing is, bitchez.

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Anyone who looks at that chart (and dozens of others) and does not think we are in bizzaro land needs to lay off the drugs for a few days. :)

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Wouldn't more drugs help? The sheeple need to be reassured.

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I just refilled my Viagra script and I can reassure you that my raging erection is not distracting me in the least. Promise.

Now where did the spouse wander off to?

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If more people smoked weed, we wouldn't be in this mess.

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Yep.  Installing more 8 foot fence on a number of my properties.  Meeting with my employees and tenants on a more regular basis. Preparing, hunkering down.  Anyone who has run a business for the last ten years in the real economy (not the paper bullshit one) knows margins are cut back as far as they can go.   Dependable employees and friends will be worth their weight in gold and silver moving forward.  Hedge accordingly.  So will dependable power and water sources for that matter.

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Our margins are higher than ever and we are seeing a third straight year-over-year of double digit growth.  We've increased employee compensation by over 20% across the board and have increased staffsize by over 30% in one year.  Then again, we are in the data mining business. 

There isn't a greater need for our service, just pulling market share from competitors as consolidation in our industry quickens.  I know we are the exception to the rule of the crumbling US economy though.

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I get more business too as competitors whither on the vine. However, the business increasingly stinks with bad margins and shorter projects.

Just witnessed a colossal lay-off at one of my the hundreds just in the Dallas location.

Things aren't pretty but at least we all have Facebook to commiserate with one another.

On another prices are way up again at my local market.

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to preceding 3 posts .... thanks ... very insightful to hear the anecdotal impressions.

Since Fall of 2007, the teeter-totter has gotten more dramatic, volatile and sometimes violent in it's actions as the various governments & 'elites' try to 'manage' (firewall or contain) the cumulative damage (way more than just the Fall 2008 credit crisis .... some argue this goes all the way back to the New Deal and the 'isms' - socialism/fascism/communism, but more clearly link this to the late 1960s for a start ... 2008 was the torpedo that hit the badly designed ship's magazine).

We are in a damaged ship in a patch of icebergs ...... maybe we get through ... maybe we do not ... no one knows or can foretell such a thing.  These are arguably first time instances & experiences for humanity collectively ... there is no roadmap to the safe exit.

But we all know, those with cumulative experience, that in such situations your 'principles' are what will either save you or get you through when you have no template to revert to for guidance.  And personally, I think we in modernity have done everything we could do to toss over the side our heritage and cumulative societal wisdom (the baby has been tossed out with the bathwater) in our fallacy of mindlessly embracing technology as the, in-and-of-itself, solution to our woes & needs.

In Chinese historical parlance , 2012 is the Year of the Dragon ... which suggests that this is the 'make or break' year economically/financially.  We shall see .....  

Last ... never forget a Creditanstaldt experience to start the deflationary liquidity absorbing financial death run ...... could it come out of Europe, the current likely candidate like 1931, or might it be in the USA or China or ....?


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This sounds similar to my brother's recycling business. He took a big hit in '08 and early '09, and then things recovered as competitors went out of business; it down to him and one other, but business started to tank again back in August. He just recently relocated to a small building and cut his last employee -- the fascinating part being that the landlord funded the move and waived deposits, as he was the last tenant remaining in his building and the landlord wanted to turn it over to the bank!

My business took a 30% hit at the end of '08, and 2011 was a record year for me -- not because of growth, but because many of my customers (quite a few of which are subject to the two-minute hate here daily) decided to pay me for 2012 during the last three days of 2011. Over 20% of my annual billings for the year showed up via ACH deposits in those three days -- the obviously know 2012 is going to suck badly and were pushing expenses into 2011 to make 2012 look better than it really is.

Every manufacturing client I have as cut their forecast for annual growth almost in half since this time last year.

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What do you manufacture?  Our poultry side is up, so is the cotton and soybean part.  If you simply push paper, go fuck yourself.

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HR service based provider to companies across every spectrum of industry domestically.

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I am always busy and since November I have been swamped - I am booked 6 weeks out. When CRE values go up I'm busy and when they come done I am busy. I always try to get the "asset management" stuff that has to be valued every 6 to 12 months. I get a steady flow of those deals and have definitely gotten a reach-around from the low rates supporting the sale and refi markets.  Fees are weak and expenses are up, margins are squeezed big-time, but I work out of a home office and my IC sec'y is in another state. I work hard, live below my means and save and invest. No debt, low expenses, financially independent - been at it almost 30 years; not my first day in skool. 


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If more people smoked some herbs more people would understand what is happening.

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I really wish my ZH handle was Steppin Razor alas I signed up as Global Hunter (an inside joke only understood by me).  Thank Jah for the reggae music

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True, but too many reef smokers get complacent and dare I say, sheep-like.

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Dude, just chill out man.

And don't bogart that joint my friend. Pass it over to me.

(Not that I would know anything about that.)

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I do not enjoy transacting business with people who are high.  We Americans are dumb enough as it is.  Just try to get a stoned American to follow instructions or give you accurate information.  Have you ever been in a position as a professional where you absolutely must deal with someone high on coke?  And your job is to make them understand your position?  Good luck.

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Agreed. People who are high on the job are assholes. If you can't wait till you get home you really do have a drug problem. I hated doing business with alcoholics who came to work drunk, sneaked swigs from a bottle all day, and kept it up until they were caught passed out in the mens room. Then the company pays for drying them out. Repeat ad nauseum.

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I've probably smoked more reef than everybody on ZH combined. Of course I started a lot earlier. My only drug problem is that most of my suppliers died of old age.  :-0

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Your suppliers didn't die. They just became primary dealers for the Fed. :>)

They saw the wisdom of an unlimited "money" supply from the Fed and switched career paths.

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I doubt it and I will give you a negative arrow for even suggesting such blasphemy.

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The Federal Reserve is simply funding auctions in Europe ...

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Some day the Euro shorts will figure out who is really printing all the money.  Not that it matters too much.  All paper money is the same thing as long as these swap agreements and central banker cooperation are taking place.  The magic of the FOREX ponzi system is that anyone can print anyone else's digital money.

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Everyday these clowns watch Satan come for yet another soul...and everyday they cannot even fathom "i'm coming for you in due course as well."

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Yet another proof that the fiat experiment is basically dead.... and still there's no panic buying into whatever is real assests??!

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Be thankful that is hasn't happened - yet. It gives you a chance to fill your larder.

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It's working for now.. wealth effect via stock market rally in effect. 


you can't short given CB hard on for intervention.


We are in a liquidity trap.

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been in a currency war for 30+ years dude, the real trade wars are just getting started.

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This shit will only stop when EUR and USDs cant be traded for real goods.

Gonna be a damn long while, considering the sheeple.


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You are thinking that change will be gradual. It will occur so quickly that it will be like a light switch being turned to the 'on' position. Punctuated equilibrium.

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Right.  There has to be a trade-off for exporting inflation via the reserve status.  Foreigners can jump ship more easily than the US citizens.   Then the inflation comes home to roost. 

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IMO this is why the USA, UK and Israel need their war with Iran

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Shocked. Absolutely shocked. No one could see this coming.


Convienently, this was released before Stammerin' Ben's testimony.  (Raises eyebrow)

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What is fixed...

Elections, courtesy of Israeli electronic voting and vote counting machines, RNC/DNC collusion.

Media- if you like Kim kardashian, you're in heaven.

War- you'll learn to like it- or else!

Food- GMO is the way to go!


Your Wagon- for all the obvious reasons




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No worries.

Cramer said we are in a new bull market. Apparently Facebook is going to bring the marginal buyer of stocks back into the market. He did admit that stocks have been a horrible place to be over the last decade, which begs the question of why he was pumping them the whole time if they were such a terrible place to be.

Of course expecting introspection for Cramer is like expecting Bernanke to show restraint with policy (never going to happen)

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Pathetic ... No one with any sense believes this market besides the ex Goldman clown Cramer. No matter how much he may yell and scream.

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Why do people even watch that idiot? Oh, duh.