ECB Emergency Lending Facility Spikes Again

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EUR3.386bn was borrowed at a rate of 2.25% yesterday from the ECB's MLF - the highest in over a month. Whether this is related to UBS, we have no idea, but we await the denials form various French banks that they partook of this expensive funding.

Chart: Bloomberg

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For God's sake, Default and get it over with !!!!!

NewThor's picture

"The future is uncertain and the end is always near.

 so let's roll baby, roll."

I'm feeling so year 3000 tonight,

and I love all of you.

I'll take 7 billion and the truth

over a quadrillion federal reserve notes 

and a mountain of gold,

their alchemy is sooooo 

year 1000

energy. matter and emotion.

like, forever plus 

Central banks have shorted God

for far too long.

Kina's picture

Global financial system on the verge of collapse thus European stocks ramping up.....because according to Marketwatch it is all optimism.


I think Marketwatch authors must first shove their pens up their anuses before they write, since most of it reeks of shill shit in the extreme. Anybody reading sites like Marketwatch would be totally unaware of the critical problems that are facing the global economy right now and think a grand recovery is just over the next hill.


I expect fraud central banks to ramp stocks 10% 20% because everything is wonderful since Greece grabbed a twig on the way down the cliff face.

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So we've been anticipating the global financial collapse for years now, so it's going to happen this week finally? Don't bet your house, never underestimate banksters shenanegins & dirty tricks that continually delay judgement day. 

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Bullish as hell.

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Is that the opposite of the Bearish as Heaven trade?



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Europe needs a final solution for the problem of the pro-bailout shills.

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Don't the Germans have some experience with this "Final Solution" business?

magpie's picture

There already was someone on BBC calling for the Final Solution to the Debt Problem.

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french banks are reportedly well capitalized correct....oh wait thats bank of america never mind!

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And equities celebrating this and all the other great news from insolvent Europe. IBEX celebrating accelerating downward spiral in Spanis houseprices etc. Celebration bitchez!

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Doesn't matter. FRA/OIS dropping

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and EZ banks have gone into a panic buy up of's outta control.  

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Big Thanks ECB.. given me (and others) more time to 'Exit Stage Left' with our money not torched in a bank default ...ECB did the same in Irleand and Greece, pumped money in one end and the depositors exited with the cash out the other (love it;)

...mighty nice of you retards in Brussels, let's have a round of applause for the upside to Officialdumb (born stupid)  

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Futures like the news

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You keep on posting news all day and all night.  When do you sleep?  Are you a bot?  lol


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Yeah, that's a pretty early post for Tyler.  He may have a bot finding the news for him, but could a bot make witty, sarcastic comments?

I admit, I am a ZH addict, Tyler.  Thanks for all your work.

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Please post more pictures or videos of the ECB's MILF. I will be occupied massaging myself until the wipeout occurs. Long: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. "YAWN".

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The REAL economy continues to grind down in both the U.S. and Europe, (and elsewhere).  That is what will finally pull the plug on this reeking artifice.

A virtual economy can not sustain. 

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Watch gold as it is most likeley losing it's support and plummet towards $1710 per ounce.

Enkidu78's picture

I hope so, more for my fiat for now!!  It will always be going up though once US QE3 hits and UK QE2 starts.

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If you have not been a seller at the "ramp peak" * then I give you bad tidings. We have been making a killing selling you hope and a Holiday on the Old Titanic. 

Bunga Party Bitches.. my place


* "Ramp" is an upwardly sloping relief market (artifically placed by HFT computers) that has you out of pocket quicker than a Hooker with Herpes....... Should I now add .... Bitches


Pearls to pigs really

Aloysian's picture

A fast forward in the middle of a slow motion (crash)

Mentaliusanything's picture

And I should add the "BIG Finger"

Even the most practiced Colons can't take that big fella.. even Greek colons

P.S For SAT reading failures.. a Colon is the very last part of the elimentary Canal. Or for the drug effected ... the tube you shit Micky Dees out into the Toilet (if your at home) or the Bushes If you are under Bank repossession.

Just being socially encompassing


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Blah, blah, blah.................. Markets/futes up.  How about some BAD NEWS, that LOOKS BAD, SMELLS BAD, IS BAD..............and toughest of all, makes the MARKETS ACT BAD.   All the rest of this is so much mental gymnastics.

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BTFS! Bitchez

Obviously the market loves this as well as UBS epic fail, I love a good disconnect!

Robslob's picture



Let's make this perfectly clear:

You need to replace the word "MARKET" with words "POLICY TOOL".



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Clearly UBS, Socgen, or Credit Suisse wouldn't you say. I suppose Dexia is also a candidate. I have got to think though because of the crazy moves in the swiss franc who ever was at all leveraged on the wrong side got wacked.

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I wonder, with all the talk about a Eurobond and the requirement that the Germans backstop Europe, is there talk about moving the financial capital of Europe to Germany?  At present, the City of London has jurisdiction over Europe's centre of finance and profits from it.  If the Germans are expected to step up to the plate and bail everyone out, should they not get the benefits of having the FIRE infrastructure moved to their jurisdiction?  If there are any future legal issues, everything would be settled within the constructs of their legal system.

It seems like a simple trade-off...