ECB's Nowotny Slams Door Shut

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He just went fulltard... you never go...

zEurocrats love comin' out with the bullshit after their market is closed.

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I don't fuck around Gene and I always rock it country simple ;)

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leaders have been selected by inverse ability scores and the less apt the closer their fingers are to the big red button.

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I am so sick of this fucking soap opera.

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get used to it, we haven't even seen the intermission

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Yeah, I agree, those Germans are a bunch of prima donas. Especially those who criticize ZH but still come here for the news... : )

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Who cares?  The BlowHorn [CNBC] has much more shopping stories planned for this week's non value added broadcasting hours.

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same is true in the states. no plunge = no need for action. merry Christmas.

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Look at that WTI chart!  Well, well...just as Europe is NOT fixed again, apparently the Middle East thing is all better now.

So let the greater American Depression roll on and on, with the Criminal Syndicate known as Wall Street destroying the value of the average American's largest investment, while simultaneously driving the up price of everything Average Joe consumes with Bernanke Bucks.

Tired of it yet, America?

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The new Hitler has emerged and his name is central planner.

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Nowotny needs a bank to fail before it can turn the printers on full. Let's see which ones are closest...

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How's the bribery investigations going Mr Ewald "Fraud" Nowotny? Seriously, how's it possible that the worst kind of bottomfeeders all end up at central banks?

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And in a galaxy far far away humanoids are having real trouble and really really could need some help....



When was X-mas again ?

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Until there is something with some actual teeth (i.e., IMF Loan), this is simply more posturing.

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Just when you thought you were getting spoofed, the price is real:) Go figure?

Or could this be a double spoof?

Either I'm confused, or these Euro muppets are playing Russian Roulette with fully loaded chambers:)

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They sure are rolling the dice, considering if the market plunges they will be insolvent, if they aren't already.

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Funny boo-boo in Tyler's article, which refers to « the ECB's own Jens Nowotny », a man who is actually not part of the ECB.

Jens Nowotny is a retired football player. (Soccer player, for the Americans.) Footballer Jens Nowotny may have a quite different opinion of all this.

However, the General Council of the European Central Bank, does include Ewald Nowotny from Austria, and Jens Weidmann from Germany.