Egan-Jones Exposes Wall Street's "Big Investment Fraud"... In 2006

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Lately, the Egan-Jones credit ratings agency has experienced a lot of bad publicity from the co-opted and conflicted media, especially those in which GE has a minority stake, for no other reason than being the only organization that is in some way a part of the status quo yet dares to constantly lash out at the lies behind the scenes and expose the fraud and corruption that permeates the modern Ponzi system. Frankly, we have had it with this propaganda. Confirming that when it comes to honesty and integrity, EJ may or may not be at the front of the pack, but they sure tried to warn other about the impending systemic collapse. Presented below is an interview conducted by Kate Welling with Sean Egan back on June 30, 2006, or the absolute peak of the credit bubble frenzy, in which everything Egan said: down to the most dire prediction, has occurred. Somehow we are confident people slighted, mocked and ridiculed him then as well. He was right then. He will be right again.

From Welling@Weeden:

W@W: One necessary step in creating a really big investment fraud is hitching your company’s wagon to Wall Street’s perpetual financing machine.


Sean Egan: Yes. Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE) are beautiful at that, by the way.


Aren’t they?


Oh, they’re the best at that. We don’t rate them anywhere near AAA. [note: everyone else did until August 2008, when both were nationalized]


I have the sense that with Fannie and Freddie we’re experiencing the investment equivalent of the Night of the Living Dead.


I like that analogy.


They’re “living” proof that financial institutions can be too big to fail.


It’s funny; we rate them at about A or A minus.


That highly?


Well, what we’d really like to rate them is probably about a single B+ or so. The reason why we don’t is because—our credibility—our rating is low enough so that we wave a red flag. I mean, it’s probably four or five notches away from S&P and Moody’s AAA. Then too, you have to give some credence to the idea that the Government will probably step in. But on a stand-alone basis, or if you assume that it’s only the $2.2 billion credit line that would be available from the Treasury, then they should be rated way down in the single-B or BB category.


Ah, the bond world is still so much more of a polite and genteel place than the equity markets.


I agree. Just think about it—Fannie and Freddie don’t have to put up any margin with the brokers dealers, because they’re rated AAA by S&P and Moody’s. It’s all so incestuous.


That alone must be worth zillions–


Imagine what would happen if they didn’t have even a portion of their supposed portfolio profits to report. We doubt that they actually have those profits; we doubt that real capital is there. And it seems like every couple of months another accounting fiasco surfaces either at Fannie or Freddie.


They’re still finding the corpses.


Our other major issue with them is that we question whether anyone really can effectively hedge a trillion-dollar-plus portfolio.


I’m sure they have hired somebody from MIT who thinks they’ve got it done.


Right, except when it comes down to it, there is no one on the other side of all those trades.


Either that, or everyone is on the other side of those trades, which is the same thing.


That’s a good way of putting it. You and I and every other taxpayer are actually on the other side.

As usual, spot on. Full interview below:


h/t Alex

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'That’s a good way of putting it. You and I and every other taxpayer are actually on the other side.'

Then what happened?

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Truly prescient.

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I enjoy the question about whether a trillion dollar portfolio can be effectively hedged.

One wonders tthe same thing about the Feds portfolio. Of course Blackrock is paid millions and millions to attempt just that "hedging".

spekulatn's picture

The business is selling an illusion. We don't need no stinkin hedges.


P.S. My fuckin bulldog hedges better  :)

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I'm surely mystified.  Egan Jones saw it, Roubini saw it, Taleb saw it, Zero Hedge saw it, countless others saw it, cripes, even I saw it.

How can it be, that the main stream media, still doesn't report it?

This question, and the answer to it alone demonstrates the power of the 1%

dizzyfingers's picture

"main stream media" --- "main stream" implies middle-of-the-road, or in other words, not the top. Can we spell mediocre?

ugmug's picture

When 99% of idiots don't give a damn then the remaining 1% of idiots can do, and say, anything they want.

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Hey EJ, as if we don't have enough problems already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look at Italy versus the US. And then look at video from Government Gone Wild. This is all OUT OF CONTROL AND WILL CRASH!

Can Europe Control Its Spending And Save The Euro (or Gyro)? Don't Look To China As A Role Model For Economic Growth Either

Seer's picture

It was the stupid notion that we have to have growth at ANY cost that got us here in the first place.  Anyone who thinks that growth will get us out of the hole doesn't have a clue.  Yes, growth could give the APPEARANCE that you're getting out of the hole, but the illusion only lasts as long as you're digging; when the digging stops, which it will, it all caves in.

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Mmm, the nostalgia.

Seasmoke's picture

its been all down hill since June 30, 2006

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“Lately, the Egan-Jones credit ratings agency has experienced a lot of bad publicity from the co-opted and conflicted media, especially those in which GE has a minority stake…” -- ZH

Most all mass media is now working for or are a part of the banker-owned United States – such as NBC/Comcast.

GE's Jewish CEO Jeffrey Immelt and NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker have called the news shots at NBC, and CNBC, and MSNBC when things got sticky. Now the control is shared by US cable TV operator Comcast.  

Following regulatory approvals of a buyout agreement, on January 28, 2011 Comcast became 51% of NBC Universal with GE retaining 49% ownership; after the merger Zucker was replaced by Comcast executive Steve Burke.

The worldwide communication empire of these two giants is startling. Check them out on Wikipedia. For instance, Burke, whose father Daniel B. Burke was former President of Capital Cities (the company that once owned the ABC network) is President and COO of Euro Disney SA (was President of ABC Broadcasting 1996-98) and is a director of JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway… etc. etc etc.

One third of Comcast is controlled by Jewish CEO Brian L. Roberts, son of Ralph Roberts who was one of the founders and a former chairman of the company; Brian Roberts also claimed three silver medals from his contribution to the U.S. squash team at the Maccabiah Games (the Jewish Olympics) in Israel in 1981, 1985, and 1997.

MSNBC is regularly accused of political bias because of its leftward tilt; CNBC is a business news channel watched by traders and investors around the globe; it was a shill for the bailout…for Gore/Goldman-style “green energy”…for the stimulus package.

And that’s just one global media corporation…

Is it any wonder that the tyranny in the halls of government becomes consistently stronger when the watchdogs of the press, no longer watching, are instead operating their own empires to serve their own interests?

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jee-whiz Batman; I never knew that the Murdoc's were jewish...keep the up good work, your reward awaits you.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i was right once, too

but at this point i've lost hope of it happening again in the near future

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 The Republicans were paid $3 million to look the other way while the Democrats robbed and destroyed Fannie and Freddie . Republican Newt Grengrich recieved most of that money in consultying fees. Newts conclusion they should go to jail and thanks for the free money suckers . Let your children get a job.

riley martini's picture

 Don't forget the murder of CFO Kellerman right before the bonus money scam could be made public. The new CFO made no such disclosures lest he be murdered .

JR's picture

Sorry, posted comment on wrong page.

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no problem, CNBCrap is a little more to the left!

Stagflationary's picture

Egan-Jones - The stopped clock of credit rating agencies.

StychoKiller's picture

So, you'd rather place yer faith in
the clock(s) that are spinning at random speeds,
and going in arbritrary directions? Good luck with that!

ToNYC's picture


Model is Media Whore.

= Mark-to-Media Whore


Go E-J, exposing the risks rather than smoking the hopium that the monopoly banker club lays out.

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SP500 bull vs bear battle maintains bearish bias after Friday price action and more downside expected.

My long term indicators have continued to warn of US Dollar strength and EURO weakness and these signals have increased since 2009. The overdue dollar rally should be substantial.

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