On Egyptian Elections And Israeli Escalations

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The full results of the Egyptian election will not be 'released' until the 21st but as Stratfor's Reva Bhalla notes, the Muslim Brotherhood is already claiming a narrow victory over the military's preferred candidate. Rather sadly, she opines, "the Presidency itself may not even matter much as the military has taken a series of moves in recent days to overtly reassert its authority over the Egyptian political system", further reinforcing Stratfor's historical position that Egypt's political future will be dictated (ironic choice of words) by the military and not by protesters in Tahrir Square. In a succinct 4 minutes, Reva explains why the possibility of a Brotherhood victory remains somewhat impotent given the implicit understandings with the military (via the constitution) but worries that the changes in the clamp-down efforts (more aggressive) of political protests will affect political affiliates in the Palestinian border-lands with Israel - where this weekend's 'suspiciously timed' renewed spate of attacks into Israel raises questions of who was responsible (and for what end?). The bottom-line is that tensions remain and the Brotherhood's links to Hamas are a political foil for the military (or even Israel's Netanyahu) to declare them unfit to rule.

Well worth 4 minutes of your time to grasp the political gaming going on and what is at stake...


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Thanks Tyler(s) for posting this important story!  Europe is getting LOTS of attention (which it should), but we need to see what is happening in Egypt!

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Three militants crossed the border and clashed with troops?  Pffffttt.  That's not border violence. 

This is border violence...

But the calm of the clustered lakeside retreats was shattered last month when suspected drug-gang hitmen kidnapped a group of Mexican locals and dumped 18 decapitated bodies in two vehicles just miles (kilometers) from the lakeside tourist enclave of Ajijic.



And look at these numbers of deaths, not, "clashes."




Why worry about Egypt when there is plenty of, "political gaming," going on in the Mexican elections? 

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+ 1 h_h

MEXICO is going to be a big problem.

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Shhh.  Quiet.  Easy with the bold ALL CAPS.  We don't want anyone to be distracted from the terrible, "clashes," on the Israeli border.

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Nothing a few thousand drones can't fix.

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Here is a little HISTORY LESSON on Egypt:


in 1956,

UK, France, and Israel went to war with Egypt over nationalization of Suez Canal. That critical path to import oil into Europe.


US told UK, back off or else we will crash british bonds by flooding them.


funny after 50 years china is in position to do the same against US, when US is about to go to war over Iran's oil bourse.

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Problem is going to be a big mexican.

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That's what we call a slow news day down here!


Thank you & brgds

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700+ deaths? The Baconator has more bodies under its belt than that. Non-story...

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Forget Mexico, watch out for the Chicago land shootings by the dozen while the Obamas were visiting this past weekend.

The last time I was down by the Rio doing work three were shot in broad daylight. Fortunately the local radio station was working rather quickly to get the word out before the bodies quit bleeding.

As far as the violence involving Two or three individual Terrorist... keep in mind Israel has no place to retreat to. Or any desire to.

Always attack.

Some videos show Israeli soldiers occasionally tossing the Terrorist back onto the frag that they just threw.

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Yes, violence is up in Mexico, but the Middle East is the place to watch!

Wars in that region have a nasty habit of getting out of control! The Egyptian story is far from over.

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The murder rate in Mexico nationally is somewhere in the vicinity of 15-25 homicides per 100,000 residents. Most of those homicides are disproportionally located in two cities, at present: Juarez (murder rate of 250 per 100,000) and Monterrey (65 per 100,000). Take those two areas out and Mexico's homicide national murder rate drops precipitously. Mexico City's murder rate is about 10 per 10,000 residents -- on par with Boston or Dallas in the US. The murder rate in Yucatan is less than 2 per 100,000 -- on par with Honolulu and safer than Wichita.

The murder rate in New Orleans is 50 per 100,000. St. Louis is 40 per 100,000. Baltimore is 35 per 100,000. Detroit is 35 per 100,000. Newark is 32 per 100,000. Oakland and DC are at 20 per 100,000 

More Americans killed in Chicago this year than in Afghanistan: http://freebeacon.com/more-killed-in-chicago-this-year-than-afghanistan/

Puts things in perspective, no? Especially when you consider that many of the deaths in Mexico occurred in pitched battles between paramilitary groups that the wider populace steers clear of. Whereas many of the deaths in urban America take place during armed robberies or home invasions that just about anyone can fall victim to. 

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"Puts things in perspective, no? Especially when you consider that many of the deaths in Mexico occurred in pitched battles between paramilitary groups that the wider populace steers clear of"

The wider populace are slaughtered among the narcos, most of the killed in the high body count cases had nothing to do with narcos, like the 18 in Jalisco.

I live in a relatively safe place, yet the tortured bodies pile up and nobody is safe.

Some of my extended family have been killed, some threathed with guns, like my wife, everybody is affected.

The narcos rule much more effectivly then the different levels of government.

The local police is just a uniformed arm of the narcos.

Things in Mexico are much much worse then what you read or see in media.

Thank you & brgds

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These killings in Mexico are ALL the result of Mexico's U.S. inspired Drug War.  Mexican drug gangs are fighting each other and the Mexican government to determine who will control the U.S. drug trade. 

All these killings would stop, same as U.S. drug gang killings would, if the U.S. legalized and regulated drugs. 

These murders in Mexico are the direct result of U.S. drug policies.  And if we changed our policies, they would stop.   




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Not going to happen, not because of legal or moral reasons, MONEY, too much money to be maid of guns, choppers, three letter agencies and so forth.

So much money to be made by banks, remember, 2% fine on drug money loundering and nobody in jail. Bankster are laughing all the way to office.

So much money invested in "legal" business.

So much money in lobby groups, they have to make living too.

So much money to be made by keeping people in jail, that's a business too.

Legalize, never ever gonna happen, but we can wish.

But criminal organisations will not go away even if we legalize drugs, remember prohibition.

Thank you & brgds

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 Don't be afraid it's just drug dealers like DC or Florida in the 80s.

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And I just finished the 4 minute video, YES, it is worth watching.  Hmm...

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Those glasses will not slide down

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If the U.S. one day merges with Mexico the political landscape will look like Sacramento.

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O/T but HuffPuff has named Tyler/ZeroHedge #2 and WB7 #10 for their excellent work on exposing the racket.


Kudos to you both!

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Sort by ranking..  ZH is # 1

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Herb Greenberg/CNBS #6 


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A sideshow, we are waiting for the main event, Israel/Iran Bitchez.......

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Bank downgrades a comin' AH.

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They overthrew the dictator only to not fire the government. And now the beureacrats (the military includes just about the entire government) took over. They never give up control peacefully.

By the way, the Egyptian military is one-quarter funded by the US. Second only to Israel in "aid" given a year.

Is (Not) of the Day: Cairo is (not) Berlin 1989.

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Muslims need to be ruled like dogs

They understand and respect only one concept

Either I am fucking you, or you are fucking me

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Would you hand over the power to someone who wants to send you into a no-winner war?

I wouldn't.

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seems to be what the israelis did with the netanyahu government.   of course, the plan no doubt is for Americans to do the fighting in that case.

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Are the only choices military dictatorship or military dictatorship? Because the Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks, Czechs, and East Germans seem to have avoided both.

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The choices are actually a military dictatorship or a religious dictatorship. No military will enter a war to die for no tangible asset. Can't say the same for the religious group in question.

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+ 1  Egypt will be an interesting test case to watch vis a vis Eastern Europe.

Great observation!

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Democracy is a double edged sword isn't it? There's 51 muslim nations. Name one that has ever held fair and free elections? I'm no fan of the Egyptian military or Murbarak but I'm less of a fan of sharia law.

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Name one that has ever held fair and free elections?

Hey MORON.. do you think our elections are fair?  Bought and paid for by the highest bidder.. Controlling the masses with propaganda and food stamps.. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on..

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It's all relative dickwad. I dont vote knowing a bunch of unelected army generals will be installed regardless of the vote and will dicate future direction of the government ie; Turkey, Indonesia. But I am comfortable with that knowing I don't have to worry about another regime that is hell bent on dropping aircraft or worse on our cities. As for my horse I would name it Brown Betty you figure out the rest........

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By the way, the Egyptian military is one-quarter funded by the US. Second only to Israel in "aid" given a year.

How long until it's essentially American advisors fighting American advisors?  Or are we there yet...

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But just think of the profit potential...for the well connected.

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The Brotherhood is a significant threat to Israel all the anti-Semites notwithstanding. Look to see Obama flooding oceans of cash to his 'brothers.'

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Brotherhood victory will be important symbolically for the region, regardless of the level of real control (ie military dictatorship notwithstanding)... 

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You are an idiot if you still believe that Obama is somehow in bed with the "Muslims" over there.


Are you unaware of how he has vastly expanded the war on terror? Or are you just a hook line and sinker dumbass that has been imbibed by Mark Levin?


If so, please let me know.

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To the Zionist crowd, anyone who isn't for exterminating Muslims off the face of the planet is an anti-Semite. So yes, even though the majority of the world sees Obama for what he is, one of the most ardently pro-Zionist leaders on the planet, in the eyes of neocons and Israeli's he might as well be a reincarnation of Hitler. 

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First, the "War on Terror" is a bullshit contrivance designed to get that pesky US Constitution out of the way, and to keep the military industrial complex running at full speed..

Second, by sending the CIA to topple the secular gov'ts of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc. O'bomb-a has handed those countries right over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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LivermoreJim  said:

Look to see Obama flooding oceans of cash to his 'brothers.'


Yes indeed...

WJW Lauds Obama Administration’s Iron Dome Funding

David Streeter — May 23, 2012 – 4:09 pm | Foreign Policy | Israel |


Washington Jewish Week lauded the Obama Administration for providing supplemental funding to support Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Its editorial board wrote:


Last week, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told Ehud Barak, his Israeli counterpart, that the Pentagon will seek to provide an additional $70 million for Israel’s Iron Dome short-range rocket shield. The news of the funding couldn’t come at a better time for Israel.


Actually the total deal was closer to a Billion...the 70 million was immediate...


The $984 million approved by the U.S. Congress for fiscal 2013 will include $680 million for Iron Dome over the next few years. It's separate from the $3.1 billion in military aid Israel gets from the United States every year and the largest appropriation approved for Israel's ambitious missile defense program.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Business_News/Security-Industry/2012/05/18/US-aids-Israel-missile-seeks-joint-deal/UPI-79111337360083/#ixzz1yE4eW022
It's a good thing that we are in such great financial condition and flush with cash to be able give to our needy friends. Isn't it also great that our seniors, per the advice of AIG's Benmosche, are willing to forego their retirement and S.S. funds they and their employers have paid in all their lives and work till they're eighty. Life in the good ol USA is fucking grand...isn't it?
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We should also ask ourselves why would Predator drones(General Atomics) be the Obama Aministration's "favored weapon?"


The infamous MQ-1 Predator drone, armed with 100-pound Hellfire missiles, is the Obama administration’s favored weapon in its illegal assassination program. A Predator drone was used in the unprecedented assassination of a US citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, in Yemen last September.



Thousands of military drones to be deployed over US mainland




Surely it has nothing to do with the Henry Crown Group's relationship with General Dynamics of which General Atomics was a former(?) division. Henry Crown's son Lester Crown is and was a major financial backer in Obama's rise to power in Chicago and then the Presidency. Is there still a relationship with the Crowns and General Atomics? A relationship as in heavy use of Predator Drones allow a major Obama financial backer's MIC interests to profit handsomely?




Then it is interesting to note the recounting of Obama’s first big political foray into Chicago politics when he opposed former Black Panther Bobby Rush with the backing of Jewish money and advice. Strange how easily black Americans have been hypnotized by Obama.


Then it is best to quote David Remnick:


As a rising politician with Ivy League connections, Obama had financial backing from all over, including from a class of young black entrepreneurs. But he has had Jewish mentors throughout his career. Philanthropists like Bettylu Saltzman, Penny Pritzker, and Lester Crown were crucial to his campaigns. His friend and neighbor the late Arnold Jacob Wolf was a rabbi. Michelle Obama’s cousin Capers C. Funnye, Jr., is the first African-American member of the Chicago Board of Rabbis and the spiritual leader of Beth Shalom, a congregation on the South Side. One of Obama’s closest colleagues in Springfield was Ira Silverstein, an Orthodox Jew, with whom he shared an office suite in the Capitol building; Obama acted as Silverstein’s shabbos goy, turning on lights and pushing elevator buttons for him on Saturdays.”

from:  Al Qaeda Does Not Exist




I don't know that for sure, I'm just asking the question...it all seems very cozy to me. 


Henry Crown and Company Company Profile

The jewels of Henry Crown and Company shine on like crazy diamonds. Controlled by Chicago's prominent Crown family, Henry Crown and Company is an investment firm that owns or has interests in a variety of business assets. These holdings include stakes in sports teams (the Chicago Bulls and the New York Yankees), leisure (Aspen Skiing Company), banking (JPMorgan Chase), and real estate (Rockefeller Center). The company also has a stake in General Dynamics; after once controlling the company outright, it still has a seat on the board. Affiliate CC Industries holds and manages some of the Crown family's investments.


from: http://biz.yahoo.com/ic/40/40214.html


Material Service Corporation

In 1919, on borrowed capital of $10,000, Crown established (with his brother Irving) the Material Service Corporation (MSC). In its first year the company made a profit of $7,000 on sales of $218,000. MSC sold gravel, sand, lime, and coal to builders in the Chicago area.

Crown gained a controlling interest in General Dynamics in 1959, when he merged the company with MSC. By this time, MSC was a $100 million company.[2]


from Wiki entry on Henry Crown  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Crown


Connections: General Dynamics Corporation has direct or once-removed relationships with 1,589 people, organizations or other entities in our database of the most influential people in America. Under a scoring system that gives more weight to direct links, this score is higher than 99% of all entries.


from: http://www.muckety.com/General-Dynamics-Corporation/5000768.muckety


related story:


General Dynamics, Crown Dynasty & Obama



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Molotov Cocktail Vending Machines orders going hyperbolic...