On Egyptian Elections And Israeli Escalations

Tyler Durden's picture

The full results of the Egyptian election will not be 'released' until the 21st but as Stratfor's Reva Bhalla notes, the Muslim Brotherhood is already claiming a narrow victory over the military's preferred candidate. Rather sadly, she opines, "the Presidency itself may not even matter much as the military has taken a series of moves in recent days to overtly reassert its authority over the Egyptian political system", further reinforcing Stratfor's historical position that Egypt's political future will be dictated (ironic choice of words) by the military and not by protesters in Tahrir Square. In a succinct 4 minutes, Reva explains why the possibility of a Brotherhood victory remains somewhat impotent given the implicit understandings with the military (via the constitution) but worries that the changes in the clamp-down efforts (more aggressive) of political protests will affect political affiliates in the Palestinian border-lands with Israel - where this weekend's 'suspiciously timed' renewed spate of attacks into Israel raises questions of who was responsible (and for what end?). The bottom-line is that tensions remain and the Brotherhood's links to Hamas are a political foil for the military (or even Israel's Netanyahu) to declare them unfit to rule.

Well worth 4 minutes of your time to grasp the political gaming going on and what is at stake...