Either You Believe In Math; Or You Believe In Magic

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Analogizing from the sleight-of-hand tricks of magicians to the confidence-based efforts of the world's central bankers, Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital provides at once an entertaining and also devastatingly simple explanation of what these guys are up to. As he notes, in deference to The Usual Suspects, "the greatest trick central bankers ever pulled was convincing the world that they work for the public and not for the banks." Comprehending the financial repression and inflation that is occurring - and knowing where to look to see the truth (and how to protect your assets) - is critical in not becoming the shill in Bernanke, Draghi et al.'s global game of Three-Card-Monte.

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math is magick and magick is math. it's when the math in your bank account is zero and you can't afford your magick....boo!

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So I'm sitting there thinking, "There's no way he's going to say Denmark and elephant." Wild.

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But if you had eaten Japanese food for dinner you might have thought black eel......

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I got Ostriches in the Dominican Republic. Does that make me a contrarian?

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Not very different from our electoral process.

You can have anything to drink that you want.

We offer coke and pepsi.

"But I don't want carbonated sugar water with coal tar to darken it. May I have lemonade?"

No, perhaps you weren't listening... Anything you want... coke or pepsi?

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'... critical in not becoming the shill in Bernanke's global game ...'

At least a shill gets compensated for being in cahoots with the dealer. Whereas the mark simply gets taken.

As Robert Plant used to sing, 'Shill mark, shill mark, shill mark ...'

*launches killer air guitar solo*

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I knew of course he would say Denmark and Elephant; it took me a minute afterwards to figure out why...

Take a number 1 to 10 and multiply by 9 -> You know it is a multiple of nine

Add the digits together -> All multiples of 9 have digits which add to 9. So we know the number is nine.

Hence we know the letter is "D". Probably something like 90+ percent of people will now choose "Denmark", and then given E think of Elephant, and most know elephants are grey. There was probably some data available which indicated "D" was the best bet for this sequence, hence we subtracted 5 from the digit total.

Of course there might be a wiseguy thinking of Beige Aardvarks from Dagestan.

I aspire to be that guy.

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In case anyone is wondering why,

"All multiples of 9 have digits which add to 9",

9*X = 10*(X-1) + 1*(10-X) if X between 1 and 9.

Adding the digits together gives (X-1) + (10-X) = 9.

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Here is magic math puzzle:

Three friends go to a restaurant. The bill is $30. They hand the $30 to the waiter. The waiter goes to the cashier who is the boss. The boss sees the three friends and he tells the waiter to only charge them $25.

The waiter (he used to be a banker) takes the $5 dollars to give back but keeps $2 and gives them back $3.

That means that they paid $9 dolars each.

9X3=27 plus $2 that the waiter kept = 29 what happened to the other dollar?

Okay maybe zerohedgers can figure out the answer easily. But think about the masses! That's what the bankers count on!  


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"They hand the $30 to the waiter.  .. 9X3=27 plus $2 that the waiter kept = 29 what happened to the other dollar?"

this seems confusing at first, because you think that 9x3+2 turns out to be less than the 30 they paid.

that's because you assume that 9x3=27

but since you know in advance that 9x3+2=30, that means 9x3=28.

problem solved.

spekulatn's picture

Now that's bullish.

Well done SafelyGraze.

jumblies's picture

>that's because you assume that 9x3=27

No, not an assumption. The lynchpin of the deception is the line "That means that they paid $9 dolars each". They didn't, the storyteller is lying and because he's acting as an authority figure you believe it without questioning. The 3 friends actually paid $27.33 each (ok, there's a penny missing).


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You people are all full of shit,,,,John Corzine  has the remaining dollar...

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Wrong. Of course they paid $27. They paid $30 and received $3 back which means they paid $27.


The deception is in the assertion: "9X3=27 plus $2 that the waiter kept = 29 what happened to the other dollar?"

The right thing to say is: they paid $27 plus $3 dollars that they recived back = $30. And from those $27, $25 went to the owner and $2 to the cashier.

SafelyGraze's picture


the right thing to say is: they paid $30 plus the $3 that the recived back = $33. And from those $33, $30 went to pay the bill, $2 went to the cashier, and $1 paid for the missing dollar. so that makes $33. check.

plus the $3 they got back, bringing the total to $36. so it all works out.

people struggle reaching this solution because they haven't taken accounting classes.

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They did pay $9 each = 27.  The trick is that the 27 contains the $2 that the waiter kept. Therefore, you can not add the $2 to the 27 again. it is a slight of hand.

So then, $25 went to the register and $2 to the waiter. Trying to sum up to $30 is the smoke and mirrors.


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No, Safely. They did not pay 33. they paid 30. Multi's answer is right.

SafelyGraze's picture

it works out to 36, not 33.

to see it, you have to use two-column ledger sheets.

Clashfan's picture

Jumblies, what is 27.33 x3? I don't think so, sorry.

GoldbugVariation's picture

Marked to market they had the same $30 that they originally invested.

The money handled by the waiter is in an off-balance sheet vehicle, that's why you don't see it.

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They paid $25 for the meal and unwittingly paid $2 to the waiter. 25+2 = 27. Divided by 3 - they paid $9 dollars each.

SafelyGraze's picture

25 *minus* 2, not *plus* 2.

so they paid 23 dollars.

23*3 = 69 total dollars, less the 36 (for the restaurant, the waiter, the 3 dollars returned to them, and the missing dollar). 69 minus 36 leaves 33.

so again, it all checks out.

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Unfortunately yes, it is Bullish.

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Jessee Ventrua is on Piers Morgan CNN right now and is tearing up the place.

No, JV is blowing up the CNN station.

No, This will be Pires Morgan's greatest show and will break, 400k viewers and probably set a new viewer record for him.


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The Federal Reserve Corporation is owned by private share holders.

The debt the Federal Reserve Corporation holds belongs to the Share Holders of the Federal Reserve Corporation, Not the American people at large.

The defaulted debt coming the Federal Reserve Share holders have is their problem.

I don't think the Federal Reserve Corporation commands any Standing Armies I know of.

What say you?



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Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes the laws.

Michael's picture

We'll see how much the Rothschild's care this time around the block.

There is an established pattern to their Freud.

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Golden Rule: He who makes the gold, makes the rules.

Michael's picture

Nothing a good 30,000 pound bunker buster bomb couldn't take care of.

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The Federal Reserve also owns gold certificates pledged by the treasury as collateral - valued at some $42 or so (or last I heard it was).


The treasury doesn't have that gold, what happens when gold goes to the moon and the Fed calls it in to cover?  Like deja vu all over again.

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Haven't I seen this comment before?

“There's a fine line between being on the leading edge and being in the lunatic fringe.” Frank Armstrong

Michael's picture

It certainly is magical. I never thought I would see it happen on Jewtube MSM TV. All out 9/11 talk and all more.

Buy stock in Piers Morgan Show if he keeps this up. 

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love to see Piers (in the Mean Gene role) & Jesse moderate a prez debate.   would suit the Wrestlemania theme of this sillycycle perfectly, no?   (yet at the same time contain more seriousness in 90 minutes than the last 12 years of anglo-american pravda)

A Nanny Moose's picture

Wrestlemania theme of this sillycycle perfectly, no?


Since when does tag team wrestling involve rectal penetration....of taxpayers?

Michael's picture

Always, from the D&R tag team.

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Lloyd Blankfein aka the vampire squid is Kaiser Soze!

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End the Fed!!!

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I really want to escape it.  & I have no idea where else to post this, lol... so here's goes 1 pathetic plea.


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suggestion to ben: stop trading time derivatives of flowers and start growing actual flowers.    gardeners are a grumpy sort, but much more grounded in the here and now in my experience.

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Christ. It isn't about money. It isn't about power. It isn't about prepping. It isn't about survival.

Even if you take action on 30,000 variables, there are still ? variables left. Any one of those ? unaccounted for variables can fuck your shit up.


So what do you do? I don't know. You already seemed to be unplugged. Maybe you can do anything now. Maybe I'M insane. Maybe this helps. Good luck man.

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Doom overload.

Step back, take a breath, re-assess.

Take a week off from info sites, then see what matters.

If you care, you'll still be back at truth info webs.

The red pill can cause enormous pains.