Epic, Grotesquely Surreal Friday Humor

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Yesterday, during a conference organized by Bank of America titled "Banking & Insurance CEO Conference", whose key purpose was to defend insolvent Italian banks such as Intesa Sanpaolo (which was downgraded the very same day by Moody's) against the evil market and people spreading destructive truths, something grotesquely surreal happened. Specifically, Slide 9 from the prepared slide-deck happened. "What is Slide 9" you ask? Basically, it is Intesa's core defense of its "viability" which presents the EBA Stress Test result, according to which its Core Tier 1 ranks "among the best under the adverse scenario." Who is the best? Seek and ye shall find. The rest, as they, say is epic history...

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h/t Paolo

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Hilarious indeed :-)

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Somebody forgot to stress-test the stress-test.

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MF down 9% bitches!   Who's their counter party ?

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Forget about France being downgraded by the rating agencies.

Sarkozy has just DEGRADED France to BANANA REPUBLIC status.

First he framed DSK with the hotel maid affair.

Now, Segolene Royal accuses Sarkozy of manipulating the polls:




Slim Pickens's picture

Not that Sarkozy would be above such a thing, but I don't think Royal needs any help to be low in the polls.  The PS is going to nominate Holland by a mile, so the accusations that people have been spying on Holland's girlfriend on behalf of Sarkozy sound a lot more plausible.

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Now, Segolene Royal accuses Sarkozy of manipulating the polls

Did anyone seriously think that Sarkozy, Merkel, Lagarde, Jeethner, or any of the other charade desperadoes wasn't a pole greaser?


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Do they not proof this shat? I would have been fired for including a slide so freaking stupid and destructive.

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All is well when the 'additional measures' are considered - whatever they are.

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Edd Widd lives.  Slide 9 from Outer Space.

SAJ's picture

Or Edd Wood, even.  Sheesh.

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you can't make this shit up

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If you did, no one would believe you.

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If you did, you'd have to tell Liesman (so he could spread the word) or no one would believe you.  Well beyond funny!

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Au and Ag falling off a cliff. Margin hikes after the metal markets close?

BBVA has major presence in LatAm. That bank is about to go bust. Millions of savers will be fisted with a boxer.

That will mark the initiation of riots in Brazil. 

Byte Me's picture

Might just be forced liquidation.

Nothing to see here.

Comay Mierda's picture

Stop looking at the spot price, the physical trading premiums will maintain

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Tulving.com appears to be out of all their junk silver. They still claim 400k ounces in stock but a few items sold out.

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Regarding Au & Ag, I think it might be the opposite, I think we see some PM bullish news over the weekend. Big time.

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Looks like a repeat of Wed. on my charts.  From a higher price.  Not too concerned.

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Did I miss the memo on the new meaning of "falling off a cliff" this week?

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Damn. That cliff cost me USD 0.59!

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Falling off a cliff = back to where it was 8 weeks ago?

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The lies come so fast that they can no longer hide the truth. Shit is going down.


LOL! What does it "mean" to be on or near the bottom of this list Soc Gen?

BoGaVaNTe's picture

it means that your shit is also all over the place but it is not as liquid(no pun intended)

SheepDog-One's picture

Soon theyll start doing daily premarket and 15 minutes before close 'stress test results' to move the markets. Then after that it will be hourly stress tests.

monopoly's picture

And just when I thought I saw it all. And no one indicted yet.

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No different than the Hindenburg being rated safest air travel in 1937.

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Was a Manchurian Franky singing: "Come Fry with me, Let's Fry, Let's Fry Away!" ??

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That was a good one :)

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In the current bizarro world economy that we have today this makes perfect sense.

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No fucking way :0 PAHAHAHAHA

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No really it's not a turd! See, there is a cherry and some whipped cream on it! I mean, who would put whipped cream and a cherry on a turd!?

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A hedge fund manager's PR department on the coming performance report?

nobusiness's picture

Please prepare for the daily short squeze.  Fundementals don't mean anything in the bailout world.

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The FED is probably done short squeezing their own shorts now....oops did I let the cat out of the bag?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

The FED is probably done short squeezing their own shorts now

Merkel and Sarkozy, on the other hand, have each just squeezed one out in their shorts.


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Is that Dexia at the top? omg lololololol

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Told every bull this morning when they were commenting on release of the ADP and the next stop was S&P 1,300 to not be so confident and its all a big bull trap.

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"They" just need to get a few more bagholders setup before the next move down.....




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If I look around a table and cant figure out who the bagholder is.....

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What a joke !! And they call themselves "analysts"... Is that someone with analytical skills?

SheepDog-One's picture

I look at this bank lineup and this came right to mind....Bring out yer DEAD! But Im NOT dead! Dont worry, he'll be stone dead in a moment...

Monty Python Bring out Your Dead - YouTube