ES Premarket Bid/Offer At 1167, Down 30 Handles

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A few more minutes until ES futures open fully. In the meantime enjoy the indicative bid/offer.

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Bear's picture

Looks like 1167.25 opening ... gold at 1680-90

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World Gold market open ....... now!

maxmad's picture

or risk off!!  plunge ES!

Bastiat's picture

I see CME DEC GC at 1692.7


Ben Probanke's picture

crude oil sold heavily

junkacc's picture

shit DOW already down almost 300

MrJingles's picture

Super friends....activate!

snowball777's picture

Form of: an ice credit market!

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Ah!  A fellow comic geek!  I salute you, my friend!

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Form of:  An ice helicopter filled with money!

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SI 39.23 High


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Gonna be a fun day. Good luck everyone.

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Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeee :-(|)

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Nice. Crash it all! Silver and gold to the moon!

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Bid|Ask 1686.86   1690.49   Low|High 1663.39   1687.86   Change 24.00 1.44% Aug 07, 2011 18:01:20 EST
seek's picture

Gold already $1690....

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Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeee :-(|)

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Houston:  "Roger Gold Eagle, go with throttle up!"

alien-IQ's picture

Gold just under 1700...and so it begins...

Yen Cross's picture

 Qe @ it's best! Let's peg Horse Shit to Uranus!

Hulk's picture

Fuck! Up 30 bucks already...

TradingJoe's picture

Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeee :-(|)

vipmoneymachine's picture

football season starts next week and America will be back to normal. Also, Survivor, Amazing race, dancing with the stars and American idol are not too far behind. Buy those freaking ipads and big screen TVs.

F.-I.W.'s picture just printed 1692..oops..1693..and off we go


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

kitco has gold at $1690 or so, up about $29.00

DosZap's picture


LOL..........pls your aging yourself's gonna do what it wants, and what they want.

We wait.........................

Fear not the Night, Fear what hunts in the Night.

10044's picture

yeh because it's not... as soon as it opens at 1667 or so (where it ended friday), they will print down -30 dollars and say gold is in a bubble, Kitco is run by criminals

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

24hgold, my normal price source, is not working right...

erg's picture

Has anyone seen my nitroglycerin pills?

Hulk's picture

Just power through the pain...

StychoKiller's picture

Perhaps you can use "Takeitinthe aspirin" as a substitute! :>D

tekhneek's picture

Gold prints $1,693 3.5 minutes into market open.. up $30/oz in less than 120 or so seconds.

Monday's going to be very interesting... it just makes me happy to know that I purchased gold last month when the price was a bit more... flat.

lolmao500's picture

Silver needs to go above 50$ this week!

maxmad's picture

$10 in a week?  No problem!

CrankItTo11's picture

Gold coming back down.. $1684... volatiltiy or is that normal?

maxmad's picture

thats pretty normal.. we will get through 1700 in about 30 minutes!

Moe Howard's picture

It was up 24 in 1 minute 20 seconds. Kitco was almost crashed.

razorthin's picture

Bahh Wahhh!!! double down baby, need to see a limit-down!

maxmad's picture

give it some time... Once Asia opens and China starts dumping, you'll get your limit down!

F.-I.W.'s picture

Volatiity is the new normal..


Yen Cross's picture

ALGO's and Dark pools are the " New Normal"!

Moe Howard's picture

Jim Sinclair to James Turk: "The absolute embarrasment of the compromise that allowed the debt ceiling to rise in the US. Anyone who had any part in that arrangement should be embarrased."

"This is a slow train wreck, it's going to go on in my opinion right through 2015."

"Credit has gone wild, and it's coming home to roost."

Moe Howard: "The Tea Party Did It!" Hahahahhah