EUR Tumbles To Lows On Report Merkel Rejects Raising Upper Limit On ESM Bailout Mechanism

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Having surged on earlier speculation that the Fed may hint at QE3, and follow up reports from RanSquawk that the Straits of Hormuz are either closed or in process of doing so, it is now time for the roundtrip, after Reuters just reported that hopes of EFSF-like expansion for the ESM have been dashed.


Summary: Risk On -> Risk Off

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Deflation bitchez!

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Risk on = risk off!

Excuse me while I go find more velcro straps to secure my hockey helmet on tighter!

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haha, da germanz are doing it again! no mo dough for piigs! apparently need it for their own banks (more and more suspicion of commerzbank getting euro injection, as they do not seem to be able to raise required capital anywhere)

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Would you inject capital into a German bank?  Frau Merkel knows this, and she is rightly concerned.  There will not be any ECB printing, and nothing resembling Euro Bonds, either.  She is one tough broad.  I think she believes they can all muddle through together, without a serious implosion, and work toward the tighter EZ that she is building. 


Or, She is secretly planning the German exit as she recognizes that there is no saving the EZ.

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no exit by germany from eu. they cannot do it. german businesses won't allow it, especially allianz. 


it'll be muddling through, and tighter integration, what has been the plan all along since the inception of the whole thing.

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She believes Germany can muddle through without serious implosion while she talks them into a configuration where Germany dictates other nation's budgets.  Eventually the budgets will have a line item that says "Money Sent To Berlin".

At first, the EU's well being was on her agenda, along with Germany's.  Now, it's just Germany.  And so it should be for each of those countries' leaders.

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agreed. german controlled eu. it's a dick contest, and merckel appears to have the longest. other european budgets do not have the line in it yet, but other european economies are already have sending shitloads to germany in the last decade. just look at german gdp compared to other european countries in 2008/09/10. notice a trend there?

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Well, how about some DM printing?

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/es in another world. bad retail sales, inventory numbers, negative euro, oil rocketing, yet we are green.. right.

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yes! we are nearly there 

EURUSD has to touchdown the 1.3000 line or else

Princess EUR to kiss King Dollar's feet and then fly, fly towards 1.425 in spring

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My brain just shutdown.

Can take it any more.

Like Japanese water torture.

AngryGerman's picture

more like US waterbording torture

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OK OK Stop.

I'll give all my money to John Corzine.

AngryGerman's picture

he already had it, but forgot where he put it.

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More like waterboarding with the addition of a 2 foot long wooden dildo.

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sorry, corzine also had dildo and fogot where he put it.

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Water boarding isn't torture. It's nice. Rumsfeld said so - it's just a way of asking questions that gets valuable answers for the intelligence community.


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And Barack Obama once again proving he is the exact same puppet as GW, just with a darker material.

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Notice this comes out at 10:30 am ET here in "the States". Every day, that particular time rings important.

Oh, and try this on for size, from RanSquawk:

MP Parviz Sorouri of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee has said that Iran plans to practice its ability to close the Strait of Hormuz, one of the world’s most strategically important chokepoints, which accounts for about 30% of the world’s seaborne oil shipments.

“Currently, the Middle East region supplies 70 percent of the world’s energy needs, (most of) which are transported through the Strait of Hormuz. We will hold an exercise to close the Strait of Hormuz in the near future. If the world wants to make the region insecure, we will make the world insecure,” ISNA quoted Sorouri as saying on Tuesday.

The complete article can be found at:

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is the time issue in the article, and I don't see what that has to do wit6h iran

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No. The time comment was referring to the Merkel announcement, which came out around 10:30 am ET here in the States.

I just threw in the Iran thingy for a pleasurable diversion for my fellow ZH-ers. I thought it would be much appreciated.

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hint of QE3 with improving con market data? UE is 8.6 and all the other crap data is up, how is there a hint of qe3

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Hint of QE3 with 'improving consumer market data'? What hint of QE3, and what improving data? Retail sales just did a faceplant...and who is hinting of QE3? For the 1,000th time I might add.

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Due to Mr. Market's reaction, I'd say expect nothing about QE3 and that current operations will resume as executed.  2:20 pm EST (fashionably late of course) will be interesting.

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FXE looks like it could really crack and waterfall starting today.  New 11 month low today...

USD is pushing new highs as well.

Somehow the market is up...

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Don't forget the outside chance of some bernanke bucks and a big intraday reversal. I hope not but it's always possible. Fuck, anything is possible these days.

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No one believes it anymore...the boy has cried wolf way too many times, and the last thing the puppet masters want is Obamas basement dwelling approval rating to go even lower by doing the most unpopular thing in america, 'handing free money to the rich'.

CvlDobd's picture

I hope you're right!

May I borrow your hockey helmet?

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But there are no "rich" in America, only the "middle class." Denying support to beleageured job creators hurts everyone.

SheepDog-One's picture

OH theres rich, for sure, not much 'middle class' left though....Wall St banksters have never done better than today! All time record profits and bonuses...sure, it was all just handed to them by the US least thats ONE thing americans DO get is 'unfairness'. Just turn on any CNBC or other news media and there is a parade of UBER WEALTHY being paraded on the screen.....and when 'QE' is mentioned, americans know that is handing free money directly to them.

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Unbelievebale, where does it end?



There's a rumor about a rumor to have a plan about a plan. 

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Now I get it. 

Cameron stands up for British taxpayers interests by refusing to agree to massive additional taxes on the Financial Services industry (Taxes to be spent anywhere except in Britain) = Catastrophic isolationism that will pauperise the UK as the other EU states gang up against them.

Merkel stands up for German taxpayers interests by refusing to put them on the line for additional ESM debt = No problem.  Just a politician doing her job defending national interests.

That's how the EU 'Works'.

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no you don't.

cameron stand up for UK banks being able to continue extracting trillions from markets by fradulent activities.

merckel stand up for German big business (i.e. Allianz) to keep on exporting as euro keeps german economy artificially undervalued.

both criminal. this is how eu works.

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Both are, as you say, morally dubious positions.

All I'm asking is when Barosso and his band of merry fools will stand up in public and claim that Merkel has isolated Germany, endangered the Euro, and will suffer 'Consequences'?

My guess - never.

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"hide your wife, hide your kids"....from the truth!!


of course Merckel has isolated Germany from the rest: isolated and well in charge.

german plan was always for greater integration and supranational institutions, following the examples of germany regarding fiscal policies and buba monetary austerity.

europe is slave to germany, but you cannot tell the slaves, because otherwise they would not like to be slaves anymore.

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"Fiscal union" = transfer in secrecy to South Europe. Merkel won't be popular getting through another proposal which will cost German taxpayers.

The way I see it, either Merkel is voted out, and the Euro collapses, in which case the Germans are blamed.

Alternatively, Cameron is painted as the scapegoat, the Euro collapses, and the Germans escape from blame.

It's a high stake game of poker.

AngryGerman's picture

no: a fiscal union is the open transfer to Germany.

merckel won't be popular, but she doesn't need. game plan now is to force other countries to make themselves subject to pilicies that serve germany.

cameron already fell for the trap: only country that could have spoken out loudly against integrated fiscal union, and now there is a convenient way to silence uk once and for all.

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Fiscal union would, unless you wish to see mass defaults etc, entail transferring wealth to the south to keep them humming along for the foreseeable future. It is not simply "money goes to Germany".

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Eventually the sheeple awake.
When they do and realize that ONCE AGAIN those genocidal fucktards have lied to them, there won't be a germany to speak of.

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You're looking at pretexts and are right as far as they go.

The truth is that no government in England will stand for anything that even hints to the slightest degree that they ever may have to take the smallest marching order from Germany. And continental Europe is a good illustration of why they feel that way.

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But Goldman said the Euro was going to 1.42?

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The Markets are angry!!! D:

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So with FXE under 131, will Cramer call DEFCON 2 now?

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no QE3 today. spx will end up red

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Funny...just sad, on the BlowHorn [CNBC], they just cannot say being the truth.

In repsone to the Euro tumbling and the market full on reversing, Simon Hobbs of CNBC describes this as "taking the edge off of the market."  Couldn't say "causing a sell off" or " murderous reversal" or "panic enducing currency collapse."  Nope..."taking the edge off."  

Kind of like how that first shot of bourbon feels...or that drag on the first cigarette after work.  Aaaaah.

The death of ANY CREDIBILITY in this network is almost gruesome to watch.

SheepDog-One's picture

Fruitty Hobbs 'takes the edge off' with some Prep H on his wrecked bunghole.

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Merkel needs to be replaced by Abby Joseph Cohen.