Euro Bank CDS Surge To All Time Record After Collapse In German IFO Business Survey, Discord Over Eurobonds, Greek 2 Years Over 40%

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Yesterday after the earthquake gold spot lost $40 in 35 minutes as for the whole day 24hr close to $100 from the highs.

Gold’s low yesterday was $1824 at about 4:00 pm eastern time. Also GLD dumped/puked up 31 tons of its holdings from 1290 to 1259

This is exactly what we have been looking for, the bottom is in, time to buy, call your coin dealer and buy before it’s up another $100.

The more of us who see through this scam the better.


Yours in gold,


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Expiry date for futures is not over yet, I would rather wait, maybe there are some margin hikes still waiting somewhere for us.


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True dat, but don’t be nickel and dimed while gold trades sideways till Friday and then miss the boat.

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I agree. I think the drop is due to high expectations or even knowing of a margin hike. Maybe just the fearful propaganda puched by the MSM about the 'golden bubble' but I doubt it. Just too much negative outlook for wealth havens plus the Chavez thingy....

After the 'stunner' at JH it will rocket up. and by stunner I mean it won't be what the market expects at all.

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Big beat down of gold is ongoing before Ben talks Friday... plus options expiry on Thursday...

If their best shot takes gold down only ~ 80 bucks then they don't have much control left...

Europe blowing up yet again... Jawboning by TPTB in Europe is not working cause they have gone to the well too many times...

Cover your ears and brace yourself for the big noise... The blast shock wave will be arriving from the East across the Atlantic... be a good boy/girl scout and be prepared... get physical PMs...

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If you do not think that German ZEW and IFO was massaged lower to justify (i.e. blackmail BB into) QE3, then you are being played by the trickiest player in Europe: the German government.  This is their way of outsourcing EuroRescue 2.0 to the "Ami Wunder Team": "OGolfer", "Der Bernanke", and "Zodiac Turbo"  and making sure, in the process, that the German taxpayers do not start purchasing pickforks, torches and rope en masse for the September Bundestag debates.    

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With a better-than-expected durable goods index, it appears a new boom is about to happen. Forget all the doomers, up up up for the markets.

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Short Australian,Canadian and UK banks...


European are toasted and fried


UK IS NOT AAA rating...its the biggest lie on earth...

Sterling is in default-Crappy currency.

UK will face the biggest crisis ever next 2012


Dont hold any debt in UK bonds and corporates.

UK must pay the farce in offshore accounts.

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CEBO (Credit Event Binary Options) for everyone!!!

Any broker offering CEBOs?


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First to Default Basket Structured Products increasing inflows... last 6 months....(hedged by raising gold price)

Not just in Governments,

I agree to open range products with digital ,barrers and binaries, but who gonna price them....too dificult sir... bid/ask spread will be abismal.

Now in Subgovernments, Munibonds and for Example Comunidades Autónomas ....

The problem are not just governments are SUBGOVERNMENTS INFINITE DEBT

speconomist's picture (and more links with info there). They offer BAC CEBO, the question is where?


By the way, mentioned by ZH some time ago here


Also, are you Spaniard by any chance?

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Yes im the flag of ZH in Spain.)

I wish CDS are not available for retailers....


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Down under we have a disrespect of anything in power. Our banks are still Banks. They are not "investment banks" (other than Macquarie Bank) all Banks in Australia are heavily controlled and vetted by the Reserve Bank. It shows when the entire banking system in Australia (excluding Macquarie) is rated in the top twenty in the whole World.

Short at your peril. however it is a race bettween Bank of America, Shitty bank and that French fucker Socity De loser to show us how it should really be done. Unicredit is a corpse as we speak.

However a small drop in the Ponzi property market in OZ would almost certainly see this post a laughing stock but we could always mark to make believe and pretend like you do

AAAA hey-------- till it aint.

I love the smell of deposits burning in the Morning

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European are toasted and fried

BUT, I just checked and this AM European markets are virtually all up and flying high?  Could it be they don't know they are toast?  Don't those folks read ZH?  As I read this article I wonder how many Europes there are since their indices don't match the words above.


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And BAC CDS still getting lifted..all the way up to 382/401 right now.. was actually bid higher earlier on, 400/410 about an hour ago.

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I have seller at 435/455 something bad coming...


RECAP - 18.000-24.000 MN.




Obama u have more than a problem...Wall Street too.


Federal Reserve has run out of ammo. No more coins...



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I just loaded my monkey and dog on the wagon and my pony is pulling us out to the country for some campin'

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And what does the european equity complex do? Up up and away... Free markets and all...

Heavy selling in Italy from real money investors continue and ECB intervening and acting the last one to hold the bag. Hate to be a cynic but ECB will FAIL like it did with the smaller periperals.

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Full Italian banks are in default..ALL


1.Banca Intesa


3.MontePaschi di Siena

4.Banco Populare

5.Banco Milano



Hows possible that all ITALIAN BANKS has passed the last STRESS TEST? please tell me why this is like Irish banks in 2010....the same...


ALL EBA (european banking association members) should be prosecuted and in jail.


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Bbg reporting that German President Christian Wulff is questioning the legality of ECB's bond purchases. Finally someone cares to mention it aloud! Now, where's the handcuffs?

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The handkuff's are at DSK's apartment!

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What good are CDS if TPTB never let anyone collect on them?

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"What good are CDS if TPTB never let anyone collect on them?"

How would you like to own an insurance company that never had a pay out on losses?

Sweet deal if you can get it, eh?

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Theyre MTM daily and you collect (or pay) premiums quarterly so they are quite essential to running a proper bond and credit book. There have been plenty of corporate credit events on CDS as well.

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Wulff is a lame duck-figurehead, democracy-posterboy.
His job is to hold speeches at soldiers' funerals, shake hands with immigrants and get ~150k eur a year for life (even if he would resign, inflation-adjusted of course).

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ZEW will vee happy....

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And as you speak the POTUS is Putting. Shut the fuck up or he might get back to the real work of a President and stand on the poop deck directing the War against stupidity which he allowed.

My God who will stand with this country shoulder to shoulder and get you producing real things that lasted and were trusted around the whole World. Do you remember when you were trusted and revered . well do you. thought not.

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

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This is the globalization underbelly that many do not see. i said it here a little earlier.
Here in India, General Motors is doing really well. Really really well. So are VW and Daimler and BMW and Toyota and on and on. But it's all off-shore from the US/EU/Japan, profits included (of course, GM's 51% chinese partner takes home a chunk too). Likewise, big German firms, big dutch firms, big brit firms, they have all made/moved factories here, with supplier bases in even poorer countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand etc....

Booming abroad, Dooming at home. And most countries have the same set-up.
All a scam.

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Planting more stories there, Tyler?  The folks over at the BlowHorn [CNBC] are not going to be happy with you.

But then again, maybe, just maybe Maria "I lost my curiosity years ago" Bartiromo will experience an instance of skepticism this afternoon.  You never know.  Once bitten by the journalism bug, I hear it is hard to go back to reading scripts written by criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers.

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Who gives a flying fuck?

Let's tune in, turn on, and drop.

What else can we do?

Anyway, so long.

And fuck Ben Bernanke in his Princeton ass.


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Clarke and Dawes sum up the European problem perfectly:


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DAX up 1% doesn't seem to care, unless its' some of that QE3 hopium

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"The German IFO report was not as bad as some analysts expected, which provided appetite for risk"

Someone go tell RanSquawk to read this article...

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Bernanke note to self:

Things not to discuss at Jacks Hole...



Gold as money

Why my hair implants failed...

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today we got a new kink after German president Wulff questioned the legality of ECB bond purchases during a conference at Lindau, claiming that bond buying damages the ECB's independence. Wulff cited an article in the European Union's fundamental treaty, which prohibits the ECB from buying bonds directly from governments. "This ban only makes sense if those responsible don't circumvent it with comprehensive purchases on the secondary market," he added. "What independence?" might add anyone who has seen the global printing cartel in action over the past 3 years. Yet the recent expansion in the SMP, which has bought about €40 billion in Spanish and Italian bonds, is the only thing keeping Europe afloat now: if this were taken away, it is the beginning of the end.

This is a carbon copy of what's happening here in America:  

a) Fed charter prohibits buying Treasury debt ...directly from the Treasury ...but not indirectly from "primary dealers".

b) Fed buying Treasury debt is the only thing keeping the federal government going now.  If Fed stops buying it, it's the beginning of the end.

Central bank buying government debt (when nobody else will) is the kiss of death for any national government  The end is near. And it's currency collapse.  Collapse of confidence in the currency.

The Euro is about to see currency collapse.  The US dollar is about to see currency collapse.

There's no way to stop it.  Central banks can't control people's confidence in the currency.  

This is why Bernanke is scared shitless about QE3.  He knows it may collapse the US dollar.   But there's no choice.  He has to keep buying Treasury debt or the federal government collapses.

He's sacrificing the stock market now, trying to move people into Treasuries.  But it's only temporary relief.  The only way to absorb $150 billion of new Treasury debt each month with interest rates at zero is Fed buying most of it.

At that can't go on very long. Maybe a few years.  When Fed's balance sheet gets up around $10 trillion, that's when confidence in the US dollar collapses worldwide.

But it may happen way sooner.  Maybe when Fed's balance sheet hits $5 trillion, or $4 trillion.

It's impossible to say exactly when.

Meanwhile look for more off-balance-sheet games and shennanigans like currency swaps and such, trying to hide the true extent of the problem, trying to keep the ponzi going a while longer.