Euro Bank Run Shifts To Insurance Companies As Lloyd's Of London Pulls Cash From European Banks

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First it was US money markets; then it was various European industrial concerns (which somehow double down as banks); then it was China; now the bank runs shift to insurance institutions when, as Bloomberg reports, Lloyd's of London has decided to pull peripheral Euro bank deposits. What next: complete collapse of European interbank market as bank runs become a daily thing at both the retail and institutional level? Well, we already anticipated that. But it is something totally different to see it happen in practice.

From Bloomberg: "Lloyd’s of London, concerned European governments may be unable to support lenders in a worsening debt crisis, has pulled deposits in some peripheral economies as the European Central Bank provided dollars to one euro-area institution. "“There are a lot of banks who, because of the uncertainty around Europe, the market has stopped using to place deposits with,” Luke Savage, finance director of the world’s oldest insurance market, said today in a phone interview. “If you’re worried the government itself might be at risk, then you’re certainly worried the banks could be taken down with them.” Lloyd’s, which holds about a third of its 2.5 billion pounds ($3.9 billion) of central assets in cash, has stopped depositing money with some banks in Europe’s peripheral economies, Savage said, declining to name the countries or institutions. “We have a very conservatively positioned balance sheet,” Savage said. Lloyd’s also holds about a third of its assets in mainly U.S. and U.K. government bonds and a third in corporate bonds, he said." As usual, the biggest threat for European banks are not short sellers, not even naked CDS traders: it is precisely this - a deposit run, which saps the liquidity lifeblood out of any bank, hence making its collapse a matter of time.


Lloyd’s, founded in a London coffee house in 1688, swung to a 697 million-pound pretax loss in the six months to June 30 after the most expensive first half for natural disasters on record. The market made a profit of 628 million pounds in the same period a year earlier, the London-based market said in a statement today.


“These are tough times for the insurance industry, but we are well positioned to handle them,” Chief Executive Officer Richard Ward said in the statement. “While interest rates are low and equity markets are volatile, we can’t rely on investment income to subsidize our underwriting. We must decline under- priced risks.”


Insurers’ profits have been hurt by natural catastrophes, including the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March, causing record insured losses of $70 billion in the first half of the year, according to broker Guy Carpenter & Co. At the same time, record low interest rates are crimping investment returns.


The insurance markets made 548 million pounds on its investments in the period, 8.2 percent lower than in the first half of 2010 as interest rates in the U.K., U.S. and the euro zone neared record lows.


“I cannot see any reasonable prospect of making decent investment income in the medium term,” Savage said.


Lloyd’s had a combined ratio of 113.3 percent in the first half, meaning for every pound it took in premiums, it paid out 1.13 pounds in claims. That worsened from 98.7 percent in the first half of 2010.

Look for a flurry of refutations from Europe which seeks to damage control this latest fact as rumor and innuendo.

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oobrien's picture

I'm fucking crash-weary.

When is this shit actually gonna happen?

Anybody have a date.

Celente says October.

UGrev's picture


falak pema's picture

roller coasters are recurrent travellers along the same rails. So we have the feeling we've been there before. It goes on and on, until it stops. Enjoy the ride and hang on to your cool, its only fiat. 

LongSoupLine's picture

The "crash" in itself is a series of events that plays out over a period of time (weeks, months).  You are witnessing the start of the "impact".

Raynja's picture

The crash seems so fast in the rearview and incredibly slow when youre barreling out of control towards disaster.

knukles's picture

Oh come on, we gotta have somethin' to piss and moan about.  Keeps the animal spirits contained, inside their homes, women and children are safe, samll creatures don't need to be locked up and when we get bored we can watch old Jersey Shore or Weather Channel reruns. 

And so far nobody's gotten a DWI (Drunk While on the Internet).

GetZeeGold's picture

It's a bank run marathon.

Yamaha's picture

And the question remains - when will they stop paying out?

GeneMarchbanks's picture

It's on like Donkey Kong!

Bring it back Tyler...

Hephasteus's picture

Crank dat donkey kong!!

Watch me donkey kong dat ho. What me donkey kong dat ho.

ZeroPower's picture

Anyone seen the main Lloyd's HQ in the City? the say the least.

CitizenPete's picture

Run, do not walk to the nearest exit.  Half a dozen people just jumped up in the movie theater, screamed and ran for the exit.  How do you like the film?

trampstamp's picture

It's a coordinated effort to scare the sheeple and at the same time make off like a bandit on the VIX option expiration first print today. Jackasses!

westboundnup's picture

Is France a peripheral EU country?

GetZeeGold's picture


They all seem to be transitory countries.


HedgeFun's picture

Can't they just buy an insurance policy against bank failure??

Fips_OnTheSpot's picture

Nice - Gold just dropped 10USD on that one.. Them algos are mad?

AngryGerman's picture

China is pushing paper prices down so they can buy the physical.


The question is just? Where is the physical?

AngryGerman's picture

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, i forgot..... that's located in Wonderland, isn't it? Guarded by the mad Hat Maker!

GetZeeGold's picture


Bloomberg just ran an article stating all the vaults are buying physical is out of the can't make this sh!t up.


Fips_OnTheSpot's picture

On a ship sailing to Venezuela! ;-)

DosZap's picture


The question is just? Where is the physical?

Headed to the Pac Rims, India, and China just as fast as they can  get it.

ObuhNero is diddling, while the real MONEY is all hot footing into Asia................

99.5% of the Sheeples are still holding buttwipe.

I am starting to see Prems go up in places where they had not ever, the shortages,and suppliers must be having issues.

(Some I expect it from, as they are greedy pricks anyway),but not the one's I have used.

Smiddywesson's picture

Working as intended AG. 

TPTB WANT gold in the hands of Asians and us to have no gold so that our living standards go down and theirs go up.  This will allow a more sustainable system when they hit tthe reset button. 

King_of_simpletons's picture

Bullish. 200+ on the DOW.

Chuck Walla's picture

Its one thing to muse and consider such a thing, but watching it in slo-mo is just weird.

falak pema's picture

Oligarchs at war...anglosaxon vs Eurolandish.

Bottom line : is Fofoa right?

AngryGerman's picture

"peripheral economies": French included?

Fips_OnTheSpot's picture

They are sitting on an island - anything is "peripheral" for them, esp. Frogs.

Quintus's picture

Indeed.  As the old joke goes: "Heavy fog in the English Channel - Europe cut off."

misterc's picture

Jean-Claude will take care of this. Just hand him the keyboard and he will deposit some €€€ and $$$ at every bank in dire need for cash.

I'd even go as far as buying (unsecured) 6 to 12 month-bank bonds, if I was an institutional.

youngman's picture

Where are they running to with the cash...Swizerland????  Its not gold and silver...we need to watch wheelbarrow sales..see if they are skyrocketing..maybe they are just running home with all the cash and putting it under their beds...

AngryGerman's picture

it's a coffee company, so i guess they are back to buying coffee

PMakoi's picture

Send U.S. yo' money!  We be pimpi'n, you ho's shut up now, and don't be bitch'n. 

Opium for the masses be here soon.  Idiocracy comin'.

fdisk's picture

GOLD same time same sh*t. Dropping like a rock.

20$+ drop in 1 hour. Nice work, bastards.

msmith's picture
Looks like the EURUSD has decided to makes its move lower.  A bearish trend channel has been formed with downside price action This should impact equities negatively as well.
trampstamp's picture

technicals will not matter today. Big money will take advantage of volatility.

ZeroPoint's picture

Why haven't the plebs caught on yet and emptied their accounts?

buzzsaw99's picture

last time i checked fidelity wasn't worried.

Jean's picture

If a list of which banks Lloyds pulled out of were to leak, I think the plebes would start running.

Georgesblog's picture

This is suspicious, all by itself. It's been so quiet about the story on the gold found to be adulterated with tungsten story, that I have to wonder what kind of dirty back room deal is working behind the scenes. So many banks are vulnerable and Lloyd's was reportedly the underwriter on gold deposits in Canada and England. "The Four Money Questions" tell me that this is being swept under the rug because somebody stole for the "right" people.