Euro Post-Roll CDS Update: Grind Wider Continues With Flare Ups In Austria, Spain

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The contagion is getting every closer to the core, with risk in Italy (+6) and Spain (+11) getting ever closer to Austria (+5), Germany (+1) and the UK (+0.5). Also, some rumbling out of ironclad Scandinavia with Finland +7 to 81.75 bps.

                        5Y.               10Y.             5s/10s
ITALY           514/524  +6       489/503      -28/-14                            
SPAIN          424/434  +11      399/415      -25/-11                           
PORTUGAL  1120/1170 -5       870/940     -270/-210                           
IRELAND      775/825  0         590/660     -205/-145                          
GREECE        55/59   0            56/60        -0.5/2.5
BELGIUM      269/279  -1       264/278        -8/2                              
FRANCE       186/189  +1       198/204       11/16                             
AUSTRIA     149/155  +5.    165.5/173.5   15/20                             
UK              83.5/86.5 +0.5   99.5/104.5    15/19                             
GERMANY    93.5/96.5 +1    111.5/116.5    16/20

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You mean AAAustria!?

oobrien's picture

What will cure this global depression?

Only World War III.

Destruction is in the cards.

But these things have to happen.  It cools the bad blood.

At least that's what I heard while watching The Godfather.

Fat Clemenza said it.  And who could ever doubt Fat Clemenza?

Ethics Gradient's picture

Fat Clemenza and Gerald Celente?

That's quite a meeting of minds.

falak pema's picture

Tessio did. But Tessio got what Tessio gave. So Clemenza is king of cannoli. And the gun. Coreleone is in Sicily and Sicily has always been a German wet dream. Since Frederick II. Maybe its time to recreate his holy german empire. Bunga land will become Teutonia and Etna Thor's hammer. Walkyrieeeeeeeee.

We'll all be singing on the Siegfried line.  Westwall, Maginot line, great wall of China, Bush's Mehico wall, Israel's Jerusalem wall; the world is getting mighty fenced.

A bit like this CDS madness...

Irish66's picture

Mortgages out of Hungary

monopoly's picture

And there goes Santelli, luv that guy. Just luv him.

Yamaha's picture

Only guy with a clue. For those of us that still have a job - what did he say?

boom goes the dynamite's picture

Santelli vs. a Greek professor from Yale.......kind of like a pack of wild dingos vs. a 3 legged cat.

Yamaha's picture

Great description! I can see it now.....well back to selling more CDS....

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Wow Santelli gettin after it today.

Only non shill on Cnbc

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The Euro contagion is here

All hope will be trampled by fear

Get your gold, guns, and lead

Lots of water and bread

Then sit back and relax with a beer




Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Beat down of gold by central bankers right on schedule...

The azz hats don't want gold over $1,800 while they are meeting today...

What a hoot!

Meanwhile, the Asians are backing up the trucks and saying 'thanks Ben'!

monopoly's picture

Santelli kinda reminds me of a gentlemen that knew how to help a country prosper, way back when integrity, love of country and not his own pocket book is what mattered.

Anyone see someone like Thomas Jefferson out there. Sigh!

msmith's picture
USD is showing strength across the board.  This should negatively impact equities.  The AUDUSD should have the most downside movement in a risk off environment.
fdisk's picture

Rick Santelli: "I want regulations that fits in my valet

Not in his garage" *LOL* :)))

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I have a Fiat headache, need Mercedes medication

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The question I have is … is this et al … meaningless?  Do data points and correlations have any validity? 


Technicians must be pulling out their hair.


And this brings us to … Do we have to show up with badges to get these yahoos to quit putting the current system ahead of … everybody else?


Do they not have the decency to tender their resignations?


The issue is the major global banksters are a flawed business model gone bad.  They are all insolvent.    The Fed … aka Bernanke and crew … are inherently biased and cannot be expected to do the right thing.


This “baffle them with bull shit” has gone too far.


I’ve got my finger on my nose.

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Oh no, not Austria.

What will be of the Philharmonic coins?

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Could somebody explain to me what the numbers mean?  I'm new to this and not following.  Just take Italy and go from left to right.  And no smart ass comments or I'll retaliate by talking about something in my profession and you guys will feel as ignorant.  Thanks in advance for the explanation.