Europe Breaks Again As EURUSD Dips Under 1.3000

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As it was said:

So it shall be:

The beepers at the BIS crew are going off in unison as the "EURUSD under 1.3000" Code Red has just arrived, and this time it is early. And tomorrow there will be no surprising German economic activity "beats."

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Flush the EURO down the toilet where it belongs.  

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WTF? Do you not know how much RidX it will take to get that Eurocrap out of the septic tank? Burn it with the leaves in autumn.

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Tyler, fellow readers:  I've posted this before, but please tell the story in more detail as to the BIS's motives in defending EURUSD 1.300.  Some say it's Bernanke capping the dollar.  More info, please.  Thanks.

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Long live free markets!

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Time to buy every silver and gold dip!

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Unless gold tanks a lot further first, just like it did late Sept 2011 when people needed to cash in their paper gold to meet margin calls, etc.   

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hate to say it but technically gold is not looking good, if it breaks 1600 and holds then all us goldbugs would be wise to hedge with gld puts or inverse etf

also, if that happens, then the next crisis will definitely happen sooner rather than later when margin calls hit and liquidity dries up

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But not all gold bugs trade on the technicals.


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Had I traded Au on TA, I would have been out in 08...

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Comay, you're sort of right, but I doubt the puts and inverse ETFs will ever work for you.

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Too bad currencies don't report volume like stocks do!

This video shows you when to load the dips!

Stock Volume As Reverse Indicator

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They're having difficulty holding the line at 1.3.

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It most be painful to have to trade based on politics instead of economics.

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we shall ignore the btfd hysteria.  the market is falling apart, and we have faith in hfts to keep market support?  nope, liquidation trade is upon us.

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Got it. ZH tweets. I want my 5 cents. Make it 30.00

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Take out your umbrellas gentlemen, soon it starts raining banksters

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Promise? Please, oh, pretty please.  Actually you could make some money on bets dodgeing the falling husks.

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BTFD! I can't stress enough that you idiots should all be buying the dips. The economy is recovering, Europe is solved, earnings are fantastic (pay no attention to that forward guidance behind the curtain). This market can only go up. Oh, and in an unrelated matter I have some ES contracts I'd like to sell if anyone is interested.

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They ...


And we all know who they are....


Have 15 hours to go to the fantasy playbook and make something sound bullish enough so that they can buy the market again.


However, eventually they will fail.



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Facebook IPO advanced to tomorrow.

machineh's picture

How about, "Facebook IPO cancelled tomorrow?"

Anything is possible, if we all sell together as a team!

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Just remember, the primary function of the sell side strategist/analyst talking heads is to buy time for the prop trading desks. But me thinks the blood is now in the water or on the artic ice.

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So why is gold sliding?


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If gold was rising as it should be - most of the money smart money in equities would zoom out to gold. 


Talk to the margin guys at the CME - they will keep their thumb on gold as long as they can.


The real price of gold would cause a global equity collapse.

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My bad - should have been a +1.


I'm too busy poppin' corn and drinkin' co-beer.


Aveneger's my ass - this is the 'real'- reality show.


Dem's da facts.



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you can always change your mind.

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pre- liquidation sell off.  AUD barometer is there plus if Asia opens very weak again (been weak prior to Europe selling) metals will be under pressure.

Put it this way, US markets are going to recouple with the reality, if commodities start selling hard then equities will follow. The market juicing has come from Obama mini credit bubble and the Fed QE3 spec trades.  Everything is going to drift lower apart from UST's and USD.


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the "price supporters" also known as Banks and Governments are currently dealing with a few other "more pressing" issues. Like..."their existence"!

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blood on the artic ice



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I don't like that hammer handle on the S&P. Is another auction up for tomorrow?

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just a blip - they'll have it propped back up in no time.

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That number will probably continue to go down for the meantime - but fluctuate later on as possible countries exit the eurozone.

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Good thing Buffet and all the other shills didn't go to cash. < sarc off >  The paper-pushers all stink of fear.  Their lying and front-running is so damn obvious now.

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Why is the Euro worth more than the dollar?

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Because the US is fighting a currency-war and Europe is still figuring out what to do with itself.

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This place goes batshit crazy when Gold shits.


Well, I hope it goes back up like you want.

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Not a lot of people know it or have the stomic for it .. But, its today EUROPE DAY (no kidding, it's official). 62 years ago today it all began with some remarks by Robert Schuman. Let's make it a memorable day. To start with EUR/USD overnight.... BTFD not yet but in a few years from now.

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FED swap lines to Europe going to use up a lot of bandwidth to prop the Euro.

Hope the transatlantic cable can take the heat.

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The tail wags the dog gentlemen. And while you might argue collinearity, the Swiss franc is the currency of control not the euro.

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Europe is fine, or at least its nothing another world war can't fix. 

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Damn, the BIS can sure use a guy like Alex "Ship em in by the yard" Hope right about now:)