Europe Closes At Day's Lows As Sovereign Curves Invert

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Call Oliver, he knows what to do!

Based on my math, we need to, [cough] print, and based off my math, it needs to be fractionaly reserved, so [cough] that means if Europe needs $3 trillion then we need to print $30 trillion.  I spent all week on my math by the way, so give me some credit.

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Not a recession.     Shrinkage.

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I was in the pool!!!

(Sorry. Had to do it. Couldn't help myself)

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How many recessions does it take to make a depression?

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It's just a garden variety recession! Really!! PLease say it is, please!!!

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Print print print   print print print

Printing all the way

Oh what fun it is to print

Like Weimar, Zimbabwe Oh!

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Dashing through the snow

'Cause you ain't got no home

2nd verse:  The Banksters all on blow

3rd:  The Banksters and their ho's

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Belgium Dexia Debt Woes, Germany’s Debt Issuance Debacle – Obama Spares Two Turkeys (NOT Belgium and Germany)


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He spared Biden and Pelosi???

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C'mon, don't be so damn partisan.

It was, in fact, Boehner and Reid he spared.

You're welcome.

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there is more than one Party?

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Now that Europe is closed, that frees up the algos to focus on just the US equity markets.

Afternoon meltup, on the way!

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can we have something positive, by mistake i picked up eur/chf at 1.2301 and losing big.

As soon as i recover you can have your negative market back.

Please some1 call Benya da Men and ask him to do something.

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I think the rumor mill is grinding to a halt.    

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that's sux

i need only 30 pips to be on the green and then i am out for vacation.

Can we start some kind of rumor that SNB is about to intervene at 1.2.3.....



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no it's not - just temporarily in neutral,... being put in reverse for christmas rally

no really?

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I would expect an EOD short-covering rally on the NYSE as tomorrow is a meeting between Sarkozy, Merkel, and Draghi, where Draghi was asked by Merkel to bring along "new ideas."

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A turkey for me and a turkey for you.

Let's eat turkey in a big brown shoe.

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Cool, time for the US ramp up...

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bear flatteners?

right along the wall, there, with the screws, hooks, and hangers, sir!

next to the beer goggles. just left of them...

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"bear flattener" alsways makes me think of those bear-hide rugs, head still attached, mouth agape... wondering what the hell happened.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

since it's a bear, it probably wasn't trying for a nickel in front of a...

...oh! the animal spirituality of it!


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While Obama makes a mockery of our political system and "bypasses Congress to pardon a turkey".  He is the fucking joker!

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It's going to be interesting to see what happens in the European markets on a day when the U.S. markets are closed.

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Wheres my crash?

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Germany told the other EU members "It's time for Tanksgiving. If you all don't start paying up we're going to send our Tanks.

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Someone please pass the gravy.

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Dont we even need a rumour anymore?

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The only prescription is...MORE COWBELL!