"Europe Has Started The Endgame" And Biderman Says "The US Is Next"

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Charles Biderman (CEO of TrimTabs) is not shocked that "Europeans who have been getting something for nothing, want to continue getting something for nothing" as they chant that Austerity is evil. Charles provides context for the revolt that the Europeans find themselves fulfilling as he looks back at how they/we got here. Briefly covering the key aspects of the last 25 years, of why and how various parabolic growths (be it stocks, real estate, the internet, or debt) have led us to believe we "deserve something for nothing"; he vehemently argues that the European mess will not resolve itself until the fundamental belief that we all deserve to be taken care of from cradle-to-grave dissolves. In one of his best rants, the BLS-belittler explains how Europe has started the endgame and why the end of this year could well see the US move front-and-center in the crisis.  Harsh but fair, in a little under 4 minutes, summarizes all that is wrong with societal values and suggests catalysts for next steps - dismal next steps.


Warning, bring your security blanket before watching this - the truth may hurt...

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Gold - check

Silver - check

Recliner w/popcorn - check

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Brass - check

Pb - check

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9mm - check

45acp - check

00buck - check

223 - check

308 - check

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Telling people they are fucked for wanting too much, while you stand atop your backyard overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  --Check.

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Jack Daniels - check

Raw Tobacco Leaves - check

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German Imperial family planned the rape and destruction of the eurozone:


The Germans seemingly knew they were driving the continent into a fiscal cul-de-sac but went ahead with it anyway.


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Excuse me sir.

Discussion of precious metals investment, the European sovereign debt crisis, or firearms procurement are now banned as per Executive Order 666. As a federal employee of the Transportation Security Administration, I am authorized to enforce all Presidential directives. I'm unfortunately going to have to declare this discussion an unlawful assembly and ask you to move along, sir.

Thankfully, this being America, you have freedom of choice. You may: (1) continue your discussion in a federally-sanctioned Free Speech Zone. These are readily identifiable by their distinctive guard towers and 8 foot tall electrified fences. (2) join the rest of the investment community at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting, where friendly Mr. Buffet will pass out some ice cream bars and remind us that American prosperity is never-ending (as long as we maintain faith in Wall Street). (3) watch President Obama's groundbreaking historic speech in favor of gay marriage (which has nothing to do with poll numbers or the approaching election). (4) resist my directions, in which case I will be forced to call in a Tazer-enabled drone attack.

Thank you sir.

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Executive Order = Totalitarian State

The MASSIVE number of Executive Orders is nothing more than a DICKtatorship.

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The US is not next. The US is already in.

Its' the facade that will fall next.

Meanwhile, much to everyone's dis-like here, I do think they plan to pump India big time. In fact, remember how 2 months ago, everyone could now invest in the Indian Stock Market? Big, big sign. This is the next Pumper here. hillary was here 2 days ago. Meeting the NGO's, that is a BAD sign.

Perhaps a ZH India fund, with Tense Indian as the resident chartologist. Are you there Tense one?


Just a heads up, diversify here, it might be useful as a hedge.



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.."Vote Ron Paul, Establishment Killer!" That is why TPTB will naver allow him to win. Don't fool yourself either, voting doesn't mean a thing in the USSA. As much as I do support Ron Paul I know that the corruption of the current gubmint stinks to high heaven and the GOP/AIPAC will continue to do everything in their power to make sure he won't make it. 

The other day, Romney said he will create 500,000 jobs PER MONTH if he is president... HOLY SHIT!! WHAT A FUCKING LIAR who doesn't have the slightest clue...


He tickles people'e ears... give them what they want to hear...

No need to mention Obama... his track record speaks for itself...

But I have comfort in knowing that whoever gets elected (probably Obama again) will have to deal with a total collapse of society in every way...


Game over!

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The shelter at the top of Muir Pass is nicer

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What a sad, sad post.  Not because you are incorrect, but because you are spot on. 

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"I'm unfortunately going to have to declare this discussion an unlawful assembly and ask you to move along, sir."

Yeah.... turn this one over to Eric "Empty Suit" Holder if you can find him... If he has even shown up for his first day at work yet...

TSA Guy: Put Me on the Domestic Terrorist Watch List

(1) What's left of our Free Speech Zone IS Zero Hedge...

(2) The Senile Taxpayer Bailout Welfare Queen of Omaha... please...

(3) Don't even get me started with that CIA created Wall Street puppet, corporate douche-hole Obama Bin Lyin' aka Barry Soetoro...

(4) That is your only statement I believe... seeing that your boss is incompetent, useless, typical peter principle, moronic, bureaucratic troll woman Napolitano...

No... Thank you sir...

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The "German Imperial Family" Right, so now we're back to WWI and Germans as The Savage Hun! Look at how easily misdirected some people are by even the most banal "media" treatments. One would think they'd have learned by now. And one would be wrong.

So what did you think the uk daily pail o' shite would say? That Square Mile banksters are really to blame? That "Chancellor" Kohl was their agent of influence in Germany, part and parcel of the post-war Anglo/American/Israeli banking syndicate who ran the place?

Need a bridge lad?

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Four up and four down... Intersting, Zerohedgers... If you had said Cocaine - check, the wall streeters would have sent you up +100

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Weed you can grow...

Beer you can brew at home...

Cocaine? We don't need no stinkin' globalization...

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It was in jest... Kinda of like having popcorn wchile watching it alll...


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reusable canning lids - check

horse plows - check

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What are these reusable canning lids you speak of ?

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In a world of scarce refrigeration...

Lids and jars are for:

Cold pickling and preserving...

If you have a Jersey... you could can butter you know...

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Only the very poorest of the Rich live in Sausalito.

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I lived in Marin County when I was totally broke. I did live the richest life ever. On no money.

Go figure.


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That's the Bay, not the ocean.  I just checked...

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How incredibly uncouth of me not to distinguish San Fran Bay that is part of the Pacific, from the Pacific itself.  Touche.  Douche.

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Name calling won't save U......Randians and Reds will both be devoured. Literally.

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LetThemEatRand said: 

Telling people they are fucked for wanting too much, while you stand atop your backyard overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  --Check.


Like he didn't earn it, is that what you're saying?! He moved paper around with the best of them, and advised on paper and what paper would do. And don't forget, all his wealth, if held in paper, declined in value by over 20% due to inflation over the last decade.

Don't trash talk the man just because he surfed the Tsunami that washed away your false reality.  And did you not hear? His taxes are going up, while ours will not 'cause we don't have jobs. Clearly, we are the winners here.

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A cheap shot from LetThemEatRand, i.e. that Biderman is too rich for his opinion to be worth listening to.

Yet if Biderman were a homeless bum, someone else would say the very opposite: that he's not worth listening to because he's a financial failure.

So I think LetThemEatRand should tell us exactly how much money Biderman is allowed to have in order for his opinion to be valid.

BTW, as his bio on his website makes clear, he was forced into personal bankruptcy in about 1988. So I would guess he's seen some tough times.

grey7beard's picture

>> A cheap shot from

Pointing out they hypocracy of the mans spew is not a cheap shot.  I've been watching Biderman's videos lately and couldn't make it all the way through this one. The whole schtick of the wealthy and well to do are just fine but the little people who bought into they system, paid the regressive taxes, contributed to SS, saved their meager nest egg, are expecting too much is total horse shit.

Why is it not Biderman and Gates and Buffet, and Obama, and Bush, and Congress and the SC and corporte CEOs who are expecting too much?  They are the ones extracting a massive amount of material goods and services from the system.  The people who worked and did what was supposedly the right thing to do under our socio economic system, who are looking at getting totally shafted, are the ones expecting too much?  Fuck Biderman and fuck Munger.  Suck this up bitches.


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I almost stopped watching for the same reason.  He does mention your points above.  Watch the whole video.  It does not take away from the fact he is from the paper world.  I just recently joined the stacking world.  It will be a brave new world when the paper people do not know what to steal as the paper is worthless.


Some of the best thought exercises I have seen on youtube.  Add some blackswan and you will sleep well at night while this things falls apart.


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True enough, but it was funny.      It was served up on a silver platter and rand took it.   


Seer's picture

"Like he didn't earn it,"

Which should bring us to eventually questioning the very notion of what "earn" means.  No, I'm not being coy or argumentative, but, really, I could say that the banksters "earned" their money.

When 2/3 of the world's population lives on $3/day or less I'd have to really question whether ANY talking-head (or, <insert the thousands of occupations that are predicated on non-reality here>) really "earns" anything.

I'm not bashing anyone for bashing the fucked up system.  I WILL, however, bash them for stupid predictions/"solutions" (of which "need more growth" is at the top of my list of to call BS on).

Joseph Jones's picture

Your paraphrase skill leaves something to be desired. 

He said, "wanting something for nothing", not "wanting too much".  

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Wanting something for doing nothing is not the same as having something by doing something. I know that is hard to get as a Rand hater.

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Abusing your employees while not allowing a union vote becasue you deserve more than them, your position; check..

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Not owning a mirror - check

Defending tax evaders - check

Blaming working and poor people for problems caused by champagne socialists, hypocritical bureaucrats, and corporate facsists intent on owning the world - check

The problem isn't the ideology....the problem is people.  Organisms are selfish.  Have been, always will be.  Why don't people fucking get this?

Seer's picture

Properly stated, except:

"Defending tax evaders - check"

Banksters and big corporations should be defended? (partial sarc)

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Ah yes, being jealous of those who have, because you have not. Oh wait, no you don't. You just don't have as much.

Perhaps you weren't paying attention, he said (no less than 5 times) something for NOTHING. Not "wanting too much". Troll harder?

The class warfare meme is a bit old, mmmkay.

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Primers - Check

Reddot Powder - Check

oh and

25 Costco Cases of TP - Check

That will be all


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Yes. Costco is excellent resource for prepping... TP, Katadyn water filtration, cases of canned goods, gallons of milk jugs filled with water, heavy duty sleeping bags, tents, shelter...  The end may not be nigh but if it is, I will be prepared.

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Better yet ...make your own TP...2 pieces of fabric sewn together 5 x 7 terry/flannel

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get some pool shock for making bleach cleaning solution, so you can load the "diaper pail" and keep things clean.  Plus, it will give you a good source of water purification, too.

Storage is the only thing that I'm worried about.  I was thinking of using some big 2 quart jars I have to store bags, along with a freezer style poly lid.  Finding something non-reactive is the trick.

Any thoughts/experience on this?

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Aren't you going to need the cloth for wadding when you have to use black powder weapons.?

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My dad seriously believes he will be king after the apocalypse because of all the TP he has stashed away.  I am not joking.

Rubbish's picture

ha ha, tell your dad I will be using dirty shop rags. there will be no plumbing to worry about.

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or FRNs.. benjis, no less..